How Do You Use a Hand Juice Squeezer?

The hand juice squeezer is an invention that favors the extraction of juice from vegetables and citrus fruits by using hands. There is no need for electric power.

In fact, man has to use force for the extraction of use. The hand juice squeezers range from simple to complex having many parts. The use of them depends on the type and shape of the model.


Major types of hand juice squeezer include:

  1. Juice squeezer
  2. Juice reamer
  3. Manual juicer
  4. Juicing funnels
  5. Bowl juicers

All the types mentioned above have specific shapes and methods of pulling out of juice.

  1. Juice squeezer

Juice squeezer functions like a juice press involving given steps:

  • Cut the fruits into two pieces and vegetables into many according to the size of the vegetable.
  • Put one piece in the groove.
  • Close the squeezer and apply force using both your hands until juice comes out.
  1. Juice reamer

A Juice reamer is a traditional instrument used to extract juice. It is made up of wood or metal, having a cone-shaped head with protrusions. It works for juicing fruits, especially citrus fruits. The steps involved include:

  • Cut the fruit into two parts.
  • Put one piece on the palm of your hand.
  • Press the reamer into the fruit’s piece and allow the juice to flow into the glass.
  1. Manual juicer

Manual juicers are available in many shapes. It ranges from simple to advance, containing ribbed cone to rotating action-ability, respectively. One can use it for the extraction of juice from both fruits and vegetables. The steps involved are:

  • Cut the vegetable into two or more parts, and fruit into two parts.
  • Place one piece on the juicer so that the pulp’s side is down.
  • Press tightly on it until all the juice extracts out.

In modern manual juicers, the rotatory function is also present. You can rotate after pressing firmly.

  1. Juicing funnels

Juicing funnels work by inserting them completely into the fruit and vegetable. After that, the extraction of juice occurs by a gentle squeeze onto the vegetable or fruit.

Bowl juicers

Bowl juicers contain cone-shaped protrusion and a bowl. It is especially for extracting citrus fruits’ juice. Steps involved in extraction include:

  • Cut the fruit in half.
  • Put one-half on the instrument.
  • Press the fruit by applying pressure. The juice will go into the bowl.



  • It is time-consuming.
  • You have to remain limited to some fruits and vegetables for juice.
  • You have to use force and do more work.


This article is for guidance about the use of a hand juice squeezer. We hope you find it helpful. All the models have easy and similar methods to use to some extent.

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