Friendship Spells: Free Binding Spell to Reconcile Broken Friendship

Are you longing to make new friends? Do you seek to get your lonely pal friends to cherish time with?  Do you wish to reconcile a friendship which is slowly fading away? Well, these friendship spells may just prove ideal for you.

How do friendship spells work?

Friendship spells can work in all types of relationships. It is said that demons are the basis of friendships.

When your demons meet another person’s demons and they come out to be similar, you become friends. These spells, therefore, focus on manipulating these demons to act according to as desired by the one conducting them.

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Friendship Spells to bless and thank a friend

Tools you will need:

  • Holy oil
  • White candle

Instructions to follow

  • Take the white candle and carve the name of the person you want to bless on it. Go ahead to smear it with the holy oil. You can consider writing the name of the person on a piece of paper and placing it next to the candle to achieve more power in this spell. You can as well use their photo or personal belonging.
  • Each day, burn part of the candle for seven days. Say this every day you burn the candle.
    • (Name of a friend), may you be blessed.
    • May all good things come to you.
    • May nothing whatsoever harm you.
    • May your heart be light.
    • May your travels be safe.
    • May your health be good.
    • May your mind be sound.
    • May your friendships sustain you.
    • May you be blessed in every way.
  • Whichever special request you have for this person, just add it on the list. These could range from wishing they get a lover, travel safely, or win at war.
  • The candle should be burnt so long as your friend needs help.

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Friendship Spells for re-joining love

This spell can assist you in comforting your friend who has just got heart broken in a relationship. You can also use this spell if you have undergone a heartbreak.

Items you will need for this spell

  • A personal item which connects the two people – either physically or emotionally. These could include bracelets, necklace, etc.
  • A bowl
  • A wand or spoon
  • Water
  • A growing flower

Steps to be followed

  • Pour water inside the bowl. Add the connections from every person and place them inside the water.
  • Slowly stir the water using the wand or spoon and chant the following words when you are done:
    • By the power of my will,
    • Let me wish to be fulfilled,
    • I am tired of sorrow,
    • Let that change tomorrow,
    • While water and aura mix,
    • Broken hearts shall be fixed,
    • But not mine,
    • But my friends,
    • Let their love never end,
    • Until their hearts have been filled,
    • With love always instilled,
    • It shall be their choice to end their love,
    • And kill the beautiful white dove,
    • Let (name) and (name) be together again,
    • At this spell’s end,
    • Like the eternal life of an undisturbed tree,
    • This is my wish, so mote it be!
  • Locate the northern side of the water and place your mixing tool there. Sprinkle the concoction around the flower repeatedly. Say the following words quietly:
    God/goddess hear my plea,
    Make my wish a reality
  • The side effect of this spell is that if it fails, the two parties you were trying to reunite might end up disliking each other more.

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Friendship spells for protection

This spell requires little magic.

Tools you will need

  • None

Instructions to follow

Before conducting this spell, you should meditate often.

  • Imagine the look of your friend’s face. Gather energy from your surrounding now and imagine a strong magical shield covering them.
  • Go ahead and say the following words
    (Name) is vulnerable, unsafe, and unprotected. Now within my kind magic, protect them from other mages like me

A pet collar’s blessing

This friendship spell is applied to bless your pet’s collar, say cat or dog.

Items needed for this spell

  •  Herbs of intent
  • A pet’s collar

Steps to follow

  • Insert the collar inside the herb of intent as you say the following
    • ‘This collar I have in my hand
    • Shall protect my pet
    • All evil shall be banned
    • It will keep him/her in good health and always loved
    • It is a source of good luck that is always watching from above
  • You have successfully conducted the pet’s collar spell on your favorite animal.

A spell to find a new friend

Are you looking to attract new friends? Well, this spell might suit you perfectly. This spell involves mirror magic.

What you will need

  • A black mirror
  • Sage stick
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Offering for God

Steps to follow

  • In your own imagination, give offerings to your spirits.
  • When everything is ready, take a pen and paper and sit in front of your black mirror. The pen and paper should be held in one hand while the bowl in the other.
  • Take down all personality features you would like your new friends to have – try being true to yourself as much as possible with your expectations.
  • The next thing you would do is to slide the paper under the water. Make sure your writing is facing downwards.
  • Look into the black mirror, gather concentration and say the following words:
    Fill my heart with wisdom as I call air to the creed, your servant of old awakens a blossoming seed, my attributes washed within the water the demands I need, Hear me clearly as I speak into the black divide, gather my new friend at once I need her/him by my side!
  • All your content should be allowed to stay overnight – do not disturb.
  • Add ashes into the bowl from the sage with the characteristics of your new friend.
  • Do likewise to the offering.
  • The last thing is to go outside and dig a hole. Empty everything inside and let the earth do the rest.

Friendship Spells to help a friend

This spell is effective to any one of your friends who may need help at some point in life.

Requirements for this spell

  • Candle
  • Bowl
  • Water

Instructions to follow

  • Insert the candle inside a bowl and pour water inside. Carefully light the candle and say the following:
    • Little Angel comes to me. Help me help my friend in need.
    • Help (him or her) to find the answer to the question she holds in her mind.
    • Little Angel comes to me come and my friend in need.
    • Little Angel helps my friend find (his or her) answer.
    • Free (him or her) misery that she pleads with me.
  • After chanting this, think about your friend for some time and put off the candle.

Friends spell for others

Does your friend seem lonely? Would you wish to help them attract friends? Well, here is an easy spell that you could conduct to help them overcome this. It is very simple with very few requirements.


  • Concentration

Procedure to follow

  • Establish a quiet location good enough for meditation
  •  Bring into your mind the target – the person whom you wish to bring loving and caring pals to. Visualize them happy and smiling.
  • Go on to chant the following words:

My intention is to give (full name) friends. Let them find a true friendship that lasts till the end. Let them be happy and content. Give (full name) the best of friends! Let their friendships be stronger than cement! With harm to none and love to all, so Mote it is!

A friendship spell to make two enemies fall in love
As impossible as it may seem, this spell is designed to make two enemies reconcile and fall in love once again.
You will require the following items for this spell

  • Personal items such as necklace or bracelet for each enemy.

Steps to follow for this spell

This necklace shall hold the power of love, bringing (enemy 1’s name) and (enemy 2’s name) together. Their love shall be unbreakable, for they will be together forever. If one attempts to pull them apart, that one shall be banished from the two lovers. The power invested in this necklace will help (Enemy 1’s name) and (enemy 2’s name) creates a love chamber seal in them away from the rest of humanity for all eternity. They shall be bound together for forever more.

  • Go to each of the enemies – separately. Give them the necklaces and your will shall be accomplished.

A best friend spell

In case you have been longing for a best friend, then this spell just suits you right.

The following are needed for this spell.

  • Belief
  • Concentration

Follow the below steps to conduct this spell

  • This spell should be conducted at noon as it is the most appropriate time. Take some time off to meditate, like 3 minutes or so and when you are prepared, say the below words:
  • I always want (name of preferred best friend) to be my best friend but I do not have a chance on him/her and I always liked to. So please hear my plea! I always wanted to be his/her best friend
  • In order for results to be seen, it might take a few days. As time goes on you and your preferred best friend will get closer and closer.

Final Thoughts

It is true that friends bring a lot of new experiences in our lives – it all depends on how we relate. The above-mentioned spells should help us, not only in making new pals but also with helping each other in difficult circumstances. Just believe, have fun and expect your desired results a short while after conducting the spell. Cheers!

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