How To Develop Clairvoyant Abilities

This article will discuss Everything You Need To Know On How To Develop Clairvoyant Abilities. The chances are that you already possess Clairvoyant Abilities, and you’d need to identify and nurture them.

As a massive fan of horror movies, there’s one person that immediately comes to mind when talking about clairvoyance. I’m referring to the movie “The Conjuring” – the horror film that hit the silver screen last 2013. And for those who have watched it, you might be familiar with the name Lorraine Warren – one of the most iconic clairvoyants out there, in my opinion. 

In a nutshell, Lorraine is a paranormal investigator-turned-ghostbuster who is gifted with clairvoyant abilities. Together with her husband, she helps victims of the paranormal by figuring out the best way to banish those dark entities. The movie was a hit among horror fans, but more interestingly, it has also gained the interest of many people on clairvoyance. 

But because of the film, it’s easy to assume that clairvoyance primarily means being able to see ghosts and demons. This has caused some to believe that becoming clairvoyant means involving oneself with the paranormal. But the truth is, clairvoyance has so much more to offer other than being able to see dead people. 

No matter what popular media may tell you, becoming clairvoyant is a wonderful blessing. And those who are lucky enough to be endowed with the gift of psychic seeing should treasure it. 

If you’ve experienced frequent psychic experiences in the past but have a few doubts, allow this article to dispel your worries and fears. For those interested in seeing what’s beyond the physical world, I hope you may find the answers you are truly seeking for. 

Perhaps you are here to confirm your clairvoyant abilities, or maybe you are interested in unlocking your psychic powers. I know you have a ton of questions in mind but first, let us debunk myths and correct the misinformation about being clairvoyant.

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What Is A Clairvoyant Medium?

The word clairvoyance is derived from 2 French words: “Clair,” meaning clear, and “voyance,” which means vision. With that being said, clairvoyance means having the ability to see things that cannot be generally perceived by the five common senses. 

There are about four other types of Clair’s in the psychic vocabulary: clairaudience, clairsentience clairalience, clairgustance, and claircognizance. They function like how our five common senses do, except that the clair’s involve the spiritual rather than the physical. 

Now, you might be wondering what the difference between psychic mediums and clairvoyants is. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people often mistake clairvoyants to be psychic mediums and vice versa. Both guides seeing the past or the future can gain spiritual information with the mind and give insightful readings. 

The big difference lies in how they gain such information. 

Psychics are usually assisted with the help of an angel or their spirit guide. They can also gain information by reading the energy of a certain object through touch (psychometry) or vision (such as aura reading). 

Meanwhile, clairvoyants rely heavily on their psychic sight. They can use the eye of their minds to see spiritual activity. They can tell the past or the future simply because their eyes have seen it in detail. Compared to psychics, clairvoyants can perceive a more vivid image of the spiritual world.

What Do Clairvoyants See? 

The other big question most people have about clairvoyants is, “what are the different types of clairvoyant abilities?” We know that clairvoyants have the gift of sight, but what does that mean? What do clairvoyants see in their visions, and how do clairvoyants know things? 

First things first – yes, clairvoyants can see spirits. They can see your deceased loved ones, they can see the dead, and often, they can also see dark entities. 

A lot of people are convinced that clairvoyance is a curse rather than a gift. After all, nobody wants to encounter scary spirits all day, every day. However, this isn’t exactly true. Most clairvoyants can control their vision, meaning they don’t always see spirits all the time. 

Clairvoyants are also able to see the past and the future. In most cases, they see these events as if they were a movie clip. Nostradamus – another famous clairvoyant, claimed to have seen the future through his numerous visions. He and many other clairvoyants can gather pieces of information through these visions. 

Most clairvoyants also have these visions through their dreams. Compared to most people, clairvoyants have very vivid dreams. Most of the time, they can recall every single detail of that dream. These dreams usually contain an important message or even a warning. 

9 Tell-Tell Signs Of Being A Clairvoyant

All of us are a little bit psychic, but not all of us have fully-developed senses. If you have significant and frequent psychic experiences, there’s reason to believe you might be a clairvoyant. There’s a high chance that your intuition is correct. 

