7 Best 6 Qt Gourmia Air Fryers Reviews [Best Air Fryers for Big Family]

The 7 Best Gourmia Air Fryer 6 Qt Reviews [Best Air Fryers for a big Family]. If you’re looking for comparison & reviews on the 6 quarts models, then, this is it.

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The Gourmia is a reliable name when it comes to kitchen appliances, and its air fryers are no exception. They are designed to facilitate healthy eating and offer a convenient alternative of deep-frying.

There is a wide variety of air fryers from Gourmia. You can choose air fryers of both small and extra-large capacity according to your family’s size.

This article is specifically designed to review the Gorumia’s6 QT Digital Air Fryers for your convenience.

We will look at different options and try to access their utility based on performance, functionality, durability, and ease of use.


The 7 Best 6 Qt Gourmia Air Fryer Reviews:

Here we have selected 7 Best Gourmia Air Fryers 6QT. Let’s look at each in detail.


1. Gourmia 6 Qt GAF625 Digital Free Fry Air Fryer Review


Gourmia GAF625 Digital Free Fry Air Fryer

Gorumia’s 6 QT is a very affordable option that makes air frying food accessible for all those who can’t afford very pricey air fryers. This air fryer comes with all you need in a basic air fryer giving you the choice of healthy oil-free food that is good for your entire family.

The air fryer offers a lot of options that make your everyday cooking easy and convenient. The multi-uses of GAF625 makes it ideal for all those who love variety in their food. Even if you eat some fried food daily, you will be bored with it in a few days.

GAF625 offers more than mere air frying. You can use this appliance to roast, broil, grill, bake, and fry your food with perfect results. All these options will require a very minimum to no oil at all.

The fryer offers 1700 watts power that can cook your food in no time. It is designed for those busy users who can’t spend much time in the kitchen and need some speedy yet healthy option.

The air fryer comes with an easy to clean nonstick food basket. The spacious basket allows you to cook a meal for a large family. It has a nice exterior that is easy to clean with a damp cloth and stay in good condition for long. It’s a good option that fits in your budget easily.


2. Gourmia GAF615 6 Qt Digital Free Fry Air Fry Review


Gourmia GAF615 6 Qt Digital Free Fry Air Fry Review

Here is another budget-friendly option from Gourmia’s 6 QT air fryers. This one is a bit like our previous options. However, this one is a bit bulky and may cover little more space on your kitchen counter.

The Air fryer uses the advance radivection technology for preparing your favorite food to its exact taste. It blows heated air with great speed around your food, giving it a crisp coating. The food it prepares is no less tasty than deep-frying, only less than a lot of calories and trans-fat.

GAF615 comes with a large display panel that allows you to select the heat or temperature manually for your food. It gives eight pre-programmed options for cooking food on their optimal temperatures. You can adjust the time and temperature for food by simply pressing an option.

The Fryer comes with a spacious 5 QT food basket. It has a nonstick coating that makes it very easy to clean in a dishwasher or even with hands.

The air fryer comes with a cookbook that contains different mouthwatering recipes of appetizers, meals, and snacks.

As the fryer is a budget-friendly option, you can’t expect it to be as durable as some of the other pricey options in our list, but still, GAF615 comes with a one year warranty. It will sure outlast its warranty and will keep working for many years to come.


3. Gourmia GAF635 6 Qt Digital Stainless Steel Free Fry Air Fryer Review

Gourmia GAF635 6 Qt Digital Stainless Steel Free Fry Air Fryer Review

If you are looking for durable Gourmia’s Air fryer, then this one is for you. GAF635 has a stainless steel exterior. As compared to our two options, this one comes with a more durable built. The price of this air fryer is a bit higher than our previous two options, but then its stainless steel design and durability provides better value to your money.

The stainless steel built makes this air fryer look classy that fits easily in any kitchen’s interior. It also adds to the durability factor of this air fryer. Stainless steel can no doubt resist heat better and stays in its pristine condition for long. It is also easy to maintain, as well. Just clean the surface with a damp cloth, and it will keep shining.

The other functions of this air fryer are also very convenient. It offers 8 preset options for your convenience. The digital display makes all options readily available at the tip of your finger.

Its smart technology can cook food a lot faster than any oven. You can also make use of this air fryer to prepare some delicious roast or grill recipes. The air fryer cooks healthy food with the right taste and color that your family loves.


4. Gourmia GAF645 6 Qt Digital Free Fry Air Fryer Review


Gourmia GAF645 6 Qt

Here is another stainless steel option from Gourmia 6 QT. This one also has high-quality stainless steel built that stays in good condition for many years. Unlike some other options, it does not has a silicone coating that may peel off with time, leaving your air fryer looks shabby with time.

This one comes with a cool exterior that makes the cooking process safe for you and your loved ones. The dual stainless steel layer keeps your appliance cool from outside even when food is cooking at a high temperature inside.

