G Eazy Net Worth 2019: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki, YouTube

Last update: 2019
Real/full name: Gerald Earl Gillum
Occupation: Professional rapper
Favorite Quote: “I try to find 15 minutes a day to be alone without any distractions just for headspace to meditate and get my Zen on. I think that helps me get through the hecticness of the day on tour with the interviews, the sound check, the meet and greets, the show, and the post-show meet and greets.” –G-Eazy.


Gerald Earl Gillum, popularly known as “G-Eazy” is a professional rapper who has given us hit songs like “I mean it,” “Me, Myself and I,” “Almost Famous,” “Good life,” “West Coast,” and much more. Since the rapper has been in the industry for more than a decade, he also doubles up as a record producer.

G Eazy Net Worth 2019 Latest Update

Year Net Worth
2019 $10 Million
2018 $9.2 Million
2017 $8.4 Million
2016 $8.1 Million
2015 $7.7 Million
2014 $ 7.3 Million
2013 $ 7 Million
2012 $ 6.4 Million
2011 $ 6.2 Million
2010 $ 6 Million

As of 2019, G Eazy net worth stands at $10 million, and the primary source of his wealth is his music career where he mostly uploads music on YouTube. Moreover, G Eazy is a record producer and deejays too. He attends concerts throughout the US purposely to improve his fan base and increase the sales of his albums.

Another source of his wealth is endorsement deals which comes with hefty pay from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Tequila, Puma, and much more. G Eazy does not show any sign of slowing down, and he is likely to inspire other upcoming artists in the industry.

According to sources close to G Eazy, he has an admirable car collection and a lavish house. According to Forbes, G Eazy owns a 3,642 square foot villa in the Hollywood Hills, and the worth of the house is estimated to be $1.75 million. Another reliable source indicates that the rapper earns $15,000 to $25,000 per paid post via Instagram.

As of June 2019, G Eazy has 6.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which brings him an income of around $2k to $20k per month.

Who’s G Eazy? Important Details as of 2019

Real Name Gerald Earl Gillum
Age 30 Years Old
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Hair Color
Eye Color


Childhood and Early Life

G Eazy began his career as a student in the Loyola University, New Orleans. He was motivated to join the music industry by his producer who studied in the same university.
G-Eazy was born on May 24, 1989, in Oakland, California, United States, to Edward Gillum and Suzanne Olmsted. His parents separated when he was young, which made the rapper to start living with his grandparents in Berkeley, California.
His mother was also an artist who worked as a part-time teacher at different schools to raise G-Eazy appropriately. G Eazy was first introduced to the life of music and fame by his mother who kept showing him clips of artist performances.
It is then that G-Eazy decided to have a career in music, and started preparing ways to pursue his dreams. Because music was a calling to G Eazy, he had undisturbed upward trajectory and within just a few years into the music industry; he became an internationally recognized artist whose singles broke charts, making him among the top selling artist.

Early Career Highlights

After music exposure from his mom, G-Eazy kick-started her rapping career. By the time he turned 15, he collaborated with his friends to form a band named ‘The Bay Boyz.’ Soon, the group began releasing the songs through MySpace page.
G Eazy started attracted fans as soon as he began producing his mixtapes. Soon, he enrolled in Loyola University’s Music Industry Studies program where he gained skills that enabled him to release the song “Candy Girl” in 2008.
To attract more fans, G Eazy began touring in 2009 with the help of his manager Christophe Andersson, a fellow student at the Loyola University. As G Eazy gained more skills, Anderson agreed to start working with him where he began producing and co-writing songs for his albums.
In 2010, G Eazy’s popularity exploded and had become a famous hip-hop artist in the East Bay Area, where he joined the ranks of Lil B, Crohn, and The Cataracs. By this time, G Eazy had grabbed the attention of rappers Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, and collaboration was inevitable.

Age: How old is G Eazy? Where was he born?

G Eazy was born in 1989 to Suzanne Olmsted and Edward Gillum. G Eazy is 30 years old now and was born in Oakland, California, United States. His sun sign is Gemini and measures 6’4” (193 cm).

