The 8 Best Digital Piano Reviews 2020

Piano which is a wooden case made having the metal strings is a musical instrument which was first made in the Italy back in the year 1700 approx. The piano is presently known by all the countries in the world as it is one of the major components which are used in the music composition around the world.

Piano has the keyboard on which the keys are pressed which in resulting cause the hammer to strike on the metal string and then those strings create a sound output.

A piano is all about the notes, and the notes are basically the input which is given to the piano and in result of which the piano creates the different sort of sound.

Today in this article we are going to address the topic of piano reports where we will include all the basic and the advance points of the piano.

Here we would discuss about some of the other important aspect of the piano that you should consider in buying the piano for yourself.

What is a digital keyboard

There are differences between the digital piano and the digital keyboard which we would discuss in the next session of the article. Here first let’s understand that what is the digital keyboard?

A digital keyboard is a keyboard that misses out on certain components of the piano such as it doesn’t have the whole wooden body of the piano it only contains the keyboard and due to that, it is known as the digital keyboard.
The other major difference between the digital keyboard and the piano is that the digital keyboard doesn’t have the full 88 keys, unlike the piano which holds the full 88 keys. The digital pianos are made for meeting out the portability purpose of the piano and this is why the digital piano misses out one the 88 keys.

Digital piano doesn’t have the touch response due to that it hardly can make that acoustic sound which is similar to the acoustic piano.

Digital piano Vs Digital Keyboard

We have above covered the difference between the digital piano and the piano nowhere let’s talk about the difference between the digital piano and digital keyboard.

As we have discussed above that the digital keyboard doesn’t contain the full 88 keys and due to that the digital piano finds it very difficult to produce the sound that of the acoustic piano.

Here the digital pianos are made to minimize that acoustic sound gap between the piano and the digital piano.

Now with the digital piano which actually looks like a digital keyboard, the users can witness the closer sound quality of the acoustic piano. The digital piano has a far better sound quality which can match the piano acoustic sound quality to a more close extent.

This is the prime purpose of creating the digital piano as they can meet both criteria first of meeting the acoustic sound quality of the piano and then having the great portability aspect just like a digital keyboard.

Hence the digital piano is better than the digital keyboard and in some cases than the acoustic piano. In the present scenario, the digital keyboard is replacing the acoustic piano.

Why choose a Digital Piano VS Acoustic Piano

We have above covered the difference between the digital piano and the piano now, here let’s talk about the difference between the digital piano and digital keyboard.

As we have already discussed above the basic differences between the digital piano VS the acoustic piano. Now let’s talk about that which one of these should be preferred by the users keeping certain aspects in the mind. The digital piano is undoubtedly the demand of modern piano lovers due to the practical varieties of the reasons. The very first reason is that the digital piano offers an incredible convenience of portability to the users.

You can pick the digital piano and carry them anywhere you want to in the world. The digital piano has the smaller and the sleek design since it basically includes only the keyboard due to that the digital piano is having far less weight than the piano. If we talk about the further aspect then the digital piano is even better at the aspects of the latest bundle of the features.

As we know that the digital piano is made keeping the taste and the requirements of modern society due to that the digital piano has many advanced features that offer the users creating the music in a more effective and better way that too within the lower amount of time than the piano.

If you enjoy the latest features of the digital piano such as bells and the whistle sound, then you are going to end up having the digital piano since the piano doesn’t offer any such features. There are further many advanced features that the digital piano contains and the piano simply misses out on all such features.

Yes with the digital piano you can connect the piano to the computers, you can add external speakers, you can use headphones and all such feature not only offers the users with comfort but also enhance the quality of the music.

You can easily fetch the more numbers of music to the piano by connecting it to the computer unit which is not possible with the acoustic piano.

Further with the digital piano, they not only offer the portability convenience but they also require a very little place for them where you can keep and easily use them which saves unnecessary space that is covered by placing the acoustic piano. If we talk about both pianos in the price context then it is another big point of comparison. The digital piano costs far lesser than the acoustic piano whose cost is very high and also the maintenance charges are higher with the acoustic piano than the digital piano.

In the context of performance, this is the only region where the acoustic piano keeps its head high but not that high. Yes, the acoustic piano is having a significant a genuine acoustic sound class, which is better than the digital piano but if you analyze the performance of both then you will find not a that significant difference.