GAF645 comes with a heat resistant handle that allows you to put in or remove the food inside safely. It comes with a removable nonstick food basket that is easy to clean and spacious enough to cook for a family of 5-6 people.

The air fryer features a touchscreen digital display that offers 8 preset options. You can set the time or temperature manually using its easy to touch buttons.

You can set up to 400oF temperature for as many as 60 minutes. The air fryer is a quality product by Gourmia that can be used for multiple methods of cooking like roasting, grilling, broiling, or frying.


5. Gourmia GAF680 6 Qt Digital Free Fry Air Fryer Review


This one is another from Gourmia’s 6 QT air fryers with a stainless steel exterior. The air fryer comes with a spacious nonstick basket that makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to cook in a variety of ways. You can easily roast, grill, fry, or bake in this easy to use an air fryer.

The fryer enables you to bake some delicious cookies and nachos in a very healthy and time-saving way.

The air fryers make use of radivection 360 technology that blows high speed heated air around your food.  The air cooks the food as any oil frying would do with a very crisp exterior.

The fryer gives some very useful options for cooking your favorite food at the tap of a finger. Its 8 preset options exclude the guesswork out of your cooking, giving better and even perfect results.

Its all about the right temperature and time setting. The more will make your food harder, and less will certainly not produce the exact results. So the preset chef’s options are a boon for those who are not sure about the precise time or temperature required for the particular food.

It’s a great option that comes with a year warranty that ensures its durability.


6. Gourmia GAF658 6 Qt Digital Free Fry Air Fryer Review


Gourmia GAF658 Digital Free Fry Air Fryer

This one is another affordable option from Gourmia. This digital air fryer comes with a nice and shiny exterior that is not stainless steel. It is made of high-quality plastic that is easy to maintain and clean.

The air fryer comes with a spacious basket that has a stainless steel basket with a nonstick coating. Nonstick coating makes cleaning a breeze.

It’s a basic fryer that uses high speed heated air for cooking your food evenly. The heat from the air makes the outer coating crunchy, just like oil fried food.

You can make use of its ready to press buttons for some quick instructions. It’s an auto-shutoff system that saves your food from overheating or burning when you forget to turn it off.

GAF658 shares some of the best reviews on the internet and is a sure choice for those who are looking for a good budget-friendly option for cooking healthy food every day.


6. Gourmia GAF658 6 Qt Digital Free Fry Air Fryer Review

Here is our last option from Gourmia 6 QT digital air fryers. This one is also no exception than our previous options and brings a lot of convenience in your life with its durable design, great capacity, and easy functionality.

The fryer makes use of 1700 watts of power that cooks your fast as up to 30% than other methods of cooking. It allows the options to roast, grill, or bake so you can use for a lot of other food than frying items.

The Product is a bit heavy than some of our previous options but is still sleek enough to fit in any corner of your kitchen counter.

NO plastic component touches your food, so rest assured no bad odor or burning plastic smell could ruin the taste of your food.

The fryer has a stainless steel exterior that is easy to clean and stay good for many years. The inside basket has a nonstick coating that is free of PFOA or any other harmful chemicals.

Inside basket has a lot of space to prepare your food in large batches. The fryer is an easy to use option with a cookbook and a year warranty for you as well.


Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best 6 Qt GourmiaAir Fryer

Here is a guide on how to select a Gourmia air fryer with 6 QT capacity.

  • Product Dimensions: Product dimension is the area where you clearly define an Air fryer in terms of its size and weight. It will surely give an idea of how long or wide the air fryer is. You can have a clear picture if it fits on your kitchen counter or not.  You can also have an idea of the product’s weight. A lightweight fryer allows more movability, and you can easily move it according to your convenience when not in use.
  • Power: You can look at the power option of any particular fryer to have an idea about its strength. The power in watts clearly explains how much time an appliance will take to cook food. More power certainly means less time spent on the cooking process.
  • Maximum Capacity: maximum capacity matters a lot. You sure want an appliance that can cater to your all family’s needs. The air fryer’s capacity is given in QTs, and 6 QT capacity is fine for any large family. You can prepare servings for 5-6 people in this capacity. You can buy an air fryer that suits your family’s needs.
  • Time and Temperature Control: Temperature control allows you to prepare food at their optimal temperature. Not all food requires the same high heat. Some are too sensitive for the full capacity. Some may need time to tenderize. So you need a variety of temperature control and the more is better. The temperature control option will allow you to cook a variety of food at different temperatures.
  • Durable: You can access the durability of an air fryer from its external and internal built. Both budget-friendly and pricey options are available in the market, and price determines the quality of an air fryer as well. However, other things contribute to its durabilities, such as its stainless steel or nonstick interior. Stainless steel is more durable. Good fryers have a metal basket that has a nonstick coating. Also, make sure no plastic content comes in content with your food. It will not only leave a bad odor in your meal but has many health hazards, as well. The plastic is certainly not very durable, as even the most durable plastic may not stand the high heat if the fryer is left on for a long time.
  • 8 Chef-At-A-Touch Presets: Preset options are very convenient for users. They are excellent for some of us who are always in a hurry. No time is wasted on setting the temperature or heat. Simply put in the food and touch a button, and the rest is easy.

