How Much Do Corporate Paralegals Make? Average Salaries

How much does a corporate paralegal make? You must have been asking yourself how much do corporate paralegals make? This implies you wish to work as one of the corporate paralegals.

A corporate paralegal will be assisting the corporation dealing with the legal department in various facets in the corporal law from court proceedings to paperwork.

They are very useful to the attorneys who usually have very tasking work and thus seek the help of paralegals. Paralegals get a good amount of money as all other people working in various courts.

However the amount the earn also depends on whether one is working in town or rural areas.

You must be wondering about how much do corporate paralegals make? This article will answer this and more on what you need to know concerning How much do corporate paralegals make?


Corporate Paralegal Services

Most of paralegals time shall be spent in tackling routine duties like giving legal assistance, reviewing documents, preparation of legal contracts and updating of company files.

The corporate might be handling executive directives and summaries. They might also be called upon in assisting in issues concerning company compliance.

All these works are directed to them by the attorneys they are working for. They work as attorney’s secretaries and therefore must do whichever task they are asked to as long as it involves the law sector.

The corporate paralegal shall be offering services in procedures dealing with corporate litigation and any other legal needs specifying in the legal business.

They might, therefore, be required to attend to log board minutes, preparing of local resolutions, attending to local minutes and all other similar corporate functions.

Independence with the kind of corporation which is employing the paralegal, there might also be requiring some experiences in the process of working on documents and procedures which are about patents, trademarks, securities, bankruptcy, finance, and other related issues.


Skills Needed

You might be wondering about the skills you are required to have to start working as a corporate paralegal.

People seeking employment as corporate paralegals must be capable to demonstrate quality experience using all kind of corporate documents.

When you have graduated immediately from school, seek employment for a newly established form as such will not be asking for wok experience as is the case with the greater firms. Regarding any paralegal position, written communication and strong verbal skills are necessary.

You will at times be addressing the court and no one will wish to have a paralegal who will end up embarrassing the.

Confidence is also key as it will show you have done research on whatever you are talking about. They should also be very accurate besides being accurate in their paperwork.

The ideal candidates will be capable to work well under pressure since many of the corporate settings are paced fast.

Lazy people will not succeed in working in these firms. Your laziness will be found out and you will end up being dismissed. Therefore make sure you can withstand working under any pressure/ other skills which are required will be including quality working knowledge, computer skills, ability to work with standard office equipment and technology and procedures present in the general office.

As a paralegal is growing up in its responsibilities, there will be an expectation that the senior corporate paralegal will be containing a wider range of various skills such as management, working with different teams in the industry, foreign business knowledge and unity within international corporations.

A paralegal which is more senior will also be requiring being proactive and having the capability of identifying issues, potential liabilities, and legal risks to be reporting them to the concerned corporate attorneys.


Career and Salary Outlook (How much does a corporate paralegal make?)

The salary for the individuals working in corporate paralegal is depending on various companies as some are very popular while others have just started.

Generally, corporate paralegals are earning a salary starting from $32,000 and are going up to 102,000 in the most senior level.

Most of the corporations are offering a benefits package which is coming along with the mentioned annual salary. These kinds of benefits might be including dental insurance and health, continuing education insurance, paid days off and vacation.

As the companies are expanding and growing, there will be the formation of a variety of openings for the sake of staff paralegals.

As budgets are remaining tight, paralegals may end up growing in greater demands as a result of their salaries which are more reduced as to those of lawyers.

The work outlook for various paralegals is good generally. There is a survey which was conducted recently and good enough corporate paralegal jobs are among the 20 topping jobs for job and income outlook.


Education Requirements- Way towards becoming a corporate paralegal

So far, the educational requirement for all people incorporates paralegals has not been well laid down. However, most of the companies have ensured they have laid down their standards in the process of employing paralegals.

Many of the corporations shall be requiring a paralegal to be holding a certificate specifically in paralegal studies.

Most of employment posted opportunities have also been stating they need a paralegal that is having previous corporate experience in any other company.

The greater the responsibilities a paralegal is given, the more education and experience are required.

Many of the current paralegal programs are offering an opportunity which is of multi-level. A student may consider choosing a certificate program which is focusing mostly on the needed courses as a corporate paralegal. Others might also end up choosing to go through a full degree program.

The choice of how to go about it is all yours. Most of the educational institutions are offering both bachelor degrees and paralegal associates degree.

The classes of all the degrees will be including specialty electives, core classes, and general education.


Among the paralegal specialty courses which are about the business field are including:

  • White-collar crime
  • Copyrights, patents, and trademarks
  • Real property
  • Bankruptcy and business law



You now know how much do corporate paralegals make. You can, therefore, go your way in ensuring you meet the qualifications and start earning.

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