Have a Long Distance Travel with Your Sugar Daddy?

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Travel with Your Sugar Daddy
Answer 1:
Well traveling together it is always best to truly be comfortable with each other and to know each other extremely well. Traveling is best done after you have spent a lot of time together. Ladies especially should consider their safety at all times when considering travel to a sugardaddie or with him. Separate suites and always book and pay for your own tickets and suite. He should always reimburse but you should be in control of such things.
Answer 2:
I would need to know my daddy a bit more before I leave to different countries or states. I am new at being a sugar baby but I would love to spend time with him or her and so what I can to make them happy. I think being a sugar baby is loving your sugar daddy or mommy and enjoy the ride of life with them. Also traveling could give us the chance to be closer.
Answer 3:
I think having a long distance relationship with a sugar daddy can be an amazing experience. Having the ability to travel and try new things is always exciting. I Personally will take lots of extra percaucions because you can never be too careful. It’s always best to meet your sugar daddy in your own neighborhood for sure. Love having the option to go and meet new people across the country.
Answer 4:
Well i have to meet before my SD spend some time together, being sure that him won’t hurt me or something worse but if we meet before of course i’ll go with him, if is a work travel i would let him do his job and when he back we can go for some drinks and food, walk in the city buy some souvenirs and back to the jacuzzi, drink some wine and lay in bed.
Answer 5:
This is something Iv been thinking about and you know, i would me more then interested in traveling to see my daddy. Of course the relationship would have to be strong and I their would need to be trust. Lots of questions and answers about the trip would be a must. But overall I would live to get away have some fun and enjoy myself for little while.
Answer 6:
More than definitely. No problem with a little distance, you’ll only miss me more though. And if a sugar daddy wanted to travel with me, it’s considerable, most just depends on the timing and how long we’ve known each other for starters. I would love to travel honestly, adventures are always fun. I just wanna make memories like everyone else! Who doesn’t like new places?
Answer 7:
I would love to travel for my daddy. I’ve been all around the world and I love to explore new places. Nothing is more thrilling than arriving in a new city and experiencing it Through The Eyes of someone new. Of course, I would prefer to do the traveling after we met locally and like each other. Taking a chance and flying into a new city to meet someone you’ve never met before it’s terrifying, but if the Comfort level is there I’m happy to travel.
Answer 8:
If a daddy and I have been speaking for a while and have a confirmed understanding of our relationship and boundaries I would love to travel to see him or with him. I like adventures and love traveling and feel like it’d be a great experience you know. It would be a fantastic experience to get closer with my daddy and for us to build a stronger sugar baby/daddy relationship.
Answer 9:
Yes of course.! Especially if we have a strong connection ,trust and a mutual understanding of each other’s schedule and respect each other’s boundaries y .I love to travel, try new things and explore new places… Who better to do that with and for.. It will give us time to miss each other, besides it would make the communication more open and build trust. Between the two of us. So I’m ok with my SD living near or far.
Answer 10:
Yes I would be willing. The thing is I’m new to being a sugar baby so I would like to start off with someone who is near me. It be nice to see them. The only time I would probably do long distance if they really charm their way to me. They would also have to visit me sometimes so I can really get to know them. So yes I be willing to be long distance but I prefer it to be close.
Answer 11:
At first meeting the daddy yes but if we become serious and continue seeing each other i would want to be closer or move in together. I would miss him very much if we were too far apart and when i have a bad dream or just want to cuddle i would need him to be there. But i would want to make sure that is what he wants before i move closer or move in.
Answer 12:
Probably not considering I’m a college student and I’m not looking for anything serious as I am in a relationship. I’m just getting use to all this and would not go anywhere anytime soon especially with my schooling. It does sound fun though for people who are actually committed to their sugar daddy but in reality I haven’t really ever heard of that.
Answer 13:
I love traveling, seeing new things, trying new foods & and with a sweet sugar daddy?! How could I say no! I would love to get out of town, new experiences with new people is what I want in my life right now. It’s also a great time to get to know someone better, learn more about them and connect! Traveling with or for someone can be testing but worth it for the right person!
Answer 14:
For sure. Everything is about Daddy, I would go anywhere to find the right dick. I love traveling, it would be nice know everything about him in a new place. The dad is also welcome in my place too. The important thing it is to be with him no matter where we are. I’m planning a new vacation, it would be nice to visit where he wants to or can meet me.
Answer 15:
Yes, I have traveled before, for a sugar daddy he is paying for it. It’s all like a mini vacation that you get paid for going on, and if you enjoy the company its even better. Also if you are good yo your sugar momma or daddy they are going to reward you in the best ways possible. If you treat them good they are going to treat you with the same respect .
Answer 16:
I would be open to long distance travel just not right away and after communicating for a while. Being new to all of this I am not sure what all of the expectations are of me as a Sugar Baby but I am definitely willing to do what it takes to make “daddy” or “momma” happy. Id love for us to travel together and not just having to travel to see one another.
Answer 17:
1. Yes I’m willing to travel with him. – it’s be frightening to do so at the beginning. 2. I can afford to pay for my travels – a lot of other SB can’t and that’s higher risk because what if you’re a weirdo and she’s stuck because she has no money to leave. 3. For the first date? – this is a big risk veca use what if you don’t like each other. That’s a waste. 4. If SD is extra far away….id definitely expect him to come out of pocket. Plane tickets are expensive.
Answer 18:
If o get the vibe from.my guy I will travel if there is a connection and i want to then I if o get the vibe from.my guy I will travel if there is a connection and I want to then i will xx xx if o get the vibe from.my guy i will travel if there is a connection and I want to then i if o get the vibe from.my guy i will travel if there is a connection and i want to then I will xx xx.
Answer 19:
Long distance travel? Probably not. Definitely travel is in the cards of my future but it would have to be explored fully to meet the obligations I would have when it comes to travel. I’m on the west coast of Canada so travel comes in many different forms to us Islanders. The first being: to leave the island and then commit to further travel. The first leg of the journey is never a short one. It can be uncomplicated but never short.
Answer 20:
Travel is definitely my list of “TO DOs” If He is willingly to juggle schedules and be patient I am all for it! Of a lot would depend on my work schedule and getting my child where he needs to be but those are just details and hopefully Ironed out with minimal stress on both out parts. Granted this would be after an arrangement was settled and trust.
Answer 21:
Yes if they were only interested in pictures and videos and someone to chat with i totally get that. If they wanted to fly me out to see them id want to at least have been talking to them for a couple months first before i make such a big decision. They could also come to me if i don’t feel comfortable going to then yet(: but the idea of a long distance daddy is nice because you really get to know the person first.
