How Do I Start a Conversation With My Sugar Daddy?

Finding a perfect sugar daddy, or that whom you’ve always dreamed of can be difficult. Perfect in the sense that he’s handsome, flirtatious and kind.
However, after spending all that time and resources finding one, you wouldn’t want to strike a conversation that will put him off.
Remember, the majority of older men do not have the patience to tolerate certain things. Therefore, you may be wondering how best to start a conversation with the sugar daddy. When in such situations, do not worry. Here are some tips on how to start an engaging conversation without sounding desperate.
Before embarking on the conversation, you need to make sure you genuinely fit the descriptions he is looking for. To do this, read through his profile, either in social media accounts or dating sites. This also makes you know the type of person he is to avoid any potential dangers.
It is always a good idea to engage in relationships with people you have trust and interest.

Start by asking his background

In most occasions, men do prefer talking about themselves. Therefore, you can use this trick to strike a conversation from him. Take your time to know this person better.
However, you should limit yourself from dominating the entire conversation. Ask only what you need to know. For instance, you may enquire about his upbringing, lifestyle, interests, career, and many more.
Therefore, if you are a newbie in the dating industry, you can use this trick to keep your conservation going smoothly.

Hobbies and interests

You can as well talk about his hobbies, interest, or any other fun activities he prefers doing when he’s not at work. Get to know what exactly enriches his life.
Also, you should positively complement his responses. This makes him think that you value his interests. As a result, he will be more open and willing to share more with you.
Hobbies can always define a person. Therefore apart from asking, ‘What are your best hobbies?’ Try to get a little deeper by asking specific questions about their hobby.
For example, if he is a person who enjoys playing tennis, you can ask him who aspired him to the game. Or, when did he start playing? Besides, you can request him to share with you some of the experiences he has had so far in the game.

Talk about Current Events

Knowing some of the current events can be a winning tip for starting a conversation with your sugar daddy. Apart from knowing your opinions from a particular topic, current events also help you to know each other better.
Therefore, start by bringing a discussion of one of the most controversial current events. To do this, you need to identify some of the topics he has been following.
You should also have some prior information regarding the topic. Go through his digital profile and identify some of the topics he commented on.
It is also important to note which topics to avoid, as this may disrupt your conversation.

Talk about his work career

In most cases, men like devoting a huge chunk of their life to work. However, there may be a few percentages who inherit their fortunes from family.
Whichever the case, he must have worked hard to reach where he is today. Therefore, you can ask him what he does for a living.
You can enquire more by asking the favorite part of his job, or the downside part. Know why he decided to choose that particular career path.
Furthermore, ask him where he would want to see himself in the next coming years, let’s say five years from now. Other than knowing him, you can learn a tip or two that can help you in your business endeavors.

Talk about traveling experience

Sharing travel experience is also another great way to spark a conversation with your sugar daddy. Majority of wealthy men like traveling a lot for one reason or the other.
Therefore, this is one character of a sugar daddy you’ll probably enjoy most. In that regard, you can persuade him that you want to be his travel partner.
There is a high chance he would want to bring you with him to his next trip.
In addition, you can enquire from him some of the best places he has traveled to so far. Make sure you only ask questions that encourage him.
This will not only help you start a pleasant conversation but also expand on the topic making you talk more and more.

Talk about entertainment

Entertainment is usually good for everyone. It not only brings leisure but also diverts people’s attention from their demanding lives. Definitely, your sugar daddy has his favorite source of entertainment.
Therefore, you can start and maintain your conversation by finding out what’s his best entertainment source.
Knowing his favorite entertainment will also provide you with a clear insight of what to expect most when you meet next as your sugar daddy. Also, you need to ask detailed questions about his entertainment to keep the conversation going.
For example, if he likes music, ask what type of genre, or his favorite artists.


Always keep your phone in your pocket or handbag. Having your phone in your hand can bring some distractions to your conversation. Remember, men can always get jealous.
Replying to random texts or phone calls is always unacceptable. It can make your conversation to become boring.
Therefore, you can try your best to avoid it to make the best impression.


Conclusively, starting a conversation with your new sugar daddy is always challenging. Nonetheless, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you are always guaranteed of starting your conversation smoothly.

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