The digital piano matches the acoustic sound of the acoustic piano to the maximum extent possible and presently there are many digital pianos, which are hitting the market with almost the same acoustic sound.

So, after considering all these factors it can be clearly analyzed here that the digital piano is going ahead in the race than the acoustic piano by all the practical and valid reasons.

Types of Digital piano and the digital keyboard

We above in the section discussed the difference between the digital piano and the digital keyboard. Now let’s just discuss the types of a digital piano and the digital keyboard which are available in the market for the users.

Upright Digital Piano

The upright digital piano is the one that most closely matches the acoustic piano in the aspects of functions, the appearance of the design. The upright digital piano holds the 88 keys and further a cabinet along with some sort of support.

Digital Piano Console

It is very similar to the Upright Digital Piano in most of the aspects the only difference is the size as the digital piano console is smaller than the upright digital piano. It may further not have the same functional shape as of the Upright Digital Piano.

Stage Piano

Stage Piano is the one that has been designed for the stage orientation purpose. The stage performance can be best made with this piano as it can be easily hooked up in the arms, kept in the lap and in any other convenient position to the users.

It has the external speaker supportability and comes with other electronic accessories which are must for the stage live performances.

Digital Grand Piano

The grand piano is the center of the beauty for all piano lovers due to its dashing design and the seating position that it offers to the piano players. This is a grand piano which is having the full wooden body behind it and can be placed on the floor.

In the present scenario, the digital grand pianos are used at a very small scale due to its high price and no portability aspects.


This instrument although it falls under the class of keyboard but this is not used for the purpose of performance or learning purposes. The synthesizer is used primarily for music production in the music composing studios. It can be connected to the computer and it does the music mixing very well.

How to find the best Digital Piano

Well, this is the most asked question from every piano lover that we all have encountered. We all know the evolution process of the piano it all started in Italy with the full-fledged wooden body acoustic piano, and now we have reached the stage of the keyboard where the digital piano competes with that legendary full wooden body piano.

Yes, it’s a fact that there is yet no comparison of the acoustic piano no matter even if we have the digital pianos keyboard. On the other hand, the other fact is that the world is now shifting toward digital keyboards and digital piano.

The digital keyboard can’t match the sound legendary of the acoustic piano but the digital piano is now gradually competing with the acoustic pianos in the terms of sound quality.

The benefits of using the digital piano are immense as the digital piano is equipped with the advanced modern technologies, they can be even connected to the computer for the music exportation purposes which enhances the learning and the performing skills of the piano player.

Other than that the cost and the size of the piano are the other aspects where the digital piano clearly wins. So overall it won’t be bad words to say that the world is now all about the digital pianos and the keyboards.

When it comes to choosing the best digital piano then it becomes a task which requires a deep analysis of all the prominent piano instruments making brands. When we talk about the brand of the musical instrument then Yamaha is the name which first of all hits our exploring brain.
So, in today’s article, we are basically going to put some of the major Yamaha’s digital piano in our list that we think would be beneficial for you to go through them since you are confused about choosing the best digital piano.

We very much hope that this list of the best digital piano of 2019 would help you in picking up the best for yourself.

#1 Yamaha DGX650 Review

This is the first piano in our list and we all know about the legacy of the Yamaha in the musical instruments industry it is considered to be the God of all musical instruments.

Now coming to this DGX650 piano from the Yamaha it is a new ensemble piano from Yamaha’s piano chain and it is loaded with some advanced and the interactive features which make the learning enjoyable as well as productive.

The touch of this piano comes from the graded hammer and the pure cf sampling and it is also having the grand concert recording of Yamaha. The lower end of this piano is heavier than the top end just like a hammer built quality. All in all, we can say that this one is one of the most used digital pianos by the piano aspirants.

It is very easy to use and having versatile and unique features or functions to accompany the best creation of the vocal tones. This piano from Yamaha has been designed to be suitable for both the beginners and the advanced or the intermediate level users.

You would just fall in love with the quality of this piano once you just listen to its sound quality for the very first time. There are 88 keys keyboard in this piano which offers the users the capabilities to create any kind of music with this piano.

Below we are providing you some pros and cons of this piano that we think you should closely analyze.