Answer 22:
I would definitely travel to see my SD! Life is too short to stay in one place,and there are too many beautiful places and people to see. With that being said,I would only do so if my SD and I hit it off really well and I feel I can trust him completely. I’ve always wanted to travel,and who wouldn’t want to travel with someone how adores you. All the experiences you can have together. If ever asked I would jump at the chance.
Answer 23:
I am willing to have a long distance travel as long as i knew him very good then i would go anyway as long as i knew he didn’t have bad intentions it seems scary but if you know who you are traveling with at least a little bit then i would do it no questions asked even though I’m new i know if i were to travel i would at least have to have known the guy at least a week prior.
Answer 24:
My dream is to travel. If my sugar daddy can do that for me, ir even better-with me, I will always try to make it happen. I have only ever traveled to a couple states in the US for work. Would love to see the other parts of the world with him. I have a few commitments here and I am a working woman who will have to get vacation time for these adventures.
Answer 25:
Yes I know that work can get in the way which makes sugar daddy app so great because you can reach out to anyone anywhere and talk over the app. i know it’s different for everyone like some people need constant attention but i understand if my man is busy working and making things better for us i wouldn’t try to get in the way of that 🙂 long distance just proves that your connection with that person is so strong you don’t have to be with them constantly.
Answer 26:
Well. If I can call a sugar daddy MY then yeah I guess! Otherwise I wouldn’t be his baby. If I like that person and I can trust definitely ready to leave everything to enjoy life with amazing person! We just live once. Travelling is amazing and distance is not important. And if I can enjoy my holiday with someone I like its just even more amazing!
Answer 27:
I would be afraid, at first, depending on who this person is, to cross the world to see an unknown man. A lot of talk before meeting someone in another country would be necessary. I’ve only been to Argentina and US, so it would be more comfortable for me if this guy lives close to Brazil or in US or Canada. Traveling is not an issue as long as it doesn’t interrupt my studies.
Answer 28:
Absolutely I love traveling and seeing new views. I’m all for taking a trip somewhere, some place nice that is very beautiful. Or going on a get away to get away from the stressful life we are living. Getting away ensure a great time filled with memories, I want to see the world it is on my bucket list so things like this would be absolutely perfect!
Answer 29:
I would absolutely travel to go see a sugar daddy. I think the whole point of having a sugar daddy is to have new experiences that I would not be able to have on my own. As long as we are getting along well and I’m secure in the fact that my safety will not be a concern where I am traveling to then I’m game for traveling as often as he would like me to.
Answer 30:
Yes, I would love to travel to see my sugar daddy. As long as were clicking virtually and I know he is a verified person. That’s part of the reason I would love this sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement really. To meet new people, see where these people can take me, and seeing what I can learn from them and gain in adventure. Also having a bond and understanding with someone. If I can have that I’d go to Antarctica.
Answer 31:
I would love to travel. If I were to travel though I would want to be set up with cars driving me around and being in my own hotel room. Meeting someone off of an app for the first time can be a scary thing for a woman, but if you work with me and do everything to make me feel comfortable I can’t deny my sugar daddy some sugar. Take me to Cali or somewhere tropical and you will win my heart over daddy;)
Answer 32:
Oh absolutely. I won’t go meet some random stranger tho. We have to talk for a short while and then we can discuss meeting up. I like meeting people in person. I get that not everyone wants that but it is nice to know that you have physically met that person and seen them. It’s kind of like a comfort thing. This way I have visual proof and such. That’s just me tho.
Answer 33:
Absolutely. I love travelling! Especially if I’m being well looked after and the flights business or first class 😛 the more glamorous the better! I think I would keep the first trip short, when I am initially meeting them. Then after that if we decide that we enjoy each other’s company and would like to keep seeing each other, I would then be more flexible about how often/long I stay.
Answer 34:
Absolutely!!!! All I did was travel with my last SD. He always took such great care of me financially every time we traveled that I never had to worry about bills. He worked a lot during the day and we had a great time seeing different cities and cultures together. We got to experience a lot of exotic foods and customs and I think travel just makes you better as a person anyway, so I see traveling as a bonus.
Answer 35:
Yes, after paid all my bill for the time that we will be out of the state and gift me some money to manager. I love traveling, learn new places . Will love to take a lot of picture to remember that moment and video. I have my passport ready. But have to give me time. Can not be same day. Have to be after it paid all the bill. And i can enjoy with no worry.
Answer 36:
I am always open for travel at any time but doing so with my sugar daddy would be extra special and fun. I would like to have arrangements made and at least spend a day or two getting to know my sugar daddy before just disappearing, but I am sure my sugar daddy will make sure that I am well taken care of and spoiled as I will him. I think that a adventure is just what we need.
Answer 37:
Yes, I would honestly prefer it. Currently seeking it actually. I am a working woman. I will not give that up for an SD because it is who I am and an SD who is worth investment in will come to me for me. My SD should respect that and our relationship would more for companionship than sexual as well as long term. It’s easier upkeep than an in-town relationship.
Answer 38:
Is that even a real question? I’d love to travel! at the moment I only have a passport card so anytime you want to go on a cruise drive somewhere out of the country that’s fine LOL obviously all we could drive to is Canada but again those cruises. I’d be more than happy to fly anywhere and do anything. Just as long as everything was Secure and for certain because I don’t like to leave any untied ends so to speak.
Answer 39:
If we have a connection yes! Totally! I would love nothing more than get to know my sugar daddy more, have fun and spend some quality time with him but on the other hand if we recently started to talk with each other it doesn’t seem like a good idea to rush things up especially if we are trying to figure each other up and make it work, so we both could be happy with this!
Answer 40:
Honestly as grand and adventures as traveling sounds it’s not very ideal as I know I have a child I work and I’m in school so timing and planning doesn’t always work. I’d have to miss class which is difficult. I’d have to find a sitter which can get very costly and I’d miss work which also puts a dent in my monthly salary and has the potential to mess up my bills.
Answer 41:
Yeah definitely, I love traveling, sight seeing, experiencing different things, places, cultures and people, doesn’t have to be out of the country, just as long as the adventure is there! There’s a certain refreshment that comes from traveling with someone and enjoying their company on the road, who doesn’t like traveling and new experiences??
Answer 42:
With being a new sugar baby i’m still adjusting to the whole SB/SD relationship so at this very moment i don’t think i would be completely comfortable traveling away from home with / or to see my SD , BUT over time of the connection grows & i start to feel more comfortable then i would definitely be okay with traveling long distance with my sugar daddy.
