How to Cast Free Spells To Punish Someone In [10 EASY STEPS]

Do you want to cast a free revenge spell? In [10 EASY STEPS], You can Learn How to Cast Spells To Punish Someone for Free of charge.

Why would anyone want to learn the answer to the following question –

How to cast spells to punish someone?

Many would argue that if someone has hurt them then they are very well likely to punish that person. Pretty obvious it is but have you thought about the intensity of the seriousness this has? If you are considering to learn the steps to cast a free spell to punish someone, then you must know which way should be used by you to do that.

Spell to punish somebody always projects the act of taking vengeance against somebody who hurt you seriously. In spite of the fact that the Holy Scriptures instructs us to forgive and never look back, there is dependably a base impulse which makes triggers the feeling in us of taking revenge.

There is one other instance where you feel threatened by your enemy and in order to save yourself, you want to know about these spells. But how to know which will work and which won’t. Therefore, to help you with the same, we have compiled the following article that tells you step-by-step on how to cast the free spell that will punish their enemy.

But before you go in the action mode, here is a list of things you must consider before going to performs the spells –

Kindly ensure that you have a target for your spell. This is similar to the guidance system of a missile where the launched missile hits the target that has been pre-decided. It is of utmost importance to have the right person who has hurt you and not anyone else. Mind it, if the person is anyhow chosen incorrectly, you are more likely to become the victim of backfire and the harm as its consequence.

Before playing out the spell to punish somebody who hurt you, you ought to send a notice sufficiently prior. You can do so by getting the courage to tell that person whatever he or she is doing must be stopped immediately or there are going to be consequences against him or her.

There is another important factor that you must consider before carrying out the spells – protecting yourself. Therefore, in order to do that it is of great importance that you do consider the use of protective spells so that in the event any spell backfires, the harm does not come to you.


On the off chance that you are surely genuine and would want to teach somebody a thing or two, you should have a solid uplifting outlook and firm confidence in the custom. Persistence is likewise basic righteousness that you can’t under look. Keep all those variables in your mind and the spell will do marvels and show that individual a thing or two, thus, making him or her realizes that a bad act always gets a negative response.

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spells for Protecting yourself –

The utilization of such components like voodoo dolls dark enchantment for retribution is mostly the case which is fairly receptive rather than being proactive. Henceforth, we generally encourage individuals to act before their foe does. You can protect yourself by using good karma voodoo dolls and other defensive spells.

Utilizing the spells for protection is similar to having protection before something terrible occurs. This guarantees you are appropriately secured, and you never need to look for revenge after somebody has just hurt you. We generally prescribe these spells for those individuals who trust that retribution is certainly not something to be thankful for and it brings a sort of negative vitality which they don’t want around themselves.

Whatever you do, guarantee that you don’t give your foes a chance to believe that you are powerless. Do you have a few recommendations that could be added to this article? We would positively love to find out about them in the remarks segment underneath. In the event that you have any things to ask, don’t falter to keep in touch with us.



1. Make your enemy sick –

This is one of the most used black magic spell using which one can punish their enemy by making them sick.

To carry out this spell, you should have a solid disdaining against somebody to the degree where you want them dead. This spell is additionally alluded us the evil death because of its mighty nature. Prior to carrying out this spell, you will require some protection spells to keep yourself away from the impact of negative energies.

Following things are needed –

a)    A dark room with a makeshift altar.

b)    Three red candles.

c)    Satanic bible.

d)    A dark outfit.

e)    A person’s picture.

Steps to carry out this spell –

1.    Enter the dark.

2.    Light up the entire candles one after the other.

3.    Place them in front of you.

4.    Make sure that all the candles are placed in a manner that you are surrounded by them completely.

5.    Now get the picture of your enemy and put in between at the center of the circle. Make sure that picture easily fits in your right-hand fist.

6.    Now, clear your mind and focus all your intention towards invoking Satan to come forth & mention your wish that you want this particular person dead.

7.    There is one more thing here that you must do positively – visualize the image of the person whom you want dead.

8.    You can do this by triggering all the pain and feelings caused to you by that person.

9.    Once you are at the peak, chant the following spell while lifting the Satan’s Bible –

“Get rid of my enemies, which are what they exactly deserve. Bring sickness and death to wipe them away. Revenge is what they get for their cruelty and pain.”

10.    If your belief is strong, you will surely get the revenge.


2. Spells to make someone regret hurting you

This is a standout spell amongst the clearest karmic spells where an individual uses energy against somebody who has hurt them, making them regret that savagery and agony, thus, making them apologize to you.

You will require getting the following things –

a)    A quiet room,

b)    The picture of a person,

c)    A powerfully crafted chant.

Steps to conduct this spell –

1.    In a segregated room, sit on the ground with crossed legs.

2.    Put the image of the individual before you.

3.    Start pondering all the awful things done by them for you, how they have made you suffer and feel the pain they have caused in your life.

4.    Hold your hands like you are praying and close your eyes. Then start chanting this –

“I invoke the power of the highest energy to come forth. Let Mr. X see how much wrong they have done. May they suffer long and know the pain they exposed to me. May they come back humbled and with an apology.”

5.    Once you have chanted this mantra for at least 3 times, you should turn the individual’s image upside down and place your right foot on it.

6.    It is highly recommended to repeat the chants for effective results.

7.    The result will make your enemy feel sorry for what they have done and very soon they will beg for mercy from you.


Conclusion –

Depending on your requirement, you can use these spells but there are a few things you must keep in mind after you have conducted these spells. For instance, you must not speak of what you have done to anyone. Not even to your close family members. Spells require anonymity and if you disclose them, it breaks the purity of the spells and the result may harm you.

But there’s one thing that you must always do – Sharing.

Yes, if you know someone who requires the help of spells or is a beginner or needs help urgently. Then you must share the link of this article with them. This will always help them with knowledge and the ability to decide on how they would want to go.

Last but not least, if anyhow you are not able to get the desired results are couldn’t cast the spells, then we highly recommend you to take the help of spellcasters. These are the people who have very good expertise, thus, making it easier for you to achieve goals of hurting your enemy.

We have always written content to give you info which always works. However, if there’s anything on which you require further assistance, don’t feel hesitated, get in touch with us by commenting the comments section and we will certainly back to you with the least possible time.

Until then, peace!

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