  • This is a Pure CF piano from the Yamaha which is further having CFIIIS concert grands and it is nearly impossible to find out another brand that can deliver such class of piano at this price range.

  • You will find the 128 note polyphony with this piano which provides sufficient horsepower that will facilitate you for the dropout free performance along with playing the sustained chords.

  • With this piano, the Yamaha offers you the songbooks of “You are the artist” from Hal Leonard which would inspire you to create a piece of music from your soul.

  • The keyboard of this piano is equipped with the 88 keys which will allow you to create the different varieties of the music without any compromise on any vocal.

  • It is having the AUX line input which enables the users to connect the other devices such as mobile, computers, mixers to it and you can hear the sound by the internal speakers of the piano

  • Although this digital piano from the Yamaha nearly hits the perfection of a musical instrument but if you are someone who likes the high volume of the music then you may be a bit disappointed with this one from Yamaha.

  • This piano is the digital piano is equipped with some of the advanced features of the modern music composition requirement and those features requires a session of practice in order to get well versed at that.

  • If you are someone who is not that good with using the new technical features then you may find it difficult using this piano

#2 Yamaha YPG 235 76 Key Portable Piano

The second piano in the list is also coming from the Yamaha and this piano is suited for all the users who are seeking a budgeted piano with no compromise to the performance aspects. This piano is best suited for the students who are getting into the piano playing arena and want a piano which can be upgraded with the increasing skills of the students.

The users will get the 76 nonweighted key with this piano which not only offers a piano-like outlook but are also having the graded soft-touch which gives the different level of resistance.

This piano comes with the 30 built-in songs and you can add 70 more by the way of CD-ROM which will make your learning, even more, better and convenient. In addition to that, you can even add this piano to the computer system with the help of the USB cable and download more songs via the Internet to the flash ROM and use them for educational purposes.

One of the best features or the aspect where this piano shines like anything is its sound quality which is just magnificent in its segment. We all know that there could be no other than the Yamaha when it comes to replicate the best acoustics sound in the industry and the YPG-235 does its best at that aspect.

Yamaha is having the advanced AWM technology which is known for delivering the high class of music it further enriches the class of sound with its digital effects which are harmony, chorus, and the reverb.

It is further having the two separate speakers which deliver a very decent and a clear sound experience so that you can listen to every input note with an utmost comfort level. The built quality of this piano is also very good other than the keyboard which shows some lesser resistance compare to the other piano of the Yamaha.

Overall Yamaha YPG-235 is a great value of money for the people who are having a limited budget you won’t regret even for a single penny of yours on this piano.

Below we are providing you some of the major pros and cons which should be in your consideration while going for this piano.


  • This piano is having the portable grand button which doesn’t suspend the computer even when you are using the MIDI application this feature is provided only to some advanced piano in the industry.
  • You will get both the USB and the flash ROM so that you can download the new music for the learning purpose.
  • It is having the 76 key styles of soft graded touch which suits best the beginners and the advanced learners.
  • The tone generation and the AMW stereo setting of this piano are just magnificent.
  • There are a backlit LCD panel light, the pitch bend and the 6 track sequence which allows you to create and record your own music at the professional level.
  • The other and the foremost pros of this piano is its price which is quite affordable by all classes of the users and if we compare its quality then the price seems to be underpriced.
  • The quality of the sound for this piano is something that you can’t ignore it is even better than the higher priced pianos in this segment.


  • There is no as such significant drawbacks or the cons with this piano you may find the 76 keys setup short if you are a professional piano player as it is not a full-size piano.
  • The graded soft-touch keyboard of this piano may seem you to be a little on the soft side.


Another flagship of the Yamaha under the name of NP31 and this piano has been basically designed to meet out the requirements of the beginners level piano players. This is a very lightweight piano having a weight of 19.2 pounds which makes it super ideal for you if you are someone who has to travel a lot with their piano.

You will get the 76 keys in this piano and a graded soft-touch keyboard which is far superior to the other portable piano in this segment. This piano is having the built-in speakers and further an auto power-off mode, which puts the keyboard off if the piano is not used till a particular amount of time like 30 minutes or so.

The design of this piano is very sleek and it literally looks dashing in under the fingers. The lower keys of this piano are comparatively high than the higher keys, which are light which actually resembles the construction of the professional high segment pianos.