How Does G Eazy Make His Money and how much does he make?

After graduating from Berkeley High School, G Eazy pursued business and marketing in the Loyola University. In 2011, he launched his music career by ordaining a degree in music.
While still in college, he collaborated with his schoolmate, Christophe Anderson, and they joined the band called “The Bad Boys.”By then, the most famous music platform was “MySpace,” which gave G Eazy a wider audience.
G Eazy’s breakthrough came when he collaborated with Lil Wayne, making him gain global attention. Since he collaborated with Lil Wayne, G Eazy albums became a hit, making him perform in various concert tours across the US in 2012.
In his career, G Eazy debuted the album, “Must Be Nice” in 2012 which was ranked no. 3 on iTunes. In 2014, he debuted his album “These Things Happen” which topped the US charts. His other popular album includes “And When Its Dark.”
Apart from Lil Wayne, G Eazy has collaborated with stars like Big Sean, Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, and much more. In 2018, he collaborated with Kehlani to release “Good Life” which became the official song of Fast and Furious film.

G Eazy Family/ love life

G Eazy has no children yet and leads a private life away from the public scrutiny. However, there have been some rumors that he’s been seeing several girls whom he has met at events.
For instance, it was once alleged that G-Eazy was in a relationship with singer, actress, and model Devon Baldwin. Words also have it that he also dated Lana Del Rey at one point.
In 2018, it was alleged that he was in a relationship with singer Halsey for several months before breaking up to date a woman named Christina Roseann Ray.
In early 2019, G Eazy was in a romantic relationship with Yasmin Wijnaldum, Victoria’s Secret model. However, it was a short-lived romance.

G Eazy on Social Media

Due to the social media boom, artists no longer rely on concerts or tours to cement their fan base. It is a popular phenomenon among artists to use renowned social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and much more.
G Eazy hasn’t been left behind on this trend. He has an active social media presence on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where he has millions of followers. To maintain the fan base, G Eazy usually upload short clips to entertain his followers.

Awards and Achievements

The young rapper has significant achievements to his name. In 2017, the rapper’s hit ‘Me, Myself & I’ was certified four times platinum. In the same year, G Eazy won the People’s Choice Award for the Favorite Hip Hop Artist.
He has had successful collaborations with Yo Gotti, ASAP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Halsey and Cardi B. In 2016, G Eazy was nominated as The Best Hip-Hop Artist. In 2017, G Eazy won the MTV Europe Music Awards in the category of Favorite Hip-Hop Artist.

G Eazy Best Songs

  • The Epidemic LP, 2009
  • Must Be Nice, 2012
  • These Things Happen, 2014
  • When Its Dark Out, 2015
  • MTV Europe Music Awards (Favourite Hip-Hop Artist, 2017)


Is G Eazy a scam?

G Eazy is not a scam. The rapper has gained a massive fan base due to his hits, endorsements, philanthropy, and his activism against racism.

How did G Easy, an Arts student become so wealthy?

G Eazy has a net worth estimated to be $10 million in 2019. Do you know the source of this wealth? Well, it is from her 6.6 million subscribers on YouTube who gives most of his songs millions of views, which increases his income. G Eazy’s popularity has also increased due to tours, endorsements, and album sales.

Success Lessons from G-Eazy

G Eazy has achieved celebrity status; he has the money, popularity, and wealth. We can learn two success lessons from G Eazy. The first lesson is that we should stay away from fake friends because they might hinder us from pursuing our dreams.
Another lesson learned is that we should do whatever makes us happy. G Eazy knew that singing made him happy, and thus she took chances and began singing.

Final Words

G-Eazy’s story is the perfect portrayal of from “grass to grace.” He is only 30, and that age signifies the beginning of his career. Currently, he is one of the most famous rappers in the music industry, and there is no stopping anytime soon. G Eazy has achieved celebrity status, and there is no loosening the spirit. We all look forward to hearing more hits from him in the future.

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