Gowise USA 1700-Watt 5.8-Qt 8-In-1 Digital Air Fryer Review

It is a dream of every mother to prepare the most delicious and healthy food for her family. After all, food is one thing that brings a family together. Well, one of the devices that can allow your cooking to be flexible and healthy is the Gowise USA 1700-Watt 8-in 1 digital air fryer. Just like the name states, buying this gadget is the wisest decision you could ever make for your cooking options. It can prepare different varieties of food with little or no cooking oil. So, your family can enjoy some fried healthy potatoes.

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Gowise USA 1700-Watt 5.8-Qt 8-In-1 Digital Air Fryer Reviews.

The air fryer has a heat option that ranges from 175 to 400 F, essential for baking and frying. It has control buttons that enable one to set the cooking time, method, and also the required heat. The device comes with two cooking pots, a pan, and a basket for frying foods. For the first time users, you can quickly learn how to make different foods with this gadget thanks to the provided menu. It has many recipes that you can try out with the fryer. The Gowise air fryer can be used for making foods like seafood, vegetables, chicken, and other meats. It can also be used for baking, although it can’t make large-sized cakes.


The features.

What features make this a must-have cooking device for every home?
  • Less oil usage: A lot of people avoid fried food due to the extra calories added by the cooking oil. But with Gowise air fryer, you are guaranteed to prepare healthy fried meals due to the low cooking oil requirement. The device allows you to fry your food with little or no oil. It has a mechanism that traps the juice of the food, allowing it to cook evenly.
  • Easy to utilize: Apart from its sleek design, the fryer features modern technology for easy use. It has on and off buttons, plus controls for setting the cooking times and methods. The screen has a total of 8 different cooking methods, and the cooking temperature option ranging from 175 to 400 F.
  • Built-in alarm: This is a regular cooking feature for beginners or if you want to achieve excellent cooking results with this fryer. It comes with an inbuilt alarm that reminds you to either shake or toss your food at different intervals. So, if you want to try a new recipe from the provided book, the alarm will alert you when to check on the cooking pot.
  • Two cooking pots: The fryer comes with a basket and a pan for preparing different kinds of foods. Note that, the pot and the basket feature non-stick finish, which reduces the need to use a lot of oil.
  • Easy to clean: Both the basket and the pan are detachable for easy cleaning. They are compatible with a dishwashing machine for excellent cleaning results. Also, you can wipe off any spillage from the device with a soapy dump dish clothe.
  • Versatile: The Gowise air fryer is versatile in preparing different kinds of foods. Other than frying, roasting, and sauteing, this device can be used for baking as well. Therefore, you can make your family’s favorite cake for dessert at any time.
  • Large serving size: The 5.8 qt sized cooking pots can serve around 5 to 6 people right for a medium-sized family.
  • Eight cooking methods: The Gowise air fryer cooking device consists of 8 cooking methods. These methods include; frying, roasting, sauteeing, baking, preheating, among others. All you have to do is press the button to select the process of cooking method preferred.


  • It is easy to use. It comes with a manual for instructions.
  • It is flexible in cooking. The air fryer allows you to cook different foods with the programmed cooking methods.
  • The device allows you to cook healthy meals as it utilizes air to prepare.
  • It is easy t to monitor the cooking food with the aid of an inbuilt alarm.
  • It comes with a 30-month warranty that guarantees money return.
  • The Gowise fryer sits well even in the small-sized cooking top, and the sleek design adds a touch of beauty to your kitchen.
  • The air fryer is compatible with the dishwasher machine, although it can be cleaned by hands too.
  • It is light in weight so moving it around is easy
  • It has an LCD screen, which allows one to monitor the cooking time easily.


  • Gowise air fryer only prepares food for a serving of 5 to 6 people. So, it is not ideal for cooking large meals.
  • Some customers have complained about the high power consumption.
  • Although the device is sold with a warranty, it only covers one month. This means that after 30 days, you cannot return the device to manufacturers in case you experience a technical problem.
  • Some customers have complained about the cooking basket being weak, mainly if you stuck heavy meals such as steaks.


GOwise USA 1700 Watt air fryer is an excellent birthday gift to gift your wife or mother. It is an ideal cooking gadget that can make food for a medium-sized family. The fryer comes with a book that consists of different recipes and guides on how to make them. Therefore, even if it is your first time using a fryer, the device is super easy to try out cooking with. It is also the perfect cooking device for people who want to adopt healthy living diets. It significantly reduces the need to use large quantities of cooking oil when preparing fried and roasted meals. So, you can still enjoy your plate of French fries without using a lot of fat in cooking. Controlling and setting the cooking time is easy due to the equipped large LCD screen on the device.

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