But if you would like to confirm your clairvoyant ability officially, you must pay attention to the clues. It is said that clairvoyants share some common experiences. Whether you are a veteran clairvoyant or a newbie, these psychic experiences might have revealed themselves to you numerous times in the past. Take a look at the list below and see which ones apply to you.

1. You’ve Had A Tragic Experience.

Having a dark and troubled past isn’t a requirement to become a clairvoyant. However, some sources show that most clairvoyants have experienced some form of significant pain in their past. Of course, they did not choose to go through such experiences to become clairvoyant.

These experiences and the pain that came with them were all part of their spiritual awakening. It’s a natural event where one liberates himself from certain beliefs and ways of thinking. As they say, everyone can learn even from unfortunate events – the same can be said for one’s spirit. 

Take the experience of loss, for example. Losing a loved one is especially painful because of how we react to the loss. If we believe that there is no happiness left in the world because of their absence, we are holding on to that pain. Our attachment causes sorrow. 

A spiritual awakening liberates a person from such attachments. Once you open yourself up and free yourself from these limiting beliefs, you free yourself from physical pain. And a person who has freedom from physical burden can continue to grow spiritually. 

Developing clairvoyant abilities starts with nurturing the spirit first. Without having a strong connection with the spiritual, a lot of effort is required in becoming clairvoyant. 

2. You Are A Natural Daydreamer

Most people would think that daydreams are all just wishful thinking and illusions. But in fact, the world of daydreams is full of possibilities in comparison to the real world. Your mind is a powerful tool; whatever you conjure up in your mind exists in the daydream. 

No matter what people may say, the ability to daydream is essential for one’s spirit. This is because daydreaming allows us to be our Highest Self – the truest and purest version of ourselves. So if you love to daydream, consider yourself one step ahead of everyone else! 

Clairvoyants are natural daydreamers. Their visual imagination is free and creative, and it’s something not a lot of people can do. Most people remain grounded in the physical world due to their limiting beliefs. Clairvoyants can connect to their Higher Self through daydreaming. 

3. You Can Envision The Future

Clairvoyants are highly visual people. A lot of people think that envisioning the future is something natural – anyone can do it! But actually, not everyone can create an image of the future without physical material. 

Take a classic interview question as an example. When asked, “how do you see yourself in 10 years,” do you hesitate and think of a valid and realistic answer? Or do you allow yourself to explore limitless possibilities and aim for something seemingly impossible? 

Some people may say that aiming too high means being too ambitious. But if you can see your future vividly and exactly how you want, it may be one of the signs you are a clairvoyant. 

4. You Have A Vivid Imagination

Apart from the strong ability to envision the future, most clairvoyants also have a vivid imagination. With that being said, clairvoyants are also said to be artistic and creative. One of the early signs of a clairvoyant child is the existence of an imaginary child. 

Sadly, some people consider this to be a sign of mental illness. But make no mistake, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a vivid imagination. This is a sign that your psychic eye is functioning. After all, all forms of imagination were derived from things that we see.

You can think of something that has not yet been seen before; it might mean that you have an eye for the spiritual. 

5. Your Dreams Are Also Vivid

Psychics all believe that dreams are significant. They contain plenty of information, and they also serve as a venue for communication between you and your deceased loved ones. Both psychics and clairvoyants experience dreams that are rich in detail. But clairvoyants see their dreams clearer and more vividly than most psychics. 

Because of the heightened sense of sight of clairvoyants, they can remember their dreams in great detail. Most people usually forget their dreams when they wake up, and even if they remember, they aren’t able to recall certain details. Clairvoyants, on the other hand, can retain these images very well. 

6. You Experience Visual Psychic Flashes 

One common experience both clairvoyants and psychics have is visual psychic flashes. If you often see flashes of white light from the corner of your eye or if you often see floating orbs of light, you may be clairvoyant. These flashes of light or floating orbs represent a spirit or an angel, and being able to catch a glimpse of them means you are gifted with psychic sight. 

Often, clairvoyants are also able to see the aura of a person. By reading a person’s aura, clairvoyants can tell their current state of mind, which is usually represented by the color and vibrancy of their auras. On the other hand, clairvoyants can also spot shadows that usually represent evil and dark entities. In short, they can tell if there are spirits nearby. 

