How Do You Know If an Aries Man is Interested and Likes You?

Aries men are not shy. They are outspoken, masculine, intelligent, competitive, adventurous and confident. They don’t need anyone to validate their existence and sometimes can come out as a little arrogant or self-centered. In relationships, Aries men are known for being flirty with a long list of lovers. This is a major turn off to most women but there is more to him than being a womanizer.

He views his women as a challenge and will chase you up and down to get a chance to soothe his ego. Regardless there is a romantic side to him. Being that he has mastered the art of seduction; the Aries man can be romantic and will smother you with a lot of attention.

When in love, he takes his date seriously and fights to keep his wandering eye intact. He prefers a smart woman who is intelligent, ambitious, and honest with a feminine side. The Aries man is easily turned off by bimbos and a woman playing dumb will repulse him.

It’s hard to actually know if he is genuinely interested or just flirting to get in your pants.
So How Do You Know If an Aries Man is Interested in you?

1. Play hard to get

Love spells using your partner’s photoThe best way to catch an Aries mans attention is by being a tease. Play hard to get and watch him turn and chase you. He is proud and wants to prove to himself that he is worth having you. He likes a woman who knows what she wants and is busy building herself. He will do everything and anything to get you. This way he will feel fulfilled and will go to a great extent to keep you by his side. He does not like cheap stakes. He prefers hunting, it gives him the thrill and he lives for such.

2. Indulge him in deep conversations

Romantic Ideas for Him in a HotelAn Aries man is attracted to sharp minds. He is not only attracted to physical attributes only but also a brilliant mind too. He wants a lady he deems his equal with ideas of her own. He loathes shallow women who agree with anything and everything he says even if it’s dumb. The guy wants a woman who will have a future, big dreams, and ambitions. You don’t have to have imaginary castles or Ph.D.’s but nerds arouse him.

Indulge him in deep conversations and watch him fall hopelessly in love with you.

3. Provoke his ego

Aries Man Jealous and PossessiveThe Aries man has a huge ego. If you challenge him in debates, games or on a dare he definitely will take up the challenge. He is full of life, adventurous and brave. He is happy to do things that keep him on edge and prefers a lady who is willing to push him. To impress you, he will want you to see him win and be at his best. Sometimes he pushes himself harder and it can be challenging to keep up but he is only trying to use his strength to win you over.

How to attract an Aries man

How Good Aries Man in BedA feminine, independent, strong woman catches the eye of this playboy. He likes his woman competent and handles herself with grace, confidence and is the ultimate survivor. Put yourself out there and be good at what you do. He will watch you as you work or carry out your duties to see if you are the woman for him. Show a little feminine side but not too modest. He will admire your ability to handle pressure and rise above the normal struggles.

How do you keep an Aries man interested?

Aries Man Falling In Love With YouGetting this rams attention is rather easy and might have caught you on a good day being your best self. So how do you keep him interested? Simple, be a queen. Queens handle their business without any validation. They know who they are and where they are headed.

He will notice your resilience and tenacity; that to him is one of the qualities he is looking for. Challenge him to also to be his best self as you keep growing as an individual. He admires growth and positive energy. That will keep him around for a long time.

Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself in general. They are attracted to women who look and smell good. Be more conscious about your appearance but don’t go overboard. It’s a basic necessity to be hygienic and beautiful at the same time. He is a social butterfly and wants to be associated with a stunning woman that everyone wants.

How to keep an Aries man chasing you

How To Surprise My Boyfriend For No ReasonNow that you know the Aries man loves a challenge he wants to also be sure he is not just wasting his time chasing you. Showing him that life does not depend on him makes want to up his game so as not to risk losing you. He wouldn’t want such an amazing woman who is exciting and self-fulfilled slip off his hands. Keep evolving and interesting or something else will get his attention and he will leave with no goodbyes

Do Aries men hide their feelings?

Sometimes yes. This only happens when he is not sure if you like him back or doesn’t trust you enough. This zodiac sign is known to be aggressive and outspoken but does not handle rejection well. Hence, if they are unsure about you they might hide their feelings. He can be shy and drop hints that he likes you but might not show you directly. Encourage him or lead him on then let him do the rest.

Should you tell an Aries man how you feel?

Where to Get Free Accurate Love Tarot Reading OnlineIt’s exciting when you find someone you like and the urge to tell him how you feel can be tempting. After all, you are a modern woman, right? Well, the Aries man might not be into such, he wants to be the one in control and telling him about your feelings can push him away. It would be worse if he does not feel the same way. Be a little patient especially if the relationship is still new.

How to get an Aries man interest back

Things might have not turned the way you want or he lost his interest in you. Don’t beat yourself up. An Aries man has a wandering eye and distractions are part of him. The best way to get his attention is by re-inventing yourself. Ignore him completely and go get that revenge body. The Aries man will notice how lately you look good and will want you back. Also, take this time to analyze what went wrong the first time and why he left. This will give you a good chance to understand if there is a chance of getting back and will help you not to make the same mistakes again.

Is your Aries man ignoring you?

It’s possible. Sometimes when an Aries man is hurt, he might ignore you. He does not want to show you his vulnerable side by opening up or addressing the issue. He will walk away and ignore you completely. Your calls will go unanswered or no replies to your text for weeks. Give him some time he will come around.

What makes an Aries man lose interest?

When an Aries is attracted to a woman, he sees some characteristics that are appealing to him. So when he loses interest is when he notices she is not all that she seemed at first. She might have started being boring or less motivating or forgets her overall looks. Evaluate those things you used to do at the beginning of the relationship, those things that he liked and start doing them again. Don’t be a bore, keep up with his pace and you will keep his interest. Sometimes his pace can be overwhelming but if you truly want him. You will be at your best self around him.

How to make an Aries man miss you

An Aries man is an easy man to seduce. Make him realize he has lost a valuable gem when he let you go. Do all those fun things without him. Make sure he knows that you are out there living your best life. You can casually drop checkup texts to brag about how great your life is. Make him want to be part of this newfound adventure you are on. Tease his mind with sexy pictures on social media, sometimes in the company of good looking male friends.

Will an Aries man come back?

The ram is not a complicated guy. All he wants is to have a good life and get the best out of it all. Once he notices your new-found interest, he will want you back. He wants to share the good times with you. It will kill him to see how independent and exciting your life is turning out to be without him. He will be jealous of the male friends and want you all to himself. If you play your cards right, he will come running back like a little boy.

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