Graco 4Ever 4-In-1 Car Seat Review

BEST FOR: This car seat is appropriate for vehicles with less room in the back seats.

#Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Car Seat Video Review


  • The seat height is adjustable.
  • The harness can be adjusted without the need to re-thread.
  • The installation instructions are simple to follow. They are color-coded for simplicity.
  • The seat cover is machine washable


Positioning toddlers more upright while rear-facing may not be possible since the adjustable recline is for leveling.


This car seat provides comfort for your child and convenience for you. It is easy to install, and the seat cover can be easily cleaned. It is a highly adjustable seat and can be used for a long time as your child grows.


  • Three rear-facing recline positions
  • Bubble level indicator for easy leveling
  • Has infant insert for support
  • -Color-coded installation instructions and labeling
  • Two removable cup holders.
  • Technical Specifications:

WEIGHT OF CAR SEAT: 27.8 pounds

DIMENSIONS: 21.3 x 20.4 x 26.1 inches


  • Minimum weight recommendation is 5 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation is 120 pounds
  • Rear-facing minimum child weight is 4 pounds (18 inches)
  • Rear-facing maximum child weight is 40 pounds (43 inches)
  • Forward-facing minimum child weight is 22 pounds (27 inches)
  • Forward-facing maximum child weight is 65 pounds (49 inches)
  • High-back booster: 40-100 pounds (40-57 inches)
  • Backless booster: 4-120 pounds (43 – 47 inches)


  • 5-point harness
  • 10-position harness height and headrest adjustment, with no re-threading required.


  • Steel reinforced frame
  • EPS, energy-absorbing foam
  • Tested for side impact


If you want a seat that offers comfort, convenience, durability, and reliability, then The Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 car seat should be your choice.

This seat will grow with your kid through its multiple car seat stages. It will keep your kids safe from when they weigh 4 pounds up until when they weigh 120 pounds.

It transforms from rear-facing car seat, suitable for kids weighing 4-40 lbs, to harness car seat, suitable for kids weighing 22-65 lbs.

It further converts to high back belt-positioning booster, for kids weighing 30-100 lbs, and finally to backless belt-positioning booster, for kids that weigh 40-120 lbs. This seat remains usable for ten years.

It is a tried and tested, high-quality seat. It features lots of plush padding to ensure that your kids remain comfy all through.

This car seat has undergone crash tests and has been approved for use. The crash tests performed on this seat were thorough, and we would like to delve more into assessing other essential factors such as

The quality of the car seat’s material

The car seat’s comfort

The ease of installation and use

Ease of installation with UAS (LATCH)

UAS and seat belt installation are riddled with complications and making a decision on which one you prefer can be a tall order. You have to consider factors such as the car seat, vehicle compatibility, and your daily routine.

Installing a car seat can sometimes be confusing especially when you don’t have a clear user manual. This seat has a color-coded Graco 4Ever user manual that makes seat installing straightforward.

The exclusive inRight LATCH by Graco can be easily added within no time with an audible click cue that ensures the installation is secure. The level indicator informs you whether the seat is properly installed, and it is easy to read.

Reclining the car seat can be done easily with the use of the bubble level indicator that is on the side of the seat. Adjusting the recline position is also easy and straightforward. The UAS connectors can be easily attached to the car’s lower anchors. You just need to push the connectors against the anchors until you hear a click.

Tightening the UAS belt can be quite tough for some people, but it is not much trouble. The level of difficulty for this task also depends on your vehicle. The UAS connectors are attached to their own hooks which are under the seat on the front side. This offers clean storage when the connectors are not in use.

Ease of Installation with seat belt

Seat belt installation is a bit easier compared to UAS installation – it requires less strength to do it. It is easy to locate the seat belt path since there are color-codes that match the manual. Engaging the locking mechanism requires you to pull the seat belt entirely, then let it retract until the belt locks.

Tightening the seat belt to secure the car seat properly requires quite some strength, especially when it is in the rear-facing position.

Securing the tether for forward-facing

To stabilize the seat when it’s in the forward facing position, you need to connect the tether strap to the tether anchor. Check your vehicle’s manual for the location of the tether anchor. Attaching, tightening and detaching the tether strap is easy.

Frame and fabric

The seat’s frame is steel-reinforced, and it has energy-absorbing padding that would keep your little one safe in case of a crash. When your kid is sleeping, the plush padding on the infant insert supports the baby’s head and prevents it from falling forward. The insert can be easily removed once your baby is past that age. The soft padding on the seat provides comfort and is perforated to prevent your baby from getting all sweaty.

The car seat cover is machine washable. The headrest pad and set pad are easily removable for washing. The harness and UAS strap can be surface-washed using mild soap and water, but submerging in water is not recommended.

Childs comfort

This seat is purposely designed for the comfort of your child. From the plush padding to the adjustable headrest, this is one very comfy seat. The infant headrest and body support have extra padding that sooth the infant’s body. The seat has cup holders for when your child grows to the extent that they are necessary.

Final word

The Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 car seat has received very good rating for comfort, ease of use, quality and value for money. Most parents say that this is the best car seat they have ever used and would recommend it to other parents. This seat is also durable – having a 10-year useful life. The seat will provide comfort and safety for your kid and you will definitely get value for money.


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