Answer 43:
It would depend on the connection that my sugar daddy and I shared. Also depending on how long we had been talking and the distance. Sharing a connection with a sugar daddy that’s across the United States or even the world would be something that we would have to work at and have a continued stream of communication in order to maintain the relationship. For me to be able to travel a serious physical distance it would need to be a serious connection.
Answer 44:
Absolutely! I love to travel! Plus, it could help allow me to try to shed my normal, field mouse like shell in a new place. Of course, it could also make it more complicated, since I’m still a student, and I work a LOT while I’m off from school- and to top it all off, I’m still trapped living with my parents. My nosy parents that don’t understand boundaries… But to be able to break away from all of that would be liberating. I’ve lived entirely too much of my life being ruled my fear and being manipulated by my family. I’m ready to break free and change. But I’m realizing I probably need help to do that. If that means traveling, then bring it on! I’m not afraid of TSA or a transatlantic flight! Traveling is an adventure, and it can be fun!
Answer 45:
I’m willing to have a long distance relationship with my sugar daddy only if he make sure its worth the long distance but he also has to meet me half way that’s how I work also I dont mind my sugar daddy coming to visit me where I live from time to time I like a little that will be just wonderful to have someone come see you or just have somewhere to go from time to time.
Answer 46:
Long distance of course not gonna be easy, but if its a must, then im okay with it. SD need to take care of their business, and so do I. Im still working tho. And beside he do it for me so why not? The bonus point is, my SD gonna missed me so much with the distance that seperate us, and when we meet, we can show out feeling and chemistry more. Sure my SD gonna spoil me.
Answer 47:
I would prefer to have a closer relationship only because then we would be able to spend more time with each other! It would be harder to see each other if it were long distance. Besides, Daddy would be working which would make it even harder to talk :(. I would still be interested in a long distance relationship if it seemed possible to see each other often.
Answer 48:
Yes of course why not. It makes everything so much better. Long distance infuses everything. You establish a relationship and sort of an ability to feel close to someone whom you are yet to meet. That starts a fire, it’s important to keep the flame going and both parties participates with their own self interest and is very intrigued. That’s what every one wants right…..consistency.
Answer 49:
I guess it really depends on him as long as we can keep the momentum going and a couplad flights here and there could be nice also I love to travel so as long as he has the will power then so will I as long as we are both willing to make the time the rest will figure its self out in the long run I’m very flexible I’m the most tight situations.
Answer 50:
I would love to travel to meet my sugar daddy! I would prefer to finish schooling first all while talking to my daddy and getting to know him better but Id love to travel and meet him if expenses were paid. If we both are interested and know each other’s limitations it would be a great experience for both of us. Traveling to see my daddy would be a lot of fun for me and I think we would both benefit from it, as he would be seeing me doing a lot to be able to see him.
Answer 51:
The first sugar daddy I had was long distance. He would call me on Skype and we would talk about his day then he would send money to my PayPal. It was a great relationship because we both got to really know each other because it is so hard to find people who can relate to you on a mature level at my age. I would love to find another sugar daddy like that.
Answer 52:
I’m a person who likes to travel a lot, had very few chances of traveling but of course if my sugar daddy wants to meet me and treat me good being near him, I would do it, besides I would enjoy it a Lot! And it’s the perfect moment for getting know each other more and that have a stronger relationship so yes I would travel, i don’t mind at all, it’s better.
Answer 53:
I think I’d be alright with a long distance suga daddy, I don’t mind the circumstances, I just wanna have a good time with him. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the feeling of walking around with someone showing me off like a prize. I love being spoiled and treated like a princess. But honestly, sometime you get a better relationship when you live far apart.
Answer 54:
Yes I am as long as he pays and takes care of me then I can reciprocate that back to him. He must also know how to treat a lady and how to put her in her place without being disrespectful. I way him to love me hard. As long as we know who we are to each other than we should be okay. Just respect me and I’ll respect you and make sure you’re taken care of at all times.
Answer 55:
Well I must say maybe if I was a sugar baby for some months, but since I’m just starting out I wouldn’t agree to travel to my sugar daddy, expect if I’m using my own vehicle. Ask me this months from now maybe if the daddies on here are good to me then yes. I am looking forward to crossing those boundaries and see, but for now the daddies have to be within 30mins of me.
Answer 56:
If I feel a connection between me and my sugar daddy then yes I would be willing to travel, however If I feel as though I dont think I would have the best experience or if I didn’t feel completely comfortable with my sugar daddy at that time yet then I wouldn’t travel so far, unless I felt as though I was going to be looked after and well supported with lots of guidance.
Answer 57:
Would I travel somewhere out of state and/or out of the country with my companion? Sure. As long as we have gotten to know each other on a certain level that makes both of us comfortable with such. Would I travel to meet my sugar daddy? Hmm tough question. I always go with my gut. So if my gut instinct tells me to.. then yes. If not then no and it would require more time for me to do so and a couple of skype calls 😉.
Answer 58:
In my case it would be a sugar mama! I think it would be a good experience and I may, however it would depend on the kind of lady she is. On a first date absolutely not. But after a few times if the vibe is right a long distance travel may help to either develop a bond between the two or it may help each other to realize that perhaps they aren’t the best fit.
Answer 59:
Yes I enjoy travelling and it would be an absolute dream to have flowers and an invitation to a private jet waiting for me. For some travelling may be scary especially if your meeting somebody but hopefully he relationship would enjoy secure enough for me to not have doubt. Meeting my sugar daddy would be an adventure because we would go for the most extravagant date and fly me back when I’m ready and comfortable.
Answer 60:
If I had known my Daddy for a longer period of time and had found him trustworthy enough to feel protected and cared for, I would adore being treated to a trip with him. Absolutely anywhere he found fit to take me. Trust is the structural foundation in ANY relationship. Without trust and respect there is nothing. I not only want a man who I can make feel as if he is a king, but a man who can protect me when I’m away from home and out of my comfort zone.
Answer 61:
I grew up as an army brat, so traveling is my thing anyways. I also started a shipping company and that requires a lot of travel as well. As far as leaving the country with my sugar daddy, I wouldn’t mind. I at least knew him from America instead of meeting someone overseas and not knowing anything. I have always been the type that would try almost anything. I’m not really sure if that is good or bad lol.