7. You Have Developed Psychometry Abilities 

Just because clairvoyants are mainly identified for their psychic sense of sight, this does not mean that they cannot do psychometry. Psychics aren’t the only ones who can enjoy psychometry, and clairvoyants may also be gifted with the psychic sense of touch too! 

Psychometry refers to the ability to gain information by simply touching an object. Psychics usually read the energy of an object to gain information. Often, a name, a certain feeling, or even a significant event may be attached to an object. 

When a clairvoyant does psychometry, he or she would usually have a flashback related to the object. They can see a movie clip – a fragment of a memory an object may carry. So if you could somehow sense the background or history of an object, you may be clairvoyant.

You often experience Deja Vu. Sometimes, objects aren’t needed for clairvoyants to get flashbacks of the past. If you happen to experience deja vu frequently, that may be your clairvoyant ability trying to tell you something. 

Deja vu refers to the feeling that a certain moment has happened before. We have all experienced deja vu at least once in our lives. A familiar setting or an event might make you feel that it has already happened in the past even though you are certain that it hasn’t. 

There are various reasons you may be experiencing deja vu, but it is the universe telling you that something needs to be done more often than not. If you are receiving these feelings of recollection often, you are strongly connected to the spiritual universe. The possibility of you being clairvoyant is a nudge higher than usual. 

8. You Are An Empath 

Clairvoyants are natural empaths. It is easy for a clairvoyant to connect with others on a spiritual level. Because of this, clairvoyants can gain a deeper understanding of the people around them better than anyone else. 

Not only can they identify what the other person is feeling, but they also feel the same emotions as they do. No matter if it is love, anger, or hatred, clairvoyants can feel them all almost at the same level as the other person. 

The downside is that clairvoyants often lose their energy fast as they share the feelings of the other. If your friends often tell you that you understand what they’re going through very well and that you are a great listener in times of trouble, you may be a clairvoyant. 

9. You Enjoy Your Alone Time 

Another good indicator of a clairvoyant is the fact that they enjoy their alone time. This does not mean that they are all introverts. It simply means that they like having a bit of quiet once in a while. During this time, they can meditate and reconnect with their spiritual self. 

Clairvoyants are great empaths, but they also need their alone time to recharge their clairvoyant powers. Of course, this may not be true for all clairvoyants. But if you often find yourself craving for some time to be by yourself, it may be a sign that you are growing spiritually.

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4 Secrets on How To Develop Clairvoyant Abilities FAST:

Have you finally recognized your clairvoyant powers? Are you interested in learning how to develop your clairvoyant abilities? Becoming clairvoyant is fun and easier than you think. Now, you don’t need to be a paranormal investigator to put your skills to the test. But you may want to do some of the activities below.

1. Meditate Regularly

The first step in becoming a clairvoyant is spiritual awareness. If you want to create a strong connection with the spiritual world, you must first recognize and strengthen your spiritual self. This can be done by meditating for at least 10-15 minutes every day. 

In today’s world, it’s difficult to tap into one’s spirituality because we are constantly being distracted. Take some time off from work and spend some time finding spiritual peace. It’s only when you are spiritually aware that you can develop your clairvoyant abilities

2. Do Visualization Practices

As mentioned before, clairvoyants are highly visual people. With that being said, they need to sharpen their visualization skills regularly. Doing visualization practices may sound complex at first, but the game rules are pretty simple – actually, there are no rules to the game except to keep yourself constantly creative. 

To do a visualization practice, all you have to do is to daydream in detail. Think of a particular scene; anything that interests you is the best choice.

In my case, I often love to visualize myself in the kitchen. Since I love to bake, I would often think of recipes while visualizing. 

In my daydreams, I create images of beautiful cakes, cookies, and bread – all of them varying in flavor and design. Often, I go beyond the usual routine by visualizing myself baking alongside my favorite celebrity chef, Buddy Valastro. 

3. Plan Your Future

Some people do not enjoy making plans for the future, probably because they’ve restricted themselves to the world’s harsh realities. Unconsciously, they’ve built a wall limiting themselves from the limitless possibilities the universe has to offer. 

Clairvoyants do not recognize this wall; they go beyond such traditional beliefs, thinking that anