How Long does Infatuation Last in a New Relationship?

How Long does Infatuation Last in a New Relationship? Everybody seems to know far too much about love and when it strikes and recklessly so little about how long it lasts or when exactly it ends.

It’s always plastered on social media. People shout at the top of their lungs when they’re in love — and where they’re not saying it, the glow in their face betrays them.

You know the first instances of meeting your partner, where you can’t get enough of each other. It’s a period of sheer ecstasy, butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

You’ve just met the love of your life, and you have all the reasons in the world to believe they’re perfect for you. And perhaps you should marry them. They’re the best that ever happened to you. And it’s barely a day since you saw them and you’re already missing them.

Everybody has been there and done that – more than once for a great majority of the population. And then it ends. You wake up one morning, and it’s like your partner no longer excites you.

Everything is back to dead normal.

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The infatuation stage of a Relationship

The sweet syrup of infatuation occurs at the beginning of a relationship. It’s the ‘wonderful’ stage of dating. It’s the stage where you throw all logic through the window and let hormones run the show.

So you find yourself checking your phone every five minutes to see if your new partner in crime has texted. Your appetite drops, and there’s absolutely nothing that you can’t do to be with your partner.

Romantic novels are written based on these moments. It’s the happily-ever-after stage of a relationship where the future appears nothing but bright until logic crawls back and reality dawns on you.

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The Role of Infatuation

Infatuation plays a crucial role in any relationship. It’s what binds two souls together, give them enough time to hang around each other and get to know their partners much better. It’s the stage that forces people to act silly and bring out their true selves.

Without it, people would be too calculating about what they reveal. It’s at this point that if you’re keen on observing that you can’t miss on the red and green flags.

It’s at this stage that people learn to tolerate each other. You only get to see the best in your partner and play blind to everything that puts you off. It’s to be however noted that you’re not completely blind to everything bad about them. You’re simply placing them on the back burner, to be revisited later when the infatuation fades.

In spite of everything and the intensity involved, infatuation is superficial. You only get to see things with the scope of what you want to see. It lets you absorb all the good things you want to see about your partner. And the more mysterious your partner is, the more prolonged this stage will be.

Once infatuation has served its purpose, it ends – setting the stage for a reality check. So you wake up one morning, and you find yourself back to the default setting. Your body is not quivering at the sight of your partner. You’re no longer perturbed with those besotted feelings of love. You’re back to thinking everything through before reacting to it. It’s a self-protection mechanism to remind you of the future that awaits you.

After all, your love life can’t thrive on emotions alone. You need stability, peace of mind, and the assurance of a good life.

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The End of Infatuation Stage

The infatuation stage of a relationship ends the very moment your partner starts losing their newness. It ends the very moment your new partner loses the initial luster that attracted you in the first place. Everything that attracted you to them becomes normal for you. You’ve simply outgrown them, and they no longer excite you on the same scale as they did initially.

That’s when logic crawls back, and the unhappy reality begins to sink in. Everything may sound negative, but there’s a silver lining in it.

The end of the honeymoon stage is what you use to determine if the relationship has long term viability. It brings you to a moment of realization, where you have to bring everything to reason and find out if the relationship aligns with your life goals and purpose.

Of course, you can prolong the passion and excitement. The only difference is that it won’t come out naturally. You have to put in some work. The effort has to come from both ways, reciprocated by the person you’re dating. They must be equally willing to put in work to make the relationship work. Otherwise, the relationship is doomed.

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So How long does the Honeymoon Stage of Relationship Last?

The infatuation phase of a relationship can last anywhere from one month to about six months or even a year, or two is some relationships. It can even last for a day or two. You simply meet someone today, and you’re head over heels with them the same day, only for the feelings to fade the next day.

The point is never to forget that this stage exists. This should push you to slow things down a little bit instead of acting out based on the emotions you’re choking in.

It’s at this stage that some people make basic mistakes. They’ll need hamster through everything trying to convince them that they made the right decision when in actuality they were acting based on the emotions driving them.

The infatuation stage is not marked by common sense or sound judgment. All your brain wants to convince you at this point is that you’re right for each other. You don’t have to fight it, but try slowing things a little bit and give yourself time to think them through.

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