Answer 62 :
With the question being my answer would be after talking to him for a while and FaceTiming and getting to know each other I would be willing to meet up at a mutual place but I would never blindly just go meet somebody I would never blow me just go meet my sugar daddy yet and never have even seen his face this world the scary places days and you need to know who you’re going to see.
Answer 63:
I would love to have a long distance relationship with a sugar daddy. It would give me a reason to get out and explore more. I’ve never traveled much but would die to. I’d really like to go visit out west to a weed legal state, but then I have a feeling that I would never want to leave. I’d also love to host and be able to show my sugar daddy the wonderful town full of natural beauty.
Answer 64:
Yes. It is just like any other relationship with anyone, hopefully overtime trust and comfort builds and there is a mutual understanding for each other’s boundaries. Juse be smart and a little cautious beforehand. Plus, it makes things more exciting and fun! Why not go on a spontaneous trip? Traveling with someone definitely connects you with the other person.
Answer 65:
Traveling is a subject iffy to many. Me myself, as long as their are mutual attraction, expectations, and interests as well as me being comfortable I’m always up to go travel and keep my daddy’s trips exiting and worth it. On long travel trips, I can be your favorite travel baby and the best thing you could have next to you on those long lonely nights you wish you could have somebody.
Answer 66:
Yes, the idea of having a sugar daddy is new to me, but very exciting. To have a daddy that lives a distance away allows him buy me tickets to travel to him or him to me. In addition we could meet at romantic locations as often as he would like. I love to travel and adventure so it would be great. It adds mystery to the whole relationship. And puts a bit of control in daddy’s hands over when, where and how often.
Answer 67:
Yes I would. We would definitely have to establish a connection first and be able to have some sort of trust in each other, but if my Daddy took the time to get to know me first, I don’t see the problem at all. Just let close friends and family know the details in case things go south. You never know what could happen so you always want to have a backup plan, but it could be an amazing way for you and your daddy to connect.
Answer 68 :
I don’t drive but I do love to travel. I’ve never been interested in driving but now as I’m older I am thinking bout getting my license so I can go anywhere when I want to not having to depend on others. I have a small dog n he’s lives going for car rides. I like taking pictures of buildings n scenery every time I go on a trip. I may not have my license but my favorite car is a 65 mustang!
Answer 69:
I am adventurous and all but being new to this I don’t think I will be comfortable immediately to go wit my sugar daddy. As the time passes I will get to know him and then maybe I might go with him anywhere. But until I am not totally satisfied I won’t go with him anywhere. We will get to know each other totally and after I trust him I would love to.
Answer 70:
Yes I am! If my daddy asked me to travel to him I would jump on the first thing smoking. With me being new to being a sugar baby I’ve learned fast to trust in who I’m talking to. Long distance is sometimes good because you have a better connection through communication. With communication comes understanding and a mutual respect for each other’s space.
Answer 71 :
I would be willing to travel anywhere in the country, if my sugar daddy provided transportation and covered all costs. If I already had my transportation guaranteed to home, so I knew I wasn’t stuck once I was there. It would have to be planned ahead of time as I can’t just drop and go but anytime, anywhere my sugar daddy wants… I’ll be there!
Answer 72:
With Good communication and the right situation, coupled with convenient timing, ya sounds like it could be a fun adventure. Im a bit of a control freak with traveling tho, so I would have to know every detail reagerding transportation and confirmations, have a secure and reliable place to stay such as my own room where I can control the key/access/or the need for my own privacy.
Answer 73:
Honestly I would do it if it was safe, but the reality of the matter is that someone could harm you, there’s a pretty decent chance of it actually. Not to mention, if you’re a sugar daddy why don’t you do the travelling. you got the money after all, unless you cant go because of work in which case i wouldn’t fault someone. So yeah I wouldnt unless it was safe.
Answer 74:
Well I’m fairly brand new to this I never left this state of Texas I would live to go travel with my sugar daddi me being very out going and I just go with the flow . I would love to see the world or some of it I just know that would be an experience to have share it with my daddy. So that being said I would love to do what ever it takes if that includes traveling.
Answer 75:
I don’t think I will right off bat….These days too much stuff be happening..and if he really wanted to be my daddy he would understand where I’m coming from…Now him coming to see me will be perfectly OK….I could show him around my town and treat him out….In the mean time while we’re getting to know each other likes and dislikes and being comfortable around each other…If everything pays out with his visit that’s how i’ll make my next move as far as going out of town to travel to him.
Answer 76:
Since am still very new to this whole sugar daddy concept, i don’t think a long distance relationship with my daddy would work out because, i cant see myself traveling across the country to meet someone i barely know…. But if je really is aa sweetheart and knows how to treat me then i don’t think i did refuse at all…….
Answer 77:
Yes, al long as he pays everything i would. I would definitively make it worth his time and money. I would love to meet new people and beautiful places. I Take care of my body so i can wear everything a sugar daddy wants me to and go anywhere he asks me to go. No boundaries When it comes to please a nice sugar man, a sugar Babe must be submissive to her daddy.
Answer 78:
Of course I’ll be up to traveling with me being a sugar baby and all that would be an excellent opportunity for me to explore the world and meet new people and just open my eyes to something bigger than my revolving surroundings I’ve never been outside California so I would love it it would make me happy it would just blow my mind away seeing things that I’ve never seen before be coming back with things that I’ve been wishing to have my whole life.
Answer 79:
I’m still new at this so I don’t think I can travel a long distance to meet him in his country. I still need to get to know the sugar daddy first & have a clear picture of who he is & what makes him tick as we have to have a clear understanding of one another. I can visit him when all that is out of the way and feel like we’ve reached an understanding.
Answer 80:
Yes, it will be awesome. I’m a adventurous and likes to go places (if i have enough money). I would like to discover places with someone who’s up for it. Try something new with him. And make memories everywhere we go. Short or long term relationship I’m up for it. But it will be his treat for now hahah. But hey it will be memorable for sure.
Answer 81:
That really defends…. At first i would like to meet locally if possible just to get a feel for who I’m with. If all goes well and I’m comfortable than hey why not. I’m open to new things and i love to travel overall. I’ve been only a few places in my lifetime and can’t wait to see more of the world. After all I’m young and beautiful so why not enjoy life!
Answer 82:
I wouldn’t be too comfortable with travel to go see him unless we really got to know each other first. Plus plane tickets can be extremely expensive and I’m a pay check to pay check kind of woman :/. But if he is worth it….I would definitely travel where ever he wants me to come to. Being new to this whole thing I don’t know how everything works so hopefully a daddy will help me get acquainted with how it’s suppose to work.
