Gourmia GAF318 4 QT Digital Air Fryer Review

The world of air frying is changing daily. Technology is making it possible to get evenly cooked food within a short time and, most importantly, with little or no oil. GAF318 4 QT Digital Air Fryer, is one of the latest fryers from Gourmia. Undoubtedly, this fryer comes with the promise of delivering healthy meals to your family.

True to its word, the Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer is packed with compelling features that make it a unique choice as a kitchen countertop appliance. If you want to enjoy a delicious snack, and at the same time stay healthy, look no further thin appliance.

The love for deep-fried food can be challenging to overcome. The food comes with a delicious taste and a highly tempting aroma. Indeed, this is mouthwatering. Evidently, one of the leading causes of unwanted fats and cholesterol in the body is eating foods with excess fats and oils – deep-fried food. This is devastating; because they’re delicious.

The good news is that the Gourmia GAF318 4 QT Air Fryer doesn’t require oils or fats to make that delicious dish. It can make the most delicious food, thus doing a favor to your body. Without guilt, you can eat fried chicken, shrimps, poppers, kale chips, French fries, chocolate banana, onion rings, etc.

Tell you what? The GAF318 4 Qt air fryer is very easy to use. It comes with well-placed digital controls, i.e., a large LED display with seven cooking presets. The preset cooking modes make it easier to cook a range of meals because you have the right temperature and timing for each food.

If you are tight on schedule, the GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer got you. The fryer cooks at a faster rate as compared to the standard air fryers. When compared to a conventional oven, this powerful pieces form Gourmia cooks 30 % faster. It saves you time and electricity bills tremendously.

Let’s critically look at Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer and see what it can offer, what to be wary about, and reasons to make you buy it.

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Gourmia GAF318 4 QT Digital Air Fryer


What is the Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer?

The Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer is an innovation that applies rapid air circulation technology to cook food.

Precisely, it uses the RadiVection 360° Technology, which implies that hot air is circulated rapidly in a 360-degree mode within the cooking cavity. This rapid circulation ensures that all the corners of the cooking chamber receive hot air quickly and evenly.

Food within the cavity, therefore, cooks faster and in an even manner.

What is the Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer?


Apart from cooking, you can also dehydrate your fruits and vegetables thanks to the settings provided by the air fryer.

You can easily find a setting for any food you want to cook, in addition to the 7 preset cook modes. The LED display is large enough to make settings possible and easier.

This is the latest innovation from Gourmia, typically, multi-faceted. It is obvious that no one likes eating one kind of food all the time.

So you can use your air fryer for functions like roasting, grilling, baking, broiling, as well as toasting. Such a diverse range of meals make this fryer your ultimate choice if you are looking for a small-sized fryer.



Gourmia GAF318 4 QT Digital Air Fryer Features

  • Fryer Material: the fryer is made of hard plastic material. It is built into a compact appliance that takes less of your kitchen space. Also, the pan has a coating of nonstick material, while the crisper tray is made of stainless steel.
  • Fryer Wattage: the Gourmia GAF318 4 QT Digital Air Fryer has a wattage of 1300W, making it an energy-efficient fryer. At this wattage, you get even cooking within a short time.
  • Certification: This product is safe to use. It has passed the equipment safety certification by the ETL.
  • Fryer Capacity: the capacity of this fryer is 4 Quarts. The 4qt is sufficient capacity to cook for two people.
  • LED Digital Touch Screen: the digital controls for this fryer are larger enough, making it easy for you to get the right setting. This display comes with 7 preset cook modes – French Fries, Bacon, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak and Fish.
  • Nonstick Basket: the air fryer doesn’t come with a cooking basket, it rather has a pan and a crisper tray. The pan is covered by a nonstick material. This makes it extremely easy to clean. Besides, it is removable
  • Warranty: Gourmia offers one year warranty for all the parts of the GAF318 4 QT Digital Air Fryer. The Gourmia warranty only covers the manufacturer’s defaults – material and workmanship only. Any defaults arising due t wrong usage or accidents will not be covered.
  • Cookbook: the air fryer comes with a cookbook and common detailed recipes to follow. These recipes allow you, to cook, the common kinds of food effortlessly.
  • Cooking time: cooking with the Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer should take less than an hour. Before cooking, you can choose to preheat your fryer, which saves time. Alternatively, you can cook directly. Again, this fryer is good at dehydrating fruits and vegetables. The time to dehydrate depends on the settings. But virtually, it should take at most 8 hours.
  • Functions: this fryer comes with 7 preset cook options for cooking French Fries, Bacon, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak and Fish. With the right setting, you can typically cook any food using this potent air fryer.
  • Oil or Oilless Cooker? The Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer works well without oil – It can perfectly cook crispy or crunchy snacks. But a little oil can give get the type of taste and flavor you want.
  • It is straightforward to use, as it comes with presets for different kinds of foods. It makes cooking very simple

  • It is easy to clean be the nonstick pan and the ability to remove the pans

  • Removable parts are dishwasher friendly

  • The fryer cooks food evenly, besides giving it a perfectly crisp

  • It’s fast-acting, and the food taste even much better

  • The fryer is Big and bulky for the amount of food it can cook

  • Not long-lasting


Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer



Be informed that the GAF-318 model does not come with a frying basket, as stated in the description and picture. Instead, it only has a metallic pan/tray that holds the food while cooking. Keep in mind that it is a touchy air fryer. Any little disturbance can cause a mess. Therefore, after buying it, test it ensure it is working well before trying out.

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Free recipe book


Editor’s Opinion

Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Air Fryer is a unique fryer that needs attention to detail. If you opt to buy this fryer, just like any other, you must the instruction manual first before trying to use it.

Many people make mistakes along the way and blame the manufacturer’s .nonetheless, ensure that you buy a functioning piece before apportioning blame.

That said, the Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt air fryer offers much more than an average fryer of its size can offer. Though it lacks a basket that most people expect in a fryer, it provides an alternative for you to use – pan and crisper ray. The crisper tray is one of the best accessories you can use to achieve even cooking. Moreover, it helps in shortening cooking time.

If you are working out to reduce the calories in your body system, this fryer is one of the best tools to help you achieve that dream. It cooks with no oil but delivers even a better taste than deep-fried food. If you must add oils, then it should be a tablespoonful only.

What attracts people to deep-fried food is the aroma and taste and feel of the food. This digital fryer gives you food with the crisper exterior but a very tender interior. So with the fryer, you can still enjoy your chicken, French fries, shrimps, etc., but drastically cutting on the calories. I highly recommend the fryer for all people on weight watch, should try this one.

Lastly, the cooking time is always a matter of concern. With the rapid air circulation technology that ensures that the hot air reaches all the parts of the cooking chamber, it shortens the cooking time dramatically. You can use the fryer with or without preheating.


Take away

Gourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer is highly effective. But it will only work in the desired way if you put it to the correct use. Above all, you need to read and understand the user manual before using it.

Undoubtedly, air fryer is meant to cut on the amount of oil used to cook meals, which translates to a healthier meal. theGourmia GAF318 4 Qt Digital Air Fryer, comes with endless possibilities. the hot air circulates very quickly in a 360-degree manner, which results in frying foods to crispy perfection without using oil! Using it consistently will help you cut on your calories while still eating the food that you love, the same taste, and flavor.

Again, with this incredible kitchen appliance, you shorten your cooking time tremendously. In fact, it takes 30% less time to cook as compared to the traditional oven. If you have time, fix, you can quickly fix a meal before time catches up with you.

No one can deny how vital and incredible this air fryer is to your daily life. You can join the Gourmia community to see proponents and users of this air fryer is preparing healthy meals.

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