How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost (Attorney Fees)?

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The first mission of many people when they get injured is to treat themselves and recover as quickly as possible. It is not going to be possible to recover quickly if the expensive medical bills are not paid or without removing money from your wages.

Most people who get injured by the negligence of others do not have the kind of money to treat themselves properly, this is mostly the case when it comes to personal injury cases.

This part of the law does not think it is right that the injured party will still use his/her money to treat himself, so therefore the law enables injured people to retrieve money from the party whose fault resulted in the injury they are suffering from without spending a dime.

Normally, the services of a personal injury lawyer are been paid on the basis contingency fee. I am sure many of us are just hearing this for the first time, this simply means that the money to be paid to the lawyer will be deducted from the money which will be paid as settlement at the end of the client’s case.

Only when the case is successful will the client owe the personal injury lawyer but if it is not successful, the client does not owe the lawyer. Some factors make the cost of a personal lawyer vary, these factors will be discussed during the article.


(Lawyers) Attorney Fees and Cost Vary?

Some of the factors that may make the fees and costs of personal injury lawyer vary are as follows;

  • Type of Injury – There is no injury that turns out to be a good one, it’s just that some injury is less intense and not so obvious like others. Injury caused by a car accident can’t be compared with the one caused by toxic substances, a lot of time is needed to research the liability.
  • Experts Hired – Some injuries might require the advice and conclusions of experts in this field and this will an addition to the cost of litigation.
  • Costs, Costs, Costs.



  • Contingency Fee Arrangements: A huge percentage of personal injury lawyers work based on a contingency fee. As we already know, this simply means that their clients do not have to pay a personal injury lawyer upfront but instead the lawyers will take a percentage out of the settlement that is paid at the end of the case. In previously concluded cases, the contingency fee is usually between 20-40% of the settlement received although the standard fee is 33%. Contingency fees are always negotiable, you can ask the lawyer if he is willing to negotiate a percentage before going on with the case.


  • Hourly Fees: While most personal injury attorney work on a contingency fee basis, the hourly fee is still added from most them. A lawyer who charges by hour always gets their bill hourly the spend on your case. Occasionally, you will always make the payment to an attorney it doesn’t matter whether you lose or win.


  • Other Arrangements: Often, some lawyers ask for a small retainer fee at the beginning of your case. If there is a settlement awarded, the amount you paid upfront will be subtracted from the amount your attorney is owed at the end of your case.


  • Expenses: Additionally, the payment for the attorney’s legal services, hiring expert witness and other expenses that may arise as the lawyer prepares your case. Some lawyers will ask you to cover their cost as they incur, what this means is that you will be billed and expected to pay before you reach any settlement sometimes many lawyers who are paid on a contingency fee basis will cover these expenses for you and refund themselves with the settlement money.



There is an actual difference between cost and fees. In the world of law, there is an amount of fee a lawyer charges a client to handle his or her case this is called fee.

While cost is every amount that is been spent during the process of handling the case this ranges from a transportation levy to legal costs. Popular costs in personal injury law are;

  • court costs
  • expert witness fees
  • administrative expenses
  • deposition costs
  • Costs of investigation and information gathering.


Court Costs

This is usually the amount that is used in filing for the complaint in court, this falls between $100 and $400.


Expert Witnesses

The attorney’s fees are the largest expenses in a personal injury lawsuit. Several hundred dollars are charged by an expert witness to review your case, prepare an expert report and also testify at trial.

For a simple personal injury case, this can result in several thousand dollars.

In some difficult cases, a fee of tens of thousands of dollars, especially if your case requires several expert witnesses.


Administrative Expenses

Every court cases always require some administrative expenses such as producing trial exhibits, legal research, and postage.

A short case with a large document-based piece of evidence which won’t be much is needed perhaps, less than a few hundred dollars though in litigation this can last several years and thus, the administrative expenses can reach a few thousand dollars.

Deposition Costs

A deposition cost can be defined as the intriguing of sworn non-trial testimony on the record. This means using a stenographer recording to ask a witness questions to check out everything said.

There is a payment made by the party requesting for the stenographer’s time as well as a copy of the transcript this amount can be about $500.


Investigation and Information-Gathering

The payments can be minimal in many cases also, police reports and medical report can be got for a small fee.

Moreover, special investigations like sending someone to conduct research that can only take place in person are necessary.

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