Preset options are also great for novice cooks who have no idea how long chicken or fish should be left in the fryer and on what temperature. These presets are programmed to facilitate the cooking process and allow you to set the optimal time and heat required for a certain food. They exclude the guess-work out of cooking and help you get better results.

  • Radivection 360 Technology: This technology makes sure your food is cooked with a crunchy exterior and a soft and moist interior. The technology circulates turbo heated air around your food so that it is properly cooked and tastes great as well. Gourmia Air fryers use this smart technology in their air fryers for giving even results to your air fried food.
  • Healthy Cooking: Make sure the product you are choosing gives you the option of healthy cooking. It should be safe, as well. All components that come in touch with food should be certified according to the FDA’s recommendations and free of any PFOA or any other harmful components. Make sure if you are choosing a nonstick air fryer, it has no Teflon coating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to answer some of your frequently asked questions:

Are 6 QT air fryers any good?

They are a lot convenient than air fryers with smaller capacity. 6 QT is a lot of space for frying. It is perfect for catering to the needs of your entire family. Even if you have a small family larger capacity helps a lot.

It keeps the food evenly spaced inside the fryer. Air is circulated evenly around food from all sides if it is not over-crowded, and it is cooked with a better crunch.

6 QT space is also ideal if you like other people to come over to your place for dinners and lunches. You can serve healthy food prepared in your spacious air fryer. 6 QT allows you to cook food in large batches that are very convenient.


Is the Gourmia Air Fryer good?

Certainly, they are perfect for air frying the usual fried items like nuggets, rice balls, chips, fries, veggies, or anything you want to fry. They are a lot healthier than the oil-fried versions of these foods.

Frying adds a lot of unwanted calories to your food that you want to avoid due to weight gain and much other food. Also, deep-frying adds a lot of trans fat in your food that your body is unable to break down. In results, this fat keeps on depositing in your body which can cause some severe health complications.

Air frying reduces 80% use of oil, or you can even eliminate it as per your choice. With this latest radivection 360 technology, the food is given a very crunchy coating that we all love in deep frying. So yes, Gourmia Air Fryers are your way to a healthy lifestyle.


 Is Gourmia air fryer dishwasher safe?

Yes, Gourmia Air Fryers come with easy to clean cook baskets. These baskets are removable, and you can dump them in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.


How many watts is the Gourmia 6 QT air fryer?

Gorumia 6 QT offers 1700 watts. That’s a lot of power that will cook your food in a very timesaving way.


Can Gourmia Air Fryer go in the dishwasher?

You can’t and should not dump the whole air fryer in the dishwasher. However, it comes with a removable food basket that is easy to wash in a dishwasher.


Which Gourmia 6 QT air fryer should I choose?

That depends on your needs and personal preferences. We have discussed many options. Some come with additional accessories like a cookbook or skewers. Some have a durable stainless steel exterior.

You should also consider the space where you intend to place the air fryer. Choose a fryer that fits into that space without making it look overcrowded. Some have slim built and takes less space. So, it boils down to your personal preference and the budget.


Can you put aluminum foil in Gourmia air fryer?

Yes, you can wrap the food with aluminum foil, but there are certain safety measures you must take. First, if you are cooking very acidic food that may react with aluminum foil making it decompose, it is better for your safety if you don’t use it.

For other foods,  you can wrap them in aluminum foil they way you like it. Also, keep in mind that air fryer cooks food by circulating hot air around the food. If you have wrapped the foil unevenly the heat or air may not reach the food inside the foil and may not give even results.


How much does a Gourmia Air Fryer cost?

Gourmia Air Fryers are very reasonably priced. You have some budget-friendly options, and at the same time, some are a bit pricey for those who can afford it. So make an estimate of how much you are willing to spend and look for the one that fits into your budget easily.


Are Gourmia air fryers healthier?

An air fryer is by absolutely healthy. They are a healthy alternative to deep-frying. Air frying reduces the calories of your food by making less or no use of oil and adds no trans-fat to your food. That makes them a very healthy way of cooking your favorite food.


Final Note

Gourmia is a reliable brand, and its 6 QT air fryers are very useful for your everyday cooking. You can not only fry, but roast, grill, broil, and bake in these fryers. It reduces the use of oil gives results in 30% less time than your regular ovens or stove.

With their great capacity, high performance, and long-lasting durability they are essential for any smart kitchen.

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