How Much Ginger Should I Juice?

Let’s assume you have settled on the best juicer to purchase depending on your unique needs, and you’ve also been convinced that it is okay to put ginger through your juicer. You are still beginning to wonder as every juice owner and ginger love do: How much ginger should I juice?

This concern about how much ginger to juice has less to do with our consumption capacity than it has to do with storage availability. You wonder how much ginger you can juice at once to consume later without losing any nutritional value.

The health benefits of ginger are numerous. Alert from its refreshing feel and unique flavor, ginger offers tons of health benefits that are not limited to: reducing nausea, anti-inflammatory properties, blood sugar level regulator, rich in antioxidants, and aids stomach and digestive issues.

These are some vital health benefits that make it difficult to leave the ginger out of our diet, especially ginger juice.

But then how much ginger should I juice?

How much ginger to juice will depend on your consumption rate and storage availability. You don’t want to juice so much that you will not be able to consume at once or store effectively.

The quantity to be juiced also is less concerned about whether the juicer can handle a large quantity or not. Most durable juicers can hand as much ginger content you feed into its chute. Some juicers are better suited to handle hard roots like gingers or carrots. The quantity has more to do with the storage medium available.

However, the amount of ginger also depends on whether or not you use a juicer or blender.

Juicer method

Using this method, the quantity of ginger to be juiced by feeding through the juicer chute is not measured. The process involved when using a juicer includes: washing the ginger, then slice without peeling if the ginger is organic (peel, if not), and fit the sliced ginger through the mouth of the juicer.

Feed as much as you like, but don’t exceed the capacity of the chute at once.

That’s all you need to do, and then you allow your juicer to extract the juice and the operation of the pull from the juice into separate containers.

Also, note that you may want to clean your juicer during the process, depending on how many times you wish to juice to maintain the juicer’s peak efficiency.

Blender method

This method is mostly considered ineffective because it forces you to dilute the ginger. It is not a popular means of juicing your ginger because it also requires you to strain and leaves you with lots of pulp. But assuming you have no other option (juicer), this method can serve.

The process involved includes: slice the ginger around 1 inch thick. You can’t use a blender so much at once since you will have to add one cup of water to the process. If you want to blend a large enough, you will have to do this in separate shots.

After you add water, blend until smooth, then strain, and store.

By and large, the available storage medium is the primary factor to consider on how much ginger one should juice. Ginger juice is best stored in tightly sealed bottles, and they stay fresh for about 2-3 days in the fridge. Ginger juice can last fresh up to six months when stored in a freezer, probably in ice cube trays.

So you don’t have to bother much about juicing as much as you can at once if you have the storage available.

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