If we talk about the sound quality of this piano then you would find the sound quite great due to its multiple waveforms. It is such a great piano if you compare it in the portability context with any other piano of this segment which offers a decent 6 hours battery backup of nonstop piano playing.

Below we are providing you some of the major features or the pros and cons of this piano


  • The very first pros are its affordability this piano is quite affordable which offers an ultimate portability convenience to the users you can carry it anywhere in its bag without any fear of the wear and tear as the built quality of this piano is fairly decent.
  • Built-in stereo speakers of this piano create a very rich sound.
  • There is a graded soft-touch keyboard with this piano which is considered to be best in the piano industry.
  • The design of the piano is very sleek, premium along decent built quality.
  • You will get the advanced wave memory stereo sampling technology in this piano.
  • There are some great features with this piano which helps the users to create a decent mixture of the music with its versatile modes.


  • The cons of this piano are mainly related to the quality of the keyboard which is although the graded soft-touch keyboard but some users find it very light in the comparison of the acoustic piano keyboard.
  • The second con is from the sound quality of this piano which is reasonably good but not best if you are someone who loves the loud piano sound.

#4 Yamaha P series P105B Digital Piano

This is the digital piano from the Yamaha P series and now this is a full-fledge piano in itself or we can say that this is a grand piano that can meet every requirement of the users right from the beginners to the advanced users.

It is an 88 keys piano which is loaded with the very powerful pure CF sound enhancement engine, which offers the Yamaha world-famous CFIIIS concert ground sound. It reciprocates to the pianos which are used at some of the biggest music concert venues in the world.

The sound quality of this piano will actually blow you away when you get to listen to the stereo speaker sound of this piano which is the 2-way stereo sound system. As this piano is having the built-in speakers you are not going to need the external speakers due to the loud and the heavenly sound quality of this piano.

 All in all, this is such a versatile piano from the Yamaha which is definitely expensive but it’s a complete package for both the beginners and the advanced piano players with which they can start from scratch and reach the top being with a single piano. If you are a real acoustic piano lover then this is a way to go for you.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this piano


  • There is common issue with many of the Yamaha’s piano keyboard that their keyboard which is although a graded soft-touch yet seem to be on the lighter side. It is not the case with this piano you will find the real texture of the keyboard with this piano.
  • As this is a digital piano you will get the LED display on this piano to operate all the features of this piano with the utmost comfort.
  • You can not compare the acoustic sound of this piano with any other piano in this segment as it is heavenly great.
  • 128 notes polyphony makes sure that every note of the piano can be heard even when the dual voice mode is operational.
  • The 88 keys of this piano will not let you compromise on any of the piano note


  • There is only one con with this piano and that is the loudness of its sound. Although this is an acoustic piano and undoubtedly the best in its segment for the price that you pay for it the loudness of the sound is not justified for many users.

#5 Yamaha P45B Weighted Action Digital Piano

This is yet another full-size piano from the Yamaha and indeed a decent piano from the Yamaha. It is made on the graded hammer standard Weighted action technology, as per which the piano is having the heavy touch in the lower end and the lighter touch in the upper end which conforms to the acoustic piano built structure.

This piano is a great package for all kinds of the users who might be practicing on the GHS action builds to get the finger perfection technique for the acoustic piano. This piano is having Yamaha’s advanced wave memory which uses digital technology to record and render the sound of the acoustic piano.

The AMW stereo speaker sound quality of this piano is very rich you can use the AMW to play one sample at a different set of volumes. This piano offers a simple and single button operational mode to the users. Here we are presenting some pros and cons of this piano for your consideration.


  • It is built with the advance wave memory stereo sound quality system which offers a decent instrumental sound.
  • The dual-mode of this piano facilitates the users to combine the voice of strings and piano together for a new experience of music.
  • You can connect this piano to the computer via a USB cable to access the additional variety of songs for educational and learning purposes.
  • The 64 notes polyphony of this piano allows the users to perform the tough piano passages with the utmost ease.


  • The major fault of this piano is associated with the built quality of this piano which is below the standard level. Many users have reported the keys of this piano as they are falling out after the few months of the usages.
  • This piano in overall misses out on the ideal acoustic piano’s attributes from the Yamaha’s standard of quality

#6 Williams Rhapsod 88 keys Digital Piano

Another full fledge 88 keys piano from the Yamaha. This piano is having a very impressive and robust look. You can make it fit in your office, home studio with the utmost ease.