Answer 83:
Yes, I love to travel and I think that for as much as my sugar daddy would help me, I would owe it to him to travel with or to him. I would need to make sure he is getting as much out of the relationship as possible. As a sugar baby I feel like I need to be there for him as much I possibly can be to prove my loyalty to him. I would be more than willing to go anywhere he wanted me to.
Answer :84
I definitely would travel as far as he wanted to go as long as he has been verified in all aspects of what I desire out of the trip. if I was to go and what i asked for was accessible there will be no reason why we could not travel all around the world especially if it is all-expense-paid and it’s on a level where it’s business and pleasure at the same time and both parties are satisfied traveling would have been worth your while as a sugar baby.
Answer 85 :
It’s hard to think about traveling far , but it’s an adventure for the both of us so why not have fun in places people don’t really travel to on a random Thursday. For being a new sugar baby it’s crazy to think but fun for fun we’re both getting spoiled while away from home. You get my mind off the traveling part , I’ll get your mind off a few things. Deal?
Answer 86:
Yes, if he and I have a wonderful connection. As a college student, I don’t get the chance to travel much, but I would make the time for my daddy. If my connection with him was very strong, I’d drive across the country if I had to in order to see my daddy. I’d love the chance to explore new places and experience the beauty of the world with my daddy!
Answer 87:
I’m all for comfort!! I’d say long distance could help that form more easily because more time to chat and not get distracted on physical connections. (Although I’d be focused on having that at some point💋) I’d have no problems with long distance and would love to travel. But at this time I don’t own a vehicle and travel cost would depend on sugar momma….
Answer 88:
Yes, most definitely. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel when I have the time. But in order for me to go on a trip I would at least have to get to know my significant other a little first just so I can see if we would be compatible together. I’ve traveled before with a significant other while only knowing them for about 2 weeks and turns out we weren’t good for each other in my prospective.
Answer89 :
Not at the moment because I’m very new to this but can we get to know each other for a while then I’m all for it! But i like to travel out to nice places not to expensive or. Heap but i would just like to have fun with my sugar daddy before up and jumping into something i might not be comfortable in.. I’m pretty sure me and whoever he is will have a great time.
Answer 90:
Why not, if the connection is good and the place of travel is too i would. Maybe not immediately, because well that’s kind of irresponsible. But like I said, if I’m gonna see you in Vegas or something has been planned especially for the outing, I personally would love to. I travel as it is, now for my SD ? Heck yes. Compensation is always welcomed.
Answer 91:
I prefer something close just because we can get a feel for one another’s vibe in person. Also I’m needy in a sense of I want someone around pretty often. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my space. Very much. But when I want affection and attention, I need someone to be there. Because I’ll make sure I’m just as available for his needs. I think that’s important.
Answer 92:
Of course! I would take all precautions necessary…aside from that, why not? I wouldn’t travel to any countries in which a women may not be allowed to go and come as she pleases. I believe that’s not many countries. I love the cold and the heat alike..skiing and beaches. Show me around, let’s taste new foods, see new places. I love adventures!
Answer 93:
It depends on how well I know him and how long we have been talking but yes I am willing to travel as long as I feel comfortable with you and the situation I love seeing new places and taking new adventures but it would have to take some time I’m not just going to take a week of knowing you and take a trip it would have to be for a couple months at least of us talking.
Answer 94:
Definitely yes. I once went to Amsterdam with a sugar mom and there I worked on all her sexual and personal fantasies. We had a threesome with another guy and a threesome with another girl. I fucked and dominated her everyday and I decided what she was going to eat and drink, where we were going to visit and I took care of all the expenses with her credit card. It was a trip to remember!
Answer 95:
Being a relatively new sugar baby, I wouldn’t be too keen on going on a long distance trip with my daddy ASAP. But if I do meet someone with similar ideals and interests in mind I wouldn’t mind going on long distance trips. I would actually love that ! As long as the communication between us remains as honest and open as possible, time away from our normal lives might do us some justice 🙂
Answer 96:
I’d love to travel to meet a sugar daddy. I’ve never flown before though. It would give me a reason to get to explore new places and people. Plus if daddy is wanting to me come see him I’m sure he would be oh so nice treating me like a princess. I’d do everything and anything that he’d want to please him while I’m there. Nothing would be off limits.
Answer 97:
Yes, indeed I would! For one I love to travel, and for two I thought this was an experience where we were to be meeting new people and I’m sorry but to be a sugar baby, the reason there’s a sugar daddy is to make them happy and comfortable as well am I wrong? I l9ve vacations. As long as I get the time with my family I need, then I am beyond content traveling.
Answer 98:
Well as I’m still new to this sugar baby concept, I’m still trying to figure all things out. As of right now, no I don’t believe I would travel a long distance to see a sugar daddy because I wouldn’t feel comfortable going somewhere I don’t know, meeting up with someone I barely know anything about. Maybe once I continue to do this and actually grasp everything then maybe then I would travel long distance.
Answer 99:
As long as there are a mutual respect and trust then I don’t mind traveling. However, there should be an understanding between myself and daddy. As long as the timing and destination are convenient to both of us then I would not anticipate any issues. I enjoy traveling and experiencing places I have not experienced before. I enjoy learning about different cultures and histories of different areas.
Answer :100
Yes. As long as the timing is right and my availability slots are open I would travel the world. I am new to this lifestyle but as long as there are a connection and spark between us I would travel to see him. As long as my daddy is happy I’ll do whatever it takes. Plus who wouldn’t want to travel? I myself have only been to a few States so that sounds like a pretty cool road trip.
Answer 101:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to travel so a little get away to see my daddy would be amazing. I would really like to see as much of this beautiful world as possible, so if my sugar daddy can help and assist me to do that then I’d be even more grateful and give him a little extra treat in return. My goal is to visit every country on earth, I love seeing different places and people.
Answer 102:
To be able to travel and see places has always been a fantastical dream of mine. To go to New York City and see a Broadway show or Canada and see Niagara falls or be able to just hold his hand as he takes me on a walk down the block… It’s all so romantic sounding. But this is only worthwhile if I feel secure in the SD and I know I have my safety in his mind at all time before I get to him biting my time there and after when he kisses me good bye.
