How Healthy Are the NAKED Juice Smoothies?

NAKED juice smoothie is a popular brand founded in 1983 in Santa Monica, California. It started as a small business but quickly developed into a full-blown leader in the healthy smoothie business. It quickly beat competitions and has the highest sales in their industry. NAKED juice is famed for having a healthy image with claims of no preservative and fresh ingredients. This is why their juice is perishable with shorter shelf life compared to other brands.

So, how healthy are the NAKED juice smoothies? Well, it turns out not so much. Although we must give them props for not using preservatives, being healthy NAKED juice is far from it. A quick read of their label will tell you that they’re high in sugar and calories but very low in fiber. This could lead to a sugar crash and overconsumption.

Let’s explore their nutritional content a little deeper.

NAKED juice nutritional content

Every time you grab a ready to eat food, we suggest that you have a quick look at the ingredients and nutritional content. This will help give you a more objective perspective on how healthy they are. If you pick up NAKED juice, you can see the following information regarding their nutritional content.

First of all, the calories for their 10f oz. or 300 mL bottle is 270 kcal. This is far from low, considering our daily recommended average caloric intake is about 2000 kcal. When you drink NAKED juice, you’re already filling up about ⅛ of your daily caloric intake. Imagine you drinking them as a complimentary drink to your meal. It will be like you’re eating two meals at the same time!

Further, look down their nutritional content; they claim to have 63 gr of carbohydrate – and 53 gr (or most of it) is from sugar. That’s another ridiculously high number for a 300 mL drink that claims to be healthy. Our recommended daily intake of carbs is about 300 gr, with a maximum of 40 gr of it as added sugar. It’s clear to see that the sugar level in NAKED juices is way too high.

You might think that because NAKED juice is made from fruits and vegetables, it will have high fiber content. It turns out it’s the opposite. In one 300 mL bottle, their fiber content is around 1.3 gr. It’s shallow, considering they’re made of fruits and vegetables. This is because juicing will generally remove most of the fiber inside your ingredients as everything is strained as they go through the juicer. So that’s healthy fiber down the drain.

Last but not least, there’s a little bit of good news. NAKED juice has added vitamins such as C, A, and B to their products. You can get up to 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and 25% recommended daily vitamin B and A intake. They’re great sources of antioxidants and are good for anti-inflammatory actions in your body and fight off free radicals. But just a reminder, these are not naturally occurring vitamins and are added via processing into the products.

Can you use NAKED juice for weight loss?

Many people use juices to aid in weight loss. Before you buy a whole cart of NAKED juices, you might want to think again.

As we’ve mentioned, the calories in NAKED juice are pretty high, with about 270 kcal per bottle.  The healthy range for daily caloric intake is 2000 kcal; this means that you can easily go over your caloric quota if you drink NAKED juices. Over-consuming calories will lead to energy storage in the form of fat inside your body. Which means it’s not ideal for a weight loss diet.

Some of you might have the idea of only consuming NAKED juice to lose weight. But remember that they have shallow fiber content, meaning that you won’t feel satiated or full for long. Moreover, the high sugar content also means that you can have episodes of sugar crash after consuming these products.  Both of these effects will lead to a tendency of overconsumption.

Healthier alternatives

We might have given you some bad news about NAKED juice, so let us offer some solutions on what alternatives are available and be healthier.

The obvious alternative is to eat the fruits and vegetables as they are plain! Process them lightly by blanching or washing thoroughly and eat them as they are. This way, you’ll get the full benefits of their nutritional content without sacrificing any of their fiber. You’ll feel far more satiated and satisfied this way and avoid over-consuming.

But if you are set on drinking your nutrition, a blended smoothie can be a better alternative than juices. Blending smoothies instead of juicing them preserves the fiber in fruits and vegetables. So even if they’re thicker, they’re much healthier compared to juices.

Put a bit of extra effort by blending your smoothies instead of buying ready-to-drink ones from the supermarket. This way, you can control what goes into your smoothie and, in the end, create a healthier drink. You can swap out less healthy ingredients such as sugar with some honey, and since you’re consuming it directly, you won’t need any preservatives anyway!

Final Words

NAKED juice smoothies may have some nutritional benefits, but overall they are far from being “healthy” juice. It might be okay for you to consume it from time to time, but you should only think of them as an indulgence and not as a meal replacement or a nutritious drink. You’ll be much better off making your blended smoothies and consuming some supplements instead!

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