This piano has been designed on the 12 custom sounds which has been inherited from the world’s best-renowned pianos which are a vintage electronic piano, organs and much more.

This piano provides a very decent sound quality which matches the acoustic quality perfectly. Further, the keyboard of this piano has also been improved in many departments.

Here are some of the major pros and cons of this piano


  • This is one of the very old pianos from the collection of Yamaha and hence it holds Yamaha’s legacy of music instruments.
  • The keys of this piano are velocity-sensitive which means the ability to produce the whole range of sound depends upon how hard you may strike on the keys.
  • You can operate this piano both on the battery and the AC outlet as well.
  • It is having a very elegant wood finishing which offers a great durability to the piano.
  • The modulation and the fx features of this piano offer the great rotary and the vibrato sound effects


  • We know that it is quite an old piano from the Yamaha and due to that it misses put on many built-in advanced features of the piano which makes it doubtful to perform at the big venues.
  • This piano has also been reported by the users as having the many sound issues due to the old sound technology.

#7 Casio PX760 BK PRIVIA Digital Home Piano

Another reasonably good class of piano from the Yamaha  Casio PX760. This is budgeted and a well-performing piano in almost all the aspects of the piano. This piano offers a very decent sound quality which matches up to the acoustic sound of the piano by its expressive timbre.

Further, the focus on the more of the acoustic sound of this piano has been supported by the integrated triple pedal unit of this piano which helps in producing the more refined an acoustic alike sound quality.

You will also get one other feature with this piano which is known as the concert playing function which will help you in the practice and performing aspects.

This piano has been built keeping the focus on all the aspects of the piano which includes the keys, the sound and the built quality of this piano. It is indeed a decent piano to go with for the mid-range piano lovers.

Below are the major pros and cons of this piano


  • It is a full-fledge 88 keys holding en ebony and the Ivory feel piano
  • The sound quality is decent multi-dimensional morphing air with a 128 polyphony
  • The Yamaha provides 3 years warranty with this piano.
  • The keyboard of the piano is tri scaled hammer action which has a solid response.
  • This is a digital piano which is having the very decent and the loud sound to meet the various criteria of the users.


  • Well, this keyboard is a bit expensive than the other keyboard in this segment but seeing its class the price is well justified.
  • Some users have reported this piano as having the subtle speaking noise when the keys are pressed.

#8 Kawai CE220 Digital Piano 

The last digital piano in our list is from the Kawai which is an 88 full fledge keys wooden body piano. This is a true value of money piano from the Kawai which is considered to be having the expression of the CASIO PX150.

The Kawai has recently added and upgraded certain features to their piano instruments and this one is coming from the same changes. This model of Kawai looks alike a vintage digital piano but it is now having the USB support so that you can connect a computer to it and can transfer the songs to it for making the practice more effective from the user’s point of view.

The other significant upgrade which has been made to this piano is the polyphony scale, which is now on the note of 192 almost 100 more than the previous version of it.

Here we are adding some pros and cons of this piano for your full consideration


  • You will get the 88 keys with this piano to compose any kind of music for any purpose.
  • Now the extended polyphony of this piano is 192 for a better experience.
  • The sound source of this piano is harmonic sound technology with the integration of 88 piano keys sampling.
  • An additional USB support to connect the piano with the computer
  • The keyboard touch is just up to the mark which is not too soft or stiff


  • This piano has been reported to be having some sort of issues with the keys after a few month usages.


So finally we have arrived at the conclusion part where we have to suggest one of the best pianos from all these suggest pianos.

Well, it’s certainly a tough part from our side and here we would say that all the pianos as are suggested in this list are the digital pianos. The digital pianos have undoubtedly emerged as the best piano categories among all for all the practical and valid reasons.

All these pianos are the best ones that closely match the sound of an acoustic piano to the maximum extent possible for a digital piano.

Hence our final words are that you should check the features and price along with the performance scale of all these pianos. After making your research you can go with your selected piano from the list with utmost confidence as all these pianos are best at their own places.

We hope that this article would help you in choosing the best digital piano for yourself. Feel free to ping us for any further help.

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