Answer 103:
Once the element of trust is reached and he has come over to see me a couple of times I would. It’s all about trust, and when I’m ready he will know.I just feel it’s not safe for a woman to pick up and go without the relation being established. Once I feel comfortable hewon’tt regret he met me I will be spoiling him all the way for being so patient with me!!! 🙂 🙂
Answer 104:
If my daddy wanted to take me somewhere, and we had a real connection I’d definitely go long distance with them. Trust is key, so it would definitely have to be very trusting and I’d need to have established a stable relationship with them. I’m still relatively new to the sugar daddy mentality but I’m more than willing to learn, and would love a good teacher! 0
Answer 105:
I am 100% totally open too and I’m very open-minded when it comes to relationships as long as you have the connection then miles don’t mean anything! When you have that connection with somebody you just know and you didn’t that’s when you make the special times to see each other in to meet up and you get to miss that person and then it’s so exciting when you see him again it’s just love all over!
Answer 106:
I wouldn’t mind travel is the vibe is heresy between us and I feel savage enough as long as he’s paying and it’s some Where nice. I may run a background check inn him and Google to see if his name comes up to ensure my safety, it’s all fun and who knows what my come out of it. Dating Marriage, the best think ever had! Who knows I’m open and ready for anything.
Answer 107:
I’m new to this so…with that being said if I meet a sugar daddy and we’re on the same level…absolutely I would travel..that’s why I’m his sugar baby…it would be an mutual agreement…my job is to be whatever he needs me to be…my job is to ease his mind…take away the pressure…be his fantasy…and in exchange he will show me the finer things in life…spoil me…all that good stuff.
Answer 108:
I am new at this whole thing. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I don’t know how far I would go away from home at first. It would take me a little time to warm up to my sugar daddy, and get to know them on a personal level, through phone calls and texting. once I’m comfortable, and sure that I like my sugar daddy, i am completely willing to travel to meet up with him!
Answer 109:
I would if we have been talking for awhile and if i trust him. I love traveling and experiencing new surroundings and cultures. I love doing adventurous things and doing things outside of the box. We can take a romantic vacation together, drink a little, do adventurous things like snorkeling and zip lining, and go out on the town. I want to experience different things.
Answer 110:
I would love to.. Since I love travelling , I would definitely be down to travel for my sugar daddy. But of course before I travel for my suggar daddy, I need to make sure he would be nice and have mutual understanding with me or else it would be a tragedy. So I guess, the answer would be yes. I would travel for my special sugar daddy.
Answer 111:
If my sugar daddy were to ask me if I would travel to see him, I would not really feel comfortable because I am new to this. I would like to know my daddy a bit more before deciding whether or not traveling to him would be something I want. The more sugar relationships I get involved the more I hope to understand this more and how to stay safe when traveling with or to a daddy.
Answer 112:
Most definitely! I love to travel and am unable to do so for my work. If there is a man out there who would fly me all over the globe to see me or to just experience new things with me I would never say no! Coming from the ghetto, i haven’t traveled further then the next state over so this kind of a relationship would allow me to hit all the places on my bucket list!
Answer 113:
Of course! As long as its not to far like Antarctica or something haha, and they have to have my trust first, but other than that of course. I would also expect to be comfortable and needed, not just there to be decoration. Anything they do I would like to accompany them! It would suck to just be stick in a hotel doing nothing waiting like a pet, If I have to entertain I would also like to ne as well.
Answer 114:
Sure. I’m okay with traveling, i’m here to meet new people and meet new places are okay too. We live just one life in that body, so let’s enjoy everything at the maximum, we can’t be afraid of being happy. Enjoy the meeting, the traveling, the people, the culture, enjoy everything with my Daddy and make him the happiest person ever, because i’m happy only if people around me are happy.
Answer 115:
Yes I’d be willing to travel long distance. I would be willing travel long distance if I was with my sugar daddy traveling or if I was flying out to somewhere to see my sugar daddy.I would definitely want to wait a little bit before I traveled with my sugar daddy..During the summer I’d be able to travel more with my sugar daddy because I won’t have college classes during the summer.
Answer 116:
Absolutely! How exciting would it be to be asked to travel to meet someone you haven’t met before? Of course you have to be careful and check things out but still I believe that would be one of the most romantic gestures a SD could possibly make in wanting to meet you. A million possibilities there for any thing GREAT to happen. Besides who doesn’t like to travel?
Answer 117:
Yes, as long as there is a physical and mental attraction. There isn’t any point to travel if there is no connection. It would probably be the most boring trip I could ever take. I like to laugh and joke around, if we can’t understand each other….it’s a waste of time. I’m not saying I want to fall in love but I definitely want to feel a strong connection.
Answer 118:
I would like to do it if I felt we had a connection . It’s a matter of time to get to know each other and know The way he feels, The things he likes, his dreams, values , desires and he needs to know me as well. I love traveling and I like to try new food. I think it would be amazing to go to new places we both don’t know to create new memories together.
Answer 119 :
As a sugar baby in a big city, I’m fantastically lucky. I have access to a great public transit system that can put me from one side of the city to another in two hours, tops. As such, traveling long distances for my daddies is just something I’ve come to accept. It can get a little tiring having to go such long distances, but I make sure they make it up to me.
Answer 120:
I would travel to the moon to be with the person I really want to be with. You are only where you want to be. Ask yourself why not? If distance is the only thing standing in your way I would hope you would find a way to make it happen for the both of you. This and all relationships are partnerships. Its never a one way street. So yes I would travel.
Answer 121:
I’m only willing to travel if I trust my sugar daddy. Traveling is a lot to ask for in my opinion especially if it’s just someone you just met! I feel like one trust has been established then yeah I would travel for that person but not to random people I just met or not connected to. It’s up to your judgement whether or not you feel like that person is worth traveling for.
Answer 122:
It would depend o how long we have spent talking on the phone and communicating, how I felt with everything he has said to me. The sincerity in his comments would make a huge impact. If I felt he was genuine and has show reason to be trusted I may. If at a y point I felt there was insincerity then I would have to say absolutely not. Any sign of lies seals the deal.
Answer 123:
Absolutely! Once we have reached full understanding of what we want out of our relationship and i feel trust worthy of traveling with my sugar daddy, id be glad to. I plan to travel the world one day. I’m open to new things and can have a good time anywhere i go. So being that id also make the perfect traveling partner it wouldn’t get no better than me:)
Answer 124:
I wouldn’t mind traveling to see my sugar daddy . Actually that aspect makes it more fun for me. I enjoy traveling in general anyway so with the bonus of getting to see your sugar daddy too make it that much more exciting. The only problem I could see coming up with a,situation like this for me would be traveling somewhere secluded with not very much to do or see. I need excitement!
