How Far Can You Go On a Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters work as a mechanical support for bringing independence for the elderly and people with disabilities. If you have physical limitations for movement, a mobility scooter sets you free and improves your lifestyle. When anybody thinks about getting the first mobility scooter, the first thing that comes into consideration is its power. How powerful the mobility scooter defines how long you’ll be able to run it for a single charge before breaking down. 

Another thing to consider is how much speed it has and how much mileage it offers. All the capabilities you get from a mobility scooter depend on the many criteria that define its power. This article is for you if you’ve been wondering how far can you go on a mobility scooter. I’ll get you through the things that define the power of the scooter you’re going for.

Types of Mobility Scooters


Mobility scooter manufacturers have to produce different types of scooters to fit different kinds of needs. Here are the main types of mobility scooters you will find in the market:

Compact-size mobility scooters

This is the perfect type of scooter if you’re planning to move around within your house and outside. These are small in size, foldable most of the time, you can easily get into trains, cars, or houses with them. You’ll get a single seat with a small mobility scooter, which is foldable as well. 

Mid-size mobility scooters

Medium-sized scooters are the most versatile in some cases as they have a slightly bigger form factor but not too big. They fit in almost any body size and can have many features that you cannot have from a compact scooter. You can get inside shops, sometimes in your home with these scooters, and fit in the back of your car. 

Full-size mobility scooters

These scooters are especially for those who have to run a lot, covering a bigger area. They have bigger power and better accessibility on board, such as full suspension, signal lights, headlights, and so on. You’ll get multiple seat options with some of these mobility scooters, but you have to sacrifice the capability of fitting it anywhere. You cannot use one inside your home, and cannot fold them as well.

All-terrain mobility scooters

If you’re living in a place where it’s not so plain and carpeted with concrete, you have to go for these scooters. They have higher ground clearance, bigger suspension, and tire designs to run off the country in unpaved areas. You’ll get more powerful motors with these scooters to support them run on harsh terrain.

How Fast Do Mobility Scooters Go?

How Fast Do Mobility Scooters Go

Depending on the type of scooter, they have different motors and different battery powers. So, they deliver different speeds as well, resulting in different overall performances. There are other determiners for the speed of the scooters, which is the law of the country. Some countries allow up to 6 miles per hour as the speed limit without a special license. 

If you’re planning to go faster than that, you have to get a license for your scooter from the local authority. For the regular information, a regular mobility scooter can speed up about 10k/hr. It can go up to 25k/h, and some special designs or modified scooters go even further about 35 or more.

How Far Can You Go On a Mobility Scooter?

How Far Can You Go On a Mobility Scooter?

To determine how far can you go on a mobility scooter, you have to consider all the main components and the peripherals of the scooter. Here are the key points you must not overlook while deciding the capability of the scooter: 

Determine the distance of the scooter

To understand how far a scooter will take you with a single charge, you have to look at two things: battery and motor. The battery power of the scooter will determine how long it will keep supporting the battery. The efficiency of the motor will determine how much power it draws from the battery to run. Combining both, you have to look at the manufacturer’s specification of how much power the motor draws from the battery per hour. 

How the battery influences

The battery of a mobility scooter is its power source, and it provides all the components. Besides the motor, the peripherals of the scooters like the lights and indicators, draw power as well. Most of the good mobility scooter powerhouses have two batteries inside for maximum power efficiency. 

Going upward

Riding a scooter in the streets with no bumps is the standard for riding it, but what about climbing bridges and hill areas? That also influences the speed and power consumption of the mobility scooter. However, upgrading the battery may juice up your motor with higher torque and speed. But, beware of your local law enforcement and know how far you can speed it up. 

How to Increase Speed and Power?

If you want to boost the power of your existing mobility scooter and its speed, you can either change the battery or remove the speed limiter. The elderly and disabled people need more reliability and longer battery life rather than speed. So, the manufacturers tend to decrease the speed limit to a certain point so that you cannot speed it up even if you want to. The battery is the power source so that you can upgrade the battery pack to a higher power. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions asked about mobility scooters that people are interested in: 

How Long Do Mobility Scooter Batteries Last?

A mobility scooter’s battery can last you up to 2 years if you take good care of it.

Should I leave my mobility scooter on charge all the time?

No, you shouldn’t leave the scooter on charge after 8 hours, which is the maximum time.

Can you overcharge a mobility scooter?

No, you never should overcharge your mobility scooter; it may damage the battery.

Final Thought

Not all people in need have the same type of disability, body requirement, or demands. So, everyone who needs a mobility scooter also needs to know how much power he needs in the scooter. When you go for purchasing the scooter, you have different obligations to follow in other countries.

Every country has its rules regarding electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters for the speed limit. If you know exactly how far can you go on a mobility scooter, you can easily determine if you should go for it. I hope this article helped you determine where to look for when you’re trying to figure out the power and speed a scooter has.

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