How Often Will Medicare Pay For A Wheelchair?

When you cannot use a part of your body to move around, you need a wheelchair’s assistance. Not only that, people having injuries or medical conditions also require a wheelchair for their natural mobility. When you age, you may not be able to move as fast as you require. Therefore, you need a wheelchair to go from one place to another.

Medicare will pay for a wheelchair if you have one of the stated conditions. So, you may be wondering about getting the answer to the question- how often will Medicare pay for a wheelchair? If your wheelchair gets lost, stolen, or unwanted damaged, Medicare will cover you paying for a wheelchair. However, in this article, you will learn everything about the topic of the material.

Will Medicare Pay for a Wheelchair?

The straightforward answer to the question is a big ‘Yes.’ At the same time, you have to make sure that you fulfil their requirements. If you can move but slowly, Medicare may not approve you to pay for a wheelchair. Your doctor should provide you with a written prescription recommending that you need a wheelchair for your comfortable movement.


You are not capable of doing your daily activities quickly. You find difficulties going to the bathroom, walk, get in and off from the wheelchair. These are the medical condition you have to prove to get paid from Medicare. Otherwise, you may find it hard to get a wheelchair and want Medicare to pay for the wheelchair you need.

How Often Will Medicare Pay for a Wheelchair?

Medicare tries to make things easier for those who cannot move around, going for a walk, getting on and off from the wheelchair. Therefore, a wheelchair, whether it is a manual or power wheelchair, should be your better option for performing these activities. These wheelchairs allow you to go outside with others for shopping or a walk with your family members.

How Often Will Medicare Pay for a Wheelchair

If you have a Medicare-approved wheelchair, you can get paid for a wheelchair for different circumstances. Your wheelchair may be stolen, damaged, or other potential harm. In this situation, Medicare will pay to recover the loss because you are registered on Medicare. These are the benefits of being a registered member of Medicare if you have mobility issues due to your age, health conditions, disability, etc.

What Type of Wheelchair Will Medicare Pay for

Medicare provides you with mobility aid equipment like wheelchairs as durable medical equipment (DME). Wheelchairs are of three main types, such as power scooters, manual wheelchairs, and power wheelchairs. Depending on your requirements, you have to choose one, or the doctor will suggest to you which will be the best option for you.

What Type of Wheelchair Will Medicare Pay for

First of all, the doctor who is also a registered member of Medicare will examine you thoroughly. Then he will recommend a wheelchair based on your physical condition. Whether you can operate a manual wheelchair should also be considered. If you have someone who can all-time assist you in managing the wheelchair, you can get a power wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchairs

If your doctor finds you strong enough and can operate the wheelchair, a manual wheelchair should be your best bet. You can get into the wheelchair and get off from it without getting help from anybody. You know that you have to use your hands more to operate the manual wheelchair. Not only that, but you may also be unable to use your upper body part.

You can still qualify for a manual wheelchair if you have someone to help you get in and off from the wheelchair. You should ensure that all the activities you do, taking help from others, is safe. You may rent one or buy one, depending on your health condition. If you have an injury and the doctor tells you that you will get around soon, you should rent a manual wheelchair rather than buy it.

Power Scooters

Those who cannot use a manual wheelchair safely require a power scooter. It benefits them to move around fast and get into the place where they want. However, it would be best to visit your doctor to affirm that you cannot use a wheelchair but need a power scooter.

When you visit the doctor, he will treat you to qualify for a power scooter. If you can use a power scooter sitting in an upright position, the doctor may prescribe you a power wheelchair. Like a manual wheelchair, you can decide whether you need to rent it or purchase it. Depending on your health condition, you can decide what to do next.

Power wheelchairs

It would help if you visited your doctor in person so that he can examine you. After the exam, the doctor will suggest whether you need a power wheelchair. If he sees that you can use a power wheelchair safely, he will recommend Medicare to allow you to rent or buy a power wheelchair.

Sometimes, you may need a prior authorization request from Medicare to approve your proposal. Then they will pay for a power wheelchair for you. You should also confirm that the power wheelchair and the doctor are from the same company in this position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some essential questions you may want to know regarding the topic- how often will Medicare pay for a wheelchair? That’s why; I have decided to answer the below queries through the article. These questions with their answers may help you understand the topic.

Do I need a prescription for a wheelchair?

Before Medicare approves your request for a wheelchair, you need to provide a prescription from your doctor. The order will tell them that you have difficulty walking and need a wheelchair.

How Much Does Medicare pay for a wheelchair?

Depending on your needs and the prescription your doctor prescribes, you may need a manual or power wheelchair or a mobility scooter. Then Medicare will pay for a wheelchair you need for you.

Final Thought

To make your life easy and comfortable, Medicare offers you wheelchairs based on your physical condition. They will pay for mainly three types of wheelchairs- manual, power, and scooters. After examining you, ultimately, your doctor will prescribe you what should be the best wheelchair for you.

Now, you should understand the topic- how often will Medicare pay for a wheelchair? The article has been designed to answer the question so that you can benefit from it. Make sure you and the doctor who prescribes you are both registered with Medicare.

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