Answer 125:
I am willing to travel period! I love traveling plus it gives me the opportunity to explore new surroundings. I would definitely travel to see a sugar daddy, but I have to comfortable enough and have some type of trust for him in order for me to make such a drastic move. Making sure I am safe and that I will be accommodated are things I look for when visiting a sugar daddy. Things can get out of hand so fast, so my safety is definitely important!
Answer 126:
Yes I am willing as long as I have someone who I can trust taking care of my son. I would want to visit new places and make new memories with him. I would want to give him an unforgettable experience when we are together and when we enjoy each other’s company. I would like to be the only person who comes to his mind when he thinks of taking a vacation.
Answer 127:
I am new to being a sugar baby… but yes I am willing to do long distance. I think with texting and video chats you can have a very exciting and satisfying relationship even if you aren’t close. And a good sugar daddy will make sure we get to see each other when we can. He comes to me or he brings me to him. And he can spoil me regardless of distance.
Answer 128 :
Only travel with you sugar daddy after he proves he’s real and sane!! Don’t ever let a sugar daddy lure you in with pictures of money and etc remember your safety is your number one priority at all times. And if you do plan on meeting please be sure to meet in a very public space and let family members or a close friend know where you’re going !!!!!!
Answer 129:
I am…. I’m always up for an adventure, to travel, try new things and explore new places… And it makes life more fun when you have a partner in crime, who shares the same interests and is willing to explore the world with you ☺️ take relationships very seriously, once we mutually choose each other, you won’t have a ‘sugar baby’, you’ll have a friend for life. 😉, I’ll travel as far as I need…
Answer 130:
Of course I am, and I imagine it would be so much fun spending this time together! We would have enough time to enjoy ourselves so much and get to know each other even more. However, before having this long trip I would like to have already gone on some dates with him. That’s because I would like to be sure that I know my Sugar Daddy very well and trust him.
Answer 131:
My ideas are pretty weird. For example I would love to grab a car and drive to a place where we can lay down and stargazing, just lay and see the stars, the sky, enjoy the moment and spend it with him, maybe having a good talk to about any subject. Or also it could be in my favorite coffee shop, it’s a cozy, little place that I love. The bread and the coffee is one of the best I’ve ever tried and it has one of the best views of the mountains that anyone could ever wish for.
Answer 132:
My ideas are pretty weird. For example I would love to grab a car and drive to a place where we can lay down and stargazing, just lay and see the stars, the sky, enjoy the moment and spend it with him, maybe having a good talk to about any subject. Or also it could be in my favorite coffee shop, it’s a cozy, little place that I love. The bread and the coffee is one of the best I’ve ever tried and it has one of the best views of the mountains that anyone could ever wish for.
Answer 133:
I would but I have to know him and trust him first. I need to know that we have a good relationship and that when we’re alone it’s not awkward and that he will treat me right. I want to know that I’ll be safe with him and that he’ll be a gentleman with me. Other than that, it would be exciting to travel with my sugar daddy. We would explore many places and gave fun together.
Answer 134:
Yes I am…I love 2 travel and if my sugar daddy wanna fly me out yes i am willing i love doing new and exciting things….experience what life have to bring enjoy the moment because sometimes its magical and you don’t get those precious moments back…..so I’m living for today with no regrets…so to all my sugar daddies if fun and adventure you want I’m here😘
Answer 135:
I think once we have established a solid and steady relationship and can actually classify ourselves as dating absolutely. For me personally, the same rules that govern a SD/SB relationships are the same as the rules that govern any other kind of relationship..and my willingness to travel with you is completely contingent on the stage at which our relationship has developed do. I would be open to traveling eventually when my trust is earned.
Answer 136:
As long as everything at home was under wraps and taken care of while I would be gone I would have absolutely no issue traveling to see or spend time with my sugar daddy! As long as I feel comfortable, but I don’t see myself having a sugar daddy that could make me feel uncomfortable. So when it comes down to it yes, I’d be very willing to travel to see my sugar daddy!
Answer 137:
If I am the only woman he is interested in after meeting me then I don’t mind travelling to see him. I like to have a man who could one day love me and have a deep connection with. So if he thinks he can be that man then I have no issue travelling for hours to see him if he feels the same way I do after we both meet for the first time. So yes I would if things went well after meeting him for the first time.
Answer 138:
Travel always helps to get closer to each other. Travel can reveal such qualities that can hide even during a long conversation. In the new environment, you can get to know each other better in a shorter period of time. If two people are comfortable with each other in a completely new place, then in the future they will be possible to cope with any difficulties in life.
Answer 139:
Yes I would be willing to gravel with my sugar daddy. I love to go new places and see and learn about other cultures. I love to meet new people and make new friends. As a chef traveling around would just make me a better chef also teaches me new dishes too make and be more experienced in my career. I can also take a little bit from each new place and create something new and exciting.
Answer 140:
I feel like a nice, relaxing, long distance travel would be a wonderful way to get to know my sugar daddy/sugar mommy better!!!!!!! (Not to mention i ABSOLUTELY adore traveling!!!!) Nothing is more amazing than sitting around, relaxing, having good conversation with someone who cares about me! Pretty views, pretty company, and a whole new opportunity to see the world 🙂
Answer 141:
In a heartbeat if he or she was willing to pay! As a college student, we would need to work out times, but I would make it work for someone I cared about. I long to travel the beautiful world we live in and hopefully I can do that sooner or later with a sugar daddy. 🙂 Even if we don’t travel, just getting out of this country to be with him would be so amazing!
Answer :
Yes, business trip or vacation, spending time together. Being flexible is a good thing for a sb and the daddy would appreciate having me wherever he needs. If away from home on business I would need something to keep me busy, shopping or spa,. But if vacation, sugar baby and daddy are having fun and enjoying the discretion of a new city, but I’d have to know him a while before I’d be comfortable.
Answer 142:
Without a doubt I would!! I love to travel and meet people! The initial meetings just need to be close enough that I can complete the trip in a day, night, or weekend. As the relationship progresses, I would be willing to travel further as long as the time away from work allows me to keep my current job. Hopefully you’re in a city I have never visited and I can explore!
Answer 143:
I am okay with a long distance sugar daddy relationship. It actually is better for me since I don’t like guys that are too clingy. The ideal “sugar daddy” relationship in my opinion is someone I can chat with throughout the month and maybe hook up once in a while. I am a full time college student studying nursing, so I don’t have much free time, but am interested in someone to fill that free time with.
