How Do You Know When an Aries Man Is in Love?

Are You Dating an Aries Man? How Do You Know When an Aries Man Is in Love With You? – We’re glad you asked.

Here’s 15 Sure Vital Signs & Actions He’s Deeply & Madly in Love with you. Actions he normally wouldn’t do if he just wanted to get in your pants.

When an Aries man falls in love it becomes too obvious. He is a fiery lover and dives headfirst. The ram is a sure fire sign and impulsive traits are not new to him. An Aries man is confident and hitting on you wasn’t by chance. He is the kind to walk straight to you and tell you that he likes you and wants your number.

His confidence borders arrogance in a way, as he is motivated to do better and be best at all times. He is not afraid to take charge and will never catch him sulking at the corner by himself. As a lover, he is a natural charmer and can easily get any woman he wants. He is a smooth talker with a bad boy vibe. Of course, his good look is a plus.

It’s easy to get noticed by the Aries man but hard to please. He has insatiable demands that you will need to step up your game to cover them all.

But when he falls in love, he gives you his all but will struggle with being faithful.

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1. Authentic to a fault

As much as he enjoys playing the seduction games or any other games, when he has the hots’ for you he will be true to you. Maybe at the time you meet he is seeing several other women, he will be open with you. He will tell you about his crazy lifestyle and hopes you stick around. He knows that is being selfish but he can’t help himself. At least he told you upfront. Accepting his twisted love comes with many flaws, better brace yourself and maybe make peace with it or walk away.

2. Your opinion matter

When an Aries man is in love with you he wants to hear what you think. Usually, he does whatever he wants without consulting anyone or the fear of what people think. But in this case, he cares what you think. For this reason, he prefers intelligent women who are not a pushover. He is turned on with the girl power vibe and needs a head that can reason to help him stay grounded. He will value your opinion and be interested in your life.

3. Unlimited contacts

An Aries man is entitled at times and when in love he can’t help it. He wants to check up on you every time and know what you are doing, where you are going and with who. He is not trying to control you but just wants to be part of your schedule. So he won’t mind if you do the same.

4. Passionate and impulsive

This ram’s impulsive nature manifests as spontaneity and openness to new experiences. He will want to try new things with you and plan creative excursions. The fact that he is including you in his plans is proof enough that he is in love with you. The Aries man likes his freedom and explores alone but if he includes you, it simply means he is serious about the relationship. Be open to partake his activities more and you will keep him fascinated by you.

5. Lots of sex

An Aries man is a sex god. He has this sex drive that can be exhausting to an average woman. He will want more and more as he can’t get enough of you. He likes it playful, passionate and is open to trying new things. He will always be dominant under the sheets with lots of energy. At this point, he feels connected to you and is open to show you his erotic skills. You might need an energy drink after that steamy session, sis.

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6. He Gets Jealous

That sounds ironic especially because he is flirtatious and has a long string of girlfriends. Okay, not all Aries men are like that but most of them are. So yes, they are prone to jealousy and will act outrageously at the slightest provocation. He will be snooping around, doubting your male associates or anyone he considers a threat. He knows you are beautiful and anyone would want to be with you. Furthermore, if he’s a player he knows all the tricks in the game and does not want to be cheated on, how ironic!

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7. Makes time for you

The Aries man is driven by the desire to win. He is a workaholic and will push himself till the end. For this, he most definitely will be a busy bee, but when he slows down and makes time for you, Darling, he is into you! He never stops for anything. He is driven and focuses on hitting the next target and the next. You’ll notice that sometimes he will be lost in his world doing his thing but will try extra hard to make time for you because he cares. Count yourself lucky, this Aries man is hard to tame.

8. Eruptive temperament

Governed by the fixed fire sign, it’s obvious he has anger issues. He gets triggered by petty things and can go from zero to 100 real quick. He will throw tantrums like a child. Yes sometimes he acts immaturely but it’s triggered by his inner child covered layers beneath. He can get confrontational from time to time but you need to know how to handle the situation. He is sensitive and when in love he can sometimes be unstable. But if he is mature enough he will try to control himself.

9. Can be controlling

When in love, the man can be controlling but, of course, it’s no surprise. The fact that he is competitive with a winner mindset, he wants to be in charge of everything, including you. He won’t even realize he is suffocating you but that’s how he shows love. He wants the best for you but does not trust you enough to do it by yourself. Get used to it!

10. Guided by instinct

Aries man wants a partner who is carefree and adventurous like him. He wants someone with a strong mind and is not afraid of showing it. He is guided by his instincts and is not afraid to jump off a cliff. This could be the very trait that he fell in love with and hopefully it doesn’t fade. To keep him interested, be mysterious with some danger on the side, it turns him on.

11. Introduces you to his inner circle

Usually, most relationships he has don’t go past the second or third date. He is the kind to hit it and quit it. But when he is falling in love with you, he will want you around even when he is with his friends. It’s a huge step for him to introduce you as his girl. He might hesitate at first but he will come around whenever he is ready.

12. His Loyalty Increases

For an Aries man, loyalty is a foreign word. However, he can actually be loyal to you. He is the eligible bachelor that can get any woman he wants but never sees the need to keep them. He is always surrounded by models or other beautiful women. Yes, he enjoys the attention. But when he falls in love, he falls hard. He will make you the center of his universe and will be dedicated to you. Even though he will constantly struggle with his wandering eye, he will stick by you.

13. Scratch his back he will scratch yours

An Aries man is a selfish lover. It’s always about him and his needs. But when he falls in love he reciprocates. The care you give is what you will receive or even more. He has mastered the art of romance and he is not afraid to show you some love. He will spoil you with gifts and all the sweet nothings to make sure you are happy. He knows how to please his woman and will not hesitate to do it.

14. He Opens up to you

The ram likes to act like everything is under control. He is afraid to open up because he is afraid that you are going to leave him. When he feels comfortable enough to share his secrets, thoughts, and dreams, he is definitely in love with you. He rarely talks about any of that emotional stuff. It’s his way of protecting his heart. He is emotionally guarded but in love, those layers start peeling right off.

15 Makes an effort to do things you like

When in love with you, he wants to spend more time with you and get to know you more. He will be interested in everything you do and make an effort to participate in things that you like. He won’t mind trying new things for your sake. Furthermore, he is free-spirited and new things are kinda his specialty. Though not the boring stuff, he has too much energy to waste on slow things. Hence, if you have those hobbies that are based on thrill chasing, guess who’s the best person to ask?

In general, an Aries man can be complicated in love. He is not used to staying in a relationship for too long but when he gets into a serious one, he changes. He is the fun boyfriend always ready to explore the newest adventure. It’s hard to tame this ram but when you do, you’ll be glad you did.

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