How to Choose a Wheelchair for Elderly in 2021

Older people have limited mobility due to their age. Therefore, they cannot enjoy going for a long walk with others. As we age, our limbs start to become weak, and we cannot do everything we could at an early age. However, to increase older people’s mobility, wheelchairs, both manual and electric, come into the scene. But, you may want to know how to choose a wheelchair for the elderly?

Many factors are associated when you head over to purchase a wheelchair, especially for the elders. You have to consider their physical ability, ability to control the powered wheelchairs’ speed, features of the wheelchairs, comfort, and many more things. Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong one that may not satisfy your needs.

Different Types of Wheelchairs for Elderly

Wheelchairs are of two major types- manual wheelchairs and powered or electric wheelchairs. Both wheelchairs are great in the case of improving your mobility, whether it is indoor as well as outdoor. A manual wheelchair needs the assistance of others all the time to help you maneuver it. On the other hand, a powered or electric wheelchair does not require anybody’s aid.


Manual wheelchairs are for those older adults who require indoor and outdoor, cannot go for long-distance walking and the like. Electric wheelchairs can be divided into three categories, including portable, outdoor, and indoor/outdoor. The advantage of having a wheelchair, whether it is manual or electric, is you can move around more comfortably than a mobility scooter.

How to Choose a Wheelchair for the Elderly?

When it comes to choosing a wheelchair for the elderly, you need to be more careful because it may sometimes be difficult for you. The market has already been flooded with so many brands and models of wheelchairs for the elderly. Depending on their physical ability, a lightweight transport wheelchair should be a better option left for you. So, the question comes- how to choose a wheelchair for the elderly?

How to Choose a Wheelchair for Elderly

If they have difficulty walking, a powered wheelchair should be the best bet. Apart from that, it would be best if you considered many other factors. These include physical health and spirit, ability to control speed, ability to get into and off from the wheelchair. Comfort, adjustability, footrest, head support also need to be considered before you buy one.


When it comes to purchasing a wheelchair for a senior, you must take a close look at the wheelchair for comfort. If the person needs to use a wheelchair for the long-term or life, it is necessary to pay attention to the chair’s support.

Therefore, you should not buy a wheelchair from an online e-commerce site. Instead, you can go to the nearest local shop because you should try the wheelchair before paying for it. If you are comfortable enough sitting on it, you can make the final purchase. 


It is another essential feature that tells you how to choose a wheelchair for the elderly. It may be difficult for a senior to sit in a wheelchair for a long time in one seating position. Therefore, you need to adjust the height considering the person’s height. Not only that, but you should also take a look at whether the cushion pads of the wheelchair are replaceable. 

The seat’s material should be breathable enough to provide a senior with the best comfort while sitting. So, make sure you have examined the wheelchair’s adjustability before you make the final buying decision.


A suitable wheelchair should provide better head support. A senior cannot keep his head straight for a long time. Therefore, it should be a crucial consideration to have better head support for him. It allows him to keep the head, spine, and neck in the upright position, which is beneficial.

Not only that, the footrest and the back support are also considerable. In the wheelchair, older people may need to sit for a more extended period. In this case, having proper support for the head, neck, spine, feet, and hands also is a significant feature to have in it.


The right storage solution is preferable to the seniors. They love to have their medical products, some snacks, and good reading in the storage. It may be a drawer or anything that will meet the need for their storage solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe, you have other related queries in your mind that are moving around, right? So, here are some most frequently asked questions you may be finding the answers to. That’s why; I have come up with their best possible solutions to satisfy you.

Final Thought

A wheelchair can improve the way of living for a senior citizen. It would be best if you considered many things before you purchase a wheelchair for the elderly. I hope you have understood everything you need to choose a wheelchair for the elderly. 

Through the article, I have tried to make things clear so that you can get a wheelchair that will best suit your needs. Make sure you have considered comfort, adjustability, support, storage, and other things related to a wheelchair.

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