GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Yellow Review

GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic Yellow Review

Technological advancements are making cooking easier each day. Innovators are building unique kitchen appliances to make it easier to cook. Air fryers are new innovations. Each brand is on the run to ensure that their product is one of the best in the market, and the GoWISE USA is not an exception.

GoWISE USA air fryers are standout as one of the most versatile countertop kitchen appliances. These air fryers are built to last, and during their entire lifetime, they provide incredible services. Majorly, many people choose to use GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic Yellow because it can cook healthy meals. Other people may consider the cooking capacity, which is majorly influenced by the size of your family.

Remember that with the GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic Yellow, you’ll have numerous benefits apart from healthy meals. Cooking in itself is challenging. In fact, cooking is an art that requires top-notch skills. The good news is that these fryers come with a 50 step by step cooking recipe. Undoubtedly, you’ll cook your favorite meal, effortlessly.

In this GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic Yellow Review, we look at the details this powerful air fryer comes with.


What is GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic?

GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic YellowGoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer

GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic helps you to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you want to cut on calorie intake, you can use this air fryer to achieve that goal. This is so because the air fryer doesn’t require oil to give your food the crispiness or crunchiness that you so desire. Besides frying, you can grill, roast, or bake within the shortest time.

The equipment is solidly built. It has a compact design, making it take a little space in your kitchen. You can comfortably place it at the corner of your kitchen counter, and still, it will work well. The cooking basket is removable, reducing the chances of burning yourself as you get your food out of the fryer. Again, this is advantageous as it allows you to monitor your food as it cooks. Most notable, the basket has a nonstick coating that makes it easier to clean this air fryer.

Cook time is always a matter of concern when it comes to air fryers. Luckily, the GoWISE USA GW22664, allows you to cook your food in the shortest time possible. Precisely, it takes 30 minutes tops, to fry, bake, and roast or grills your favorite meal. So if time is not a luxury you always have, this air fryer can help you save on time.

Another fascinating feature with this GoWISE USA air fryer is the number of recipes. You get 50 step by step recipes to prepare your delicacies. These recipes come from the manufacturer and it will help you to explore this countertop kitchen appliance confidently. You can cook different foods with ease.

Like any other GoWISE USA air fryer, it is pretty easy to use this air fryer. It comes with easy to use controls. The controls are in the form of buttons. You can use them very quickly and conveniently to set the temperature and time. Besides, the digital display is large enough to display your desired setting.

Furthermore, the fryer comes with a temperature range of between 175F and 400F. With this wide range of temperature, you can cook a wide variety of foods. The best part is how quick acting this air fryer can be. Your food is ready for within1 and 30 minutes. This is purely incredible.

That is not enough; the 30 minutes timer automatically switches to standby mode when it’s done. Your food will not get burnt.

While some air fryers are prone to accidents like explosions or producing smoke, this great product from the GoWISE USA, is specially crafted to reduce the chances of accidents. For instance, it features a button guard that prevents the handle from accidentally detaching from the basket. This drastically reduces the chances of accidents occurring. The amazing part is that the material that makes this fryer is PFOA-free.

On the flip side, this is a small air fryer. At 2.75 quarts, it cooks a limited amount of food, probably for one or two people. This is not a disadvantage. However, if you are out there looking for a small-sized air fryer, consider buying this kind. Unfortunately, unlike other air fryers, this one doesn’t come with accessories like the baking pan and the rack. You’ll have to purchase them separately.

Keep in mind that this is an electric kitchen appliance, like any there appliance, you must use it for the right job and in the right manner for it to deliver rightly.

Let’s get to details with this GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic Yellow Review



GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic Yellow Review

Fryer Material: the body is built of sturdy plastic. The plastic is shiny. This makes it easy to clean the external parts. The cooking basket has a nonstick coating. This makes it easy to clean.

  • Fryer Wattage: 17700W
  • Certification: the GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer is certified by the FDA, and the good news is that it doesn’t contain PFOA.
  • Fryer Capacity: 2.75-Quarts. This cooking capacity makes it a small air fryer. It cooks well for a single person or two people who are watching their weight.
  • LED Digital Touch Screen: this ablest fryer doesn’t come with a digital touch screen with an LED display. Instead, you can set your time and temperature using buttons. I bet buttons are easier and more comfortable to use, right?
  • Nonstick Basket: when you purchase this air fryer, you get a nonstick fry pan and basket. Both the products are PFOA-free, and therefore safe to use. Note that the cooking basket has a cool-touch handle that is secured using a guard button. This prevents accidental detachment.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer, GoWISE USA, offers a 1-year limited warranty, which covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase, provided it is used according to the provided instruction. however, it doesn’t cover damages or wears arising from accident, misuse abuse, commercial use, or unauthorized adjustment and/or repair
  • Cookbook (50 Recipe): the GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer comes with a cookbook and 50 in-depth step by step cooking guide/recipe from the manufacturer. This helps you to prepare most of the popular dishes.
  • Cooking time: cooking time with this air fryer ranges from 1 to 30 minutes, with a temperature range of between 175F and 400F. These settings are good enough for cooking a wide variety of food.
  • Function: this is a versatile air fryer. You can cook food, including French fries, chicken, freeze, etc. basically, you can roast or fry chicken, turkey, fish, and steak, among others. You can also cook the vegetable.
  • Oil or oil-less Cooker? It works fine without oil. Nevertheless, you can use a little oil spray. This fryer uses rapid air circulation technology. As such, its hot air reaches almost every corner.


  • The fryer is easy to operate

  • Easy to clean; has a nonstick coating on the cooking basket and pan

  • Cooks food evenly – meat is well crusty outside but still juicy inside, while fries are uniformly curly and shoestring

  • Comes with 50 recipes that guide on cooking several types of food

  • Works perfectly okay without oil

  • Small in size -2.75 quarts

  • Its fan fails pretty faster



The fryers rust faster on the interior. The coating on the basket flakes off rather quickly. The skeleton is metallic.
Similarly, the pan is metallic. If you clean and leave it wet, it will rust. Again, this smaller version (2.75 Q) doesn’t come with accessories as indicated. You have to buy them separately.



It is exciting that the GoWISE USA GW22664 Air Fryer comes with a cookbook with 50 recipes. This makes it possible for you to cook a wide variety of foods.


Editor’s Opinion

With the quest for a healthy lifestyle, air fryers are taking over the world of frying and grilling. Yes. They use little to no oil to deliver spectacular flavor and evenly cooked food, and the GoWISE USA GW22664 Air Fryer, 2.75-QT, Majestic Yellow deliver nothing short of this.

The cooking capacity of this fryer small. At 2.75 QT, it is suitable for a single person. But this doesn’t hinder it from working. It is packed with features that deliver healthy food within a short time.

The incredible thing is that it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to cook any meal.

In my opinion, the GoWISE USA GW22664 Air Fryer, 2.75-QT, Majestic Yellow is a fryer to try, especially if you need to cut on weight, you want something easy to use, or you want something that will cook your food faster. In addition, when well used, this kitchen appliance can serve you for a long time. It is vital that you ensure the interior is completely dry after every cleaning.

In this GoWISE USA GW22664 2.75-QT Air Fryer Majestic Yellow Review, I have explained in detail the features of the fryer. This can make you make rational decisions when it comes to buying.

Always keep in mind, this electronic kitchen appliance will last longer if you use it well.

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