How to Cast Free Witchcraft Spells for Love for Beginners

Want to learn the 10  Powerful Tips on How to Cast Free Witchcraft Spells for Love for Beginners?

If you are a beginner in witchcraft and love spells are often found in your magical repertoire, this article will help you cast some free, powerful love spells.

These 10 simple steps will help you set up a routine for spell work. Being organized in your magical endeavors will help you progress faster, be more effective and concentrate better on your goals.

Here are 10 tips on how to prepare and Cast Free Witchcraft Spells for Love for Beginners

1. Timing

You want to make sure your intentions are aligned with the moon phase. If you are planning your spell right it will be more potent. Here’s what you need to know about moon phases and spells:

Full Moon:

A night with a Full Moon is very powerful. On this moon phase, as a beginner, you should only celebrate your achievements. Keep your magical workings very light. Try thanking the divinities you have been working with, give offerings, meditate, etc.

Waning Moon:

While the moon is decreasing, you want to cast spells that help you get rid of unwanted energies, people and things. During this moon phase, you can banish, repel and chase away things that don’t serve your life goals anymore. For example, an ex-boyfriend that keeps calling you, a stalker, a broken heart.

Waxing Moon:

When the moon is crescent you will cast spells to attract, gain and obtain new energies, things and people in your life. As the moon grows, your work will come to fruition.

New Moon:

When the sky is dark and not one bit of the moon is showing, you will want to start planning. Set new goals, start new projects. This is the time for renewal and rebirth.

2. Gather ingredients

After you have planned everything ahead, and you know on which day you are going to cast your love spell, make a list of needed supplies. As a beginner, keep your lists short and relevant. Make sure that every ingredient on your list is best suited for your intention.

Here are some common items used in casting love spells:

  • Matches
  • Candles: red, pink, black, white
  • Herbs: red rose petals, orris root, rosemary, basil leaves, Adam and Eve root, hibiscus,
  • Tarot cards: Cups, as they are associated with emotions, love, and relationships; The Lovers
  • Rose quartz
  • Miscellaneous: pieces of red cloth, paper notes, pen

This is not a complete list, so feel free to add whatever suits your needs, but be careful with your selection. Do your research before doing anything magical and be sure your sources are trustworthy!

3. Have the right mindset

A couple of days before casting your love spell you want to stay calm, don’t get into conflicts and remain as peaceful as you can. Negative energies are not something you want to have gravitating around you when you are opening communication channels with the world behind the veil. Your behavior and lifestyle should reflect your desires. Do you want to attract a new lover in your life? Then you should do things that boost your confidence and make you feel sexy and attractive.

4. Clean your space, both physically and spiritually

Before magical workings, you should ALWAYS prepare the space. Start by cleaning your room and organizing your belongings. Try to set everything into place as you would do when you would prepare for hosting guests.

After the physical space is clean and organized, you should open the windows, let the fresh air flood the room. Take some herbs and start smudging the room, while you envision all stagnant, negative and old energies living the room through the open windows.

Do this until you feel the room is like a white canvas. Some herbs suited for cleansing the ritual space include sage, rosemary, cedar, lavender, and thyme.

5. Take a ritual bath

After cleaning the ritual space, you need to clean yourself. Put on some relaxing music, light some candles, add salt in the bathtub, rose petals, essential oils and everything that will help you relax, but will also help you concentrate on the energies you will work with later.

As you lay in the tub, close your eyes and imagine a white, glowing sphere revolving in front of you.

Place the sphere above your head first, and imagine how it absorbs all the dark thoughts, the negative thinking, the self-doubting and everything else that disturbs your mental peace. All negative aspects you have accumulated lately are now living your body as black clouds.

The black clouds are absorbed by the sphere, as you move it up and down, following your body contour.

Do this until you feel all the negative aspects you stored until this moment are gone. Let all the water from the tub go down drain.
Rinse your body with fresh water, as you imagine that the water is in fact pure energy that charges you with great power and wisdom.

6. Meditate

When casting a spell, you want to be in full control of your thoughts. To gain control over your wondering mind, you should meditate for a couple of minutes before the actual spell work. The best meditation technique to help you in this particular situation is concentrating on a single object/thought/picture. Another simple meditation technique is focusing on your breath. Not only will this help you relax, but it will also help you improve your concentration ability.

7. Cast your spell

Now you are ready for the big moment you anticipated and prepared for all week. Begin by setting up your altar. When you are a beginner witch, you want to keep only a few items on your working table. Choose a couple of objects and make sure you fully understand their symbolism before using them. Light some candles, prepare your herbs and crystals.

The most important thing in spell casting is VISUALISATION and believing in your own powers. Whatever spell you are casting, even if you follow directions accordingly, but you can’t visualize your wish coming true, or you don’t believe you are strong enough to make it happen, it will not work!

8. Make an offering

After your spell casting is complete, you should thank the deities you worked with by giving an offering. Remember that everything in nature is based on cycles. By casting a spell you ask the Universe, or a deity to help you achieve something. You need to honor the energies and entities you are working with by giving something back.

An offering can be everything from food to sensations or emotions. For example, if you cast a love spell and you work with Aphrodite, you want to give her roses, honey, and wine as offerings.

9. Clean your space again

After you finished your magical working, you should dispose of any magical remains responsibly. I prefer burying the biodegradable objects I used during a spell or ritual. If you want to bury your magical waste, you need to respect these two simple rules:

  • If you want to attract things, you bury the magical trash close to your home.
  • If you want to get rid of something, you bury the used tools far away from your house.

Other methods of getting rid of the ritual leftovers include burning and scattering the ashes someplace in nature, throwing them in the ocean or other bodies of water, or simply throwing them in the trash. It is up to you what you chose to do with it, but you need to be careful not to hurt anybody by accident and not to pollute the environment with your actions.

10. Support your magical work with mundane actions

Magical actions need to be mirrored by physical endeavors too! If you want your spells to be effective, you need to also act on your goal in the mundane world. For example, after casting a spell to attract a new lover in your life, you can’t just wait all day in your house for prince charming to knock on your door. You need to be out in the world socializing, or setting up a dating site profile, or whatever floats your boat.

Make sure you are respecting Three-fold Law, and make smart and responsible choices. If you don’t want to attract bad karma, don’t mess with others’ free will and don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

Remember that magic is not about material gain, but rather about your spiritual journey. If you are disciplined, eager to learn, research and seek new information, you will be amazed by what the world hiding behind the vial has to offer.

If you just started your spiritual journey, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

A lot of experienced witches will be happy to pass on their wisdom and teachings to beginners.

Now you are ready for spell casting. Check out our article about 10 Love Spells For Beginners.

Recommended bibliography:

  • You can read more about magical herbs in Scott Cunningham’s book, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.
  • To discover the mysteries of Tarot, we recommend Rachel Pollack’s „78 degrees of wisdom”.
  • Learn more about candle magic by reading Candle Magick: A Guide for the Novice by J.E. Auer.

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