Freezer Spells: for Love, Court, and Break Up Couple

Are you in a situation where you think someone is ruining your life? Are people clinging on and harassing you? Are you going through unfair justice measures at a court of law? Freezer spells are the answer to your troubles. Freezer spells can be used to stop someone right in their tracks if they are planning to attack you. These spells have been in use for centuries because they work as desired.

Freezer spells will not hurt or harm your target in any way – it only works to manipulate their actions.

Freezer spells could be used due to several reasons. Some of the reasons for conducting these spells include:

  • Desire to stop court cases, legal investigations, or judicial investigations might affect you either financially or emotionally.
  • In case you have noisy in-laws who cause you drama and problems from time to time.
  • I am stopping unfaithful partners in a relationship.
  • If you want to triumph over your business competitors, especially when you are offering similar products and services.

Freezer spell to stop someone causing you harm

Requirements for this spell

  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Pen or pencil
  • A bag with a ziplock

Instructions to follow

Think about your target’s action against you that you would like to bring to a stop. You should then compose this into one or two sentences. Put it down on a piece of paper in the following manner:

  • I hereby bind (name of person) from constantly destroying my marriage.
  • After that, say the following:
  • This slip of paper is (name), and his/her actions against me. I hereby freeze (name) and bind him/her from causing me harm. As I will so mote it be
  • In case you don’t know the target’s name, use the following statements:
  • This slip of paper is the unknown one and their actions against me. I hereby freeze them and bind them from causing me harm. As I will so mote it be.
  • The next step is to slowly fold the piece of paper and insert it into a ziplock bag. Add water to the bag until the paper sinks completely. Put the bag into a freezer and freeze it to solidify.
  • The ziplock bag should be kept at that state until the situation has been resolved. After this, put the bag into a container – keep the contents intact. When the water has melted away, go to an open place and dig a hole into inserting the piece of paper. Pour the water above it as you say the following:
  • I release you from the binding but enjoin you not to harm me again. As I will so mote it be
  • • You have successfully carried out the spell to stop someone from troubling you.


A financial freeze spell

Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to save your hard-earned cash? Are there avenues through which your money disappears mysteriously? Well, this freezer spell could be your long-awaited rescue.

Requirements for this spell

  • A cup of mint tea
  • Ice cube
  • Five small coins that can fit in the tube sections

Steps to follow

  • It is appropriate to cast this spell on a Thursday. You may choose to purchase mint tea or place mint leaves inside water for some time.
  • Make your tea and leave it to cool.
  • Add a portion of the tea into the ice cube trays. Each time, place one coin into the ice cube trays, saying the following words:
  • This money is mine
  • I won’t spend a dime.
  • Lock it uptight
  • Do what is right
  • Leave the tray in a freezer and allow it to solidify. After a while, please take out the ice cubes and place them in a zip lock bag as a way to free your tray. They should not necessarily stay in the freezer. When you are ready to spend some of your money, remove a block and throw it in a way to symbolize your breaking from the restrictions brought about by the spell.


History, myths, and misconceptions related to Freezer Spells

For a long time, freezer spells have been grouped as an ancient type of magic. It is not known to many modern-day magicians and witches that freezer spells came from dark places of magic, such as the use of voodoo in black magic. Black magic refers to rituals that are capable of manipulating a victim to perform specific actions – it is evil by description.

Because of the unclear facts relating to freezer spells, many myths and misconceptions have arisen in the recent past. It is, however, due to the lack of adequate knowledge, skills, and techniques that these spells don’t happen as desired by the performer or magician. Some of the things that are always important to have in mind before conducting a majority of freezer spells include getting an insight into the origin of your particular spell. This would also help you to know the kind of response you would receive and whether it is the one you intended for your target.


Freezer Spells are not 100% guaranteed to work.

Voodoo and hoodoo remain to be the most common types of freezer spells and magic. These rituals have been practiced for an extended period in most African countries. The purpose of tagging ice along in most of these rituals is to cool, freeze or slow something that interferes with you. Just like in voodoo and hoodoo, traditional magicians applied orbs (frozen) to ease the emotional temperature between two conflicting individuals. These are recorded as some of the earliest rituals used to initiate break up between couples.

In modern times, magicians have argued that the act of freezing names of two conflicting romantic lovers will lead to their relationship falling apart. This is, however, only true if the two were destined for one another. In African cultures, these rituals only work for two people who were not meant to have a working relationship; otherwise, it works.


A modern ritual of breaking two people in this era involves the following:

  • Using two separate sheets of paper, put down the names of the two people – the words should be written using a pencil or pen.
  • Take a container filled with rotten fish and place the two names inside. Add water but don’t fill the container to the brim.
  • Results should be visible in a week.
  • This ritual is straightforward, and in a real sense, it has a solid backing and background. In most spells, fish symbolize good times, joy, fertility, and emotional strength. The rotten fish, therefore, shows the loss of these attributes in a person’s life. The freezing brings the relationship into a working form by cooling it down appropriately. It is important to note that if the two people have no issues in their relationship and are firmly connected, this spell will only cause problems – carefully analyze the situation logically and critically before conducting the breakup freezer spell.

The concept of placing objects in ice has been widely applied in hoodoo culture to assist in breaking up people. This is considered a myth and misconception since the idea of freezing ice is only meant to freeze out a section of the target’s life.


Freezer Spells in court cases

Freezer Spells are an ideal choice for legal battles which are unfair or unending. This logically hinders a person from doing something such as neglecting a sensitive issue and not spreading wrongful information. It can also make someone fragile in their sexual life and stop them from doing certain daily activities.

In this era, there are numerous examples of freezer spells that are applicable in courts. These spells can give you support and motivation. The rituals go a long way to manipulate the results of court cases to a great extent.

Most court spells are capable of doing the following:

  • Manipulate the judge to decide in your favor
  • Bring confusion to lawyers
  • Tie the tongues of case witnesses and other third parties
  • Reduce the speed of a court proceeding or process
  • Make your lawyer more outspoken and witty in the case you are facing or being charged for.
  • Bring in the sense of sympathy and empathy from the court fraternity.


Closing Thoughts

Freezer spells are just like any other spell, with the potential of causing great harm. The fact that they are easy to conduct should not make you misuse them. For an extended period, they have been confirmed through several tests on victims. There exist a lot of silly and false spells that you can hear by word of mouth. Most of the spells you will find online are a foundation of magic and will work in most cases. The only existing hindrance to implementing the spells might be a lack of adequate information and knowledge on the subject matter. It is therefore important to get your tools, news, and requirements right as a failure of some of these spells might result in additional problems for your target.

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