Answer 144:
Very new to this, Just making sure I’m comfortable with it all, however, I adore traveling and I would certainly love to experience cultures all over the world. Whether it be with someone or not💜 I’m very ambitious and dream/goal oriented and this has been a dream of mine for as lomg as I can remember. So now just figuring out how to make all of my dreams come true.😜
Answer 145:
Long Distance is worth the travel when two individuals are magnetically drawn to one another. There’s no complications and any obstacles and / or undulations in the road will be conquered with the mere drive in destiny to meet. And to meet again and again. Of course , I will be willing to travel Long Distance. All the more experiences to have . All the more  to keep…this is a no brainier question. Yes…Final Answer!
Answer 146:
Of course, I would. I was a military brat so i love love love to go to new places. Staying in the same spot with someone can get boring so i would love to go to a place exciting and fun like Mexico or Punta Cana or even Jamaica. Where ever “daddy” goes i should go too right?? …. Oh and of course lots of pictures. A beach place would be the best.
Answer 147:
I really long for long distance relationships since there are a lot of advantages and benefits one of which is the respect of distance.In this point there is also a beneficial proverb “Absence makes your heart fonder”.When you are apart,you love and appreciate your better half more during his absence.What is more,you also have time for your hobbies.
Answer 148:
For the first meet, probably not. I would prefer the first meet be public but after we hit it off and discuss our arrangements then by all means call me on speed dial with my ticket waiting. Im all for spontaneous trips, and adventure. Im never a boring person. After all you really only have one life to live, so why not live it all the way up.
Answer 149:
I’m still new to this but if we talk and get to know each other and meet a few times, I’d be more than willing to travel. I’m always ready for a new adventure and I’ll do whatever it takes to make my daddy happy. I’m all about pleasing and trying to make you happy. Traveling would be an erotic thrilling experience I would love to share with someone who knows what they’re doing and is ready for a fun time.
Answer 150:
Well, i am new at this but i would go with them if it was a place i would like to go. Personally i would like to go to anywhere with a really nice beach. I love swimming and getting spoiled by men that will treat me like a princess, you know? I’ve had a lot of fun with friends but id way rather go with someone who is mature and kind. That’s all I got.
Answer 151 :
It depends! If I talked to them long enough to trust them, then you better believe I’m on the next flight out there to go see them! However, I’m a very nervous person so if a daddy were to come to me asking me to go see them when I don’t know much about their intentions or their person, I would not be comfortable with it. But I’m a very trusting person once you get me to that point. I love the idea of a long distance relationship, making memories in a new place. It sounds like a dream!
Answer 152:
I am not apposed to meeting someone on another state, but not the first time we meet. If someone granted to fly to come meet me that’s one thing but In order for me to pack my bags and go stay with a stranger if definitely need them to come spend some time with me and then after In was comfortable I’d visit regularly… especially because I love to travel.
Answer 153:
Yes, I would travel as a sugar baby. I feel like its apart of the adventure. As long as I feel comfortable and safe with my sugar daddy I definitely wouldn’t mind. You cant meet new people sitting on the couch! This is a new experience for myself but I’ve always loved to travel and if I get to have a new great traveling partner I’m all for it. Traveling is the fun part lol.
Answer 154:
I would love to travel a long distance with my sugar daddy. Ever since I was young, I loved the the very thought of travel but I truly never had the opportunity to do so. If I was asked, I would definitely say yes. Life is to short to pass any opportunity by; especially, when it’s coming from the goodness of one’s heart. Nothing can triumph the very thought of viewing the world with an amazing person by your side.
Answer 155:
At this point my Daddy and I will have a mutual understanding of each other. We will know what we like and dislike, what we each want, and what just irks the other. We would be so invested in each other that we wouldn’t be thinking of any awkward meeting or getting to know each other. Simply enjoying each other’s company day after day of our fantastic vacation. So, in short, yes.
Answer 156:
Being your sugar baby is catering to your needs as well as mine . If long distance is a requirement then yes I can deal with it, it’s all about being there . I love being affectionate and catering . I’m not the type to get upset if someone is called away unexpectedly, just be sure to deal with the sexy teasing I plan on doing while you’re away , the occasional pictures and text is sure to trigger the need for you to fly back and see me.
Answer157 :
I would travel to go see my sugar daddy after i get to know him good..just to be on the safe side…but I wouldn’t mind the sugar daddy come to where i am for the first meet and greet…if my sugar daddy is willing to come see me before I go see him or travel together then that is great and it tells me that my sugar daddy is really interested in me.
Answer 158:
Yes, but only if we both are willing to communicate and make it work. Communication is the key to any relationship. So no matter how far my sugar daddy is, as long as we communicate everything should work out in our favor. but on the flip side, this could be a problem because we won’t be able to see our significant other. And that alone can cause the relationship to go side ways.
Answer 159:
I am very new at this, so I don’t think that I would be comfortable traveling to see someone right. Ow, especially if we only had an online connection. However if I met someone and the relationship progressed to that point, I would be willing to travel, granted that we have video chatted or something first, because traveling is a big commitment. I guess I would only be concerned about safety.
Answer 160:
To be honest I think trust would need to be built first. Since I am new to being a sugar baby I would need to have to talk to my daddy for a while. After however, I think I would have no problem with it if costs are covered. I always loved to travel and wanted to see other places around the world so why not? We just have to have an agreement first.
Answer 161:
Yes and no. I say yes because I would love to travel and I have never traveled. I have never been out of this little area that I live in my whole life. But in order to travel with my sugar daddy I would have to meet them multiple times in order to ensure that my safety is not at risk. So for that, I say no because no matter how many dates it is always a risk.
Answer 162:
Hm, not at the moment only because I’m very new to the sugar baby thing. If you’re in my city or willing to travel to my city would be more ideal for me. If I got to really trust my sugar daddy and know him then I’d have no problem! It’s just up to the trust aspect. I’d love to travel to see him if we have a connection and mutual understanding/interest.
Answer 163:
Travel is such a unique and different way to get to know someone – how do they deal with the unknown? Do things going wrong make it a better adventure or a worse one with them? Do you share the same fascination with exploring the same places? Travel with a sugar daddy would be a fun way to get to know them and their personality that all the words or bios in the world could never describe. It would be an honest and truthful look at another person and their character. I would be all for it!
Answer 164:
Are we traveling together or alone? My idea of travel is a getaway together. Business or pleasure related. There’s always time for a little fun. You can’t have a secret rendezvous by yourself. Meeting some place would be alright I suppose. But I wouldn’t want to try and travel alone by myself at first. Who knows what could happy if my daddy wasn’t there 😳 .

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