How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take to Settle?

You’ve had a car accident, and it wasn’t your fault. The other side was entirely responsible, you suffered injuries during the accident, and your car was severely damaged and you’re wondering “How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take to settle?”.

All this leads to the fact that you have sued for injury, expecting it to be resolved to your advantage. Not meaningless, especially considering the circumstances of a car accident.

The only thought that has bothered you since filing a personal injury case is how long the injury case will last?

Sure how long this will take is a fundamental question, because if it takes too long, you should know it in advance to help you prepare. It would be pointless not to know it, then be surprised when you discover and discover that it is longer than expected.

One of the first things to understand is that each case is different. In this case, of course, you can’t expect to have any prediction approaching accuracy or accuracy.

There are many factors, which are so diverse that they cannot be easily predicted or accurately predicted.

If you want to know this, you probably have a prediction of something from one to two years – this is the interval of how long the infection usually takes before it is eventually resolved.

Now, one year may seem a bit long, although some consider it reasonable enough. However, it appears that two years to wait without any real guarantees, in the end, will be in your favor.

During the first year of any injury, it is usually the question of the injury you received as an applicant, as well as the diagnosis and possible treatment of the injury. The lawyer you appointed will continue to conduct the so-called preliminary investigation of the case, and then begin to compile essential records of the case.

Also during this first year, the defendants participate, and if any insurance companies compete, they will all be informed of your lawyer, and the case will be opened afterward.

It has been pointed out several times in the past that one of the main reasons that will help determine how long it will take is the doctors’ expectations of the injury or injuries suffered by the applicant.

Since you are the plaintiff, it is essential to know exactly how much injury you are suffering, how you will recover, and how long it will likely take. This way, you can make the right decision on how to sue. This will undoubtedly have the most significant impact on the cycle in which personal damages will be claimed, mainly if the settlement you request occurs


How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take to Settle?

Unfortunately, there is no short and simple answer to the question. All claims for injuries are individual, each case is unique and is considered simply that some can be resolved very quickly, while others can take more extended periods.

Sometimes, especially when emotions are heating up, it can be challenging to understand why the process can be lengthy from time to time.

The fact is that claims for injuries are taken very seriously; the only motive for your injury lawyer is to provide you with the best possible result in terms of both compensation and rehabilitation.

However, to do this, several key factors must be thoroughly studied before any payment can be awarded.


1) Facts

Underlying all injury claims is the full investigation of the incident to provide an accurate picture of how the injury occurred.

Despite having expert experience in dealing with lawsuits about injuries, the injury lawyer did not witness the incident, so it’s essential for them to get a clear picture of the series of events before, during and after. They will work with you to collect as much information as possible about the incident, delicately and professionally.

After evaluating the facts, if they think you might have a potential case, they will guide you through a statement of injury.

The more evidence is supporting your claim, the better. This may be in the form of witness statements, items of equipment that caused the injury, or photographs, etc.

With the full understanding that the evidence may have been the last thing on your mind after the injury, your personal injury lawyer will offer your experience to help collect the need to confirm your requirement.

Medical evidence also plays a vital role, and your injury lawyer will require all appropriate medical treatment and rehabilitation documentation to prove your injuries.

Obtaining relevant information can take a lot of time, but your argument must be as convincing as possible.


2) Responsibility

The establishment of liability is perhaps the most critical factor for all claims for personal damages – it is crucial for the length of time during which the compensation will be received.

In short, claims are usually resolved more quickly if the other party cooperates and assumes responsibility. If they dispute guilt, then further investigations are likely to be required, which could lengthen the process.

Your injury lawyer will handle all contact with the other party, so you don’t need to worry about it. In some cases, they will quickly plead guilty and offer you compensation.

However, it may take a long time for the other party to respond to a claim or even to disclaim liability altogether.

If liability cannot be accepted even after additional investigations, a trial may be proposed that can add more time to the process. This is why collecting as much evidence as possible can be especially helpful.


3) Estimated

Achieving a settlement is the last milestone in the process of considering claims for personal damage; however, again, the time it takes may depend on the cooperation of the other party.

Your injury lawyer wants to see that you get the reward you deserve, but negotiating between the parties is not always easy.

In some cases, the other party may immediately offer an amount that suits you, but in other cases, the proposal made may seem unreasonable.

In this case, your lawyer will try to agree on the achievement of the best possible result, but if this is not possible, a trial may be proposed that will add time to the procedure.

It can also be costly, and therefore, if the recommended amount only slightly exceeds your expectations, you can seriously think whether going to court will be a merit if you do not assume that you can completely lose the case.



None of the parties can win the case longer than necessary. Your lawyer will do everything possible to ensure that the entire process for filing an injury lawsuit runs as smoothly and quickly as possible and leads to the best potential outcome.

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