How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair? 

Mobility scooters or wheelchairs are the best options for those who have difficulty walking, standing, or getting around. It is sometimes considered a life-saver by providing emergency mobility aid. Sometimes, the need arises to rent a mobility scooter when you have none, or the one you own is having any issues or travelling. So how much does it cost to rent a mobility scooter or wheelchair? This guide will answer the question.

Can You Hire a Mobility Scooter?

If you are not considering buying a mobility scooter but need to use one for a temporary period, renting or leasing a mobility scooter or wheelchair will probably be the best option. That way, you can try out different models and find out which works best for you and eventually buy one. It also comes in handy when you are going on a day trip while recovering from an injury, surgery, or have any disabilities.


You can hire or lease a mobility scooter for a different time frame according to your preference and time span. Typically you can hire it for a day, week, or a month. You can also lease a mobility scooter for a longer time when your necessity is different. The payment methods also vary depending on the models and time of the rental period. You can pay the rent day by day, at once, or in instalments.

Renting a mobility scooter will allow you to move around without the help of any other person. You can move anywhere you wish without compromising your freedom and independence. It will also allow you to complete your personal tasks on your own.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Mobility Scooter?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Mobility Scooter

For people with some disabilities, a mobility scooter can offer a great way of maintaining an independent life while going outside. The rent of a mobility scooter or wheelchair depends on different models and functionality. The rent also depends on how much time you’re renting it for. The rough rental cost of different models of mobility scooters or wheelchair should be around these prices here:

Simple mobility scooter: The simple mobility scooter that does not need extra transportation will require rental costs from $25 to 35$ per day. These are convenient for very short term use, and when you are traveling.

Mobility scooter that doesn’t fit your vehicle: The rental cost for the mobility scooter that cannot fit into your vehicle ranges from $35 to $40 per day.

3-Wheel mobility scooter: The 3-wheel mobility scooter rents cost from $125 per week to $270 per month.

4-wheel mobility scooter: The 4-wheel mobility scooter can be rented at the rate from $155 per week to $290 per month.

Foldable mobility scooter: The foldable scooter’s rental fee is around $200 per week and $500 for a month.

Heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty mobility scooter: The heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty scooter models may cost from $120 to $190 per week and $300 to $450 per month.

Electric wheelchair or mobility scooter: If you want to rent an electric wheelchair, the rent will vary from location to location. When you plan to rent it for 3 days, the cost will be around $20 per day in Las Vegas. But the same scooter will cost you $35 rent per day in Orlando and Washington, D.C. And, the rent for this will be $58 per day in New York.

But after knowing how much does it cost to rent a mobility scooter and renting one, many of you may be interested in how to control it in the perfect way. The good thing about a mobility scooter is that you can easily operate or control it. A mobility scooter comes with bike-style and battery-powered steering that you can run or manage without any tension or hesitation.

You don’t need to steer your mobility scooter with your hands and shoulder to go forward. The speed you will get from a mobility scooter will be approximately 8 miles per hour on the road and near to 4 miles per hour when you are running it over pavements.

Where Can You Rent Mobility Scooters?

Where Can You Rent Mobility Scooters?

There are many mobility shops where you can rent a mobility scooter or wheelchair for a day, week, or a month. Your local disability center should also have the facility to hire a mobility scooter or wheelchair. There are some DIY shops, big supermarkets, National Trust Properties, and tourist attractions who offer mobility scooters and wheelchairs to be used within their premises.

However, it will be great if you make sure of a few things before renting a mobility scooter from a shop. Below are some of the things that you should keep in mind before stepping forward:

  • Check whether they can deliver the scooter or wheelchair at your doorstep or desired location.
  • You properly know how to use the model of mobility scooter or wheelchair you are using.
  • Knowing the stand by hours of the mobility scooter you are renting so that you can manage to charge the scooter or wheelchair when you need it.
  • Make sure that the model you’re choosing is convenient for your usage.
  • Make sure the model you choose has everything that you need.
  • The place you are going or travelling to can facilitate a mobility scooter or wheelchair.
  • The rental cost is within your budget.
  • Be clear about the renting process and how to return the scooter or wheelchair.

Final Thought

If you’re recovering from any injury or surgery, mobility scooters can be a convenient option for running errands or traveling. Renting a mobility scooter or wheelchair is excellent for temporary usage. We hope this guide was helpful for you to know how much does it cost to rent a mobility scooter or wheelchair. After coming to understand everything clearly, you are now good to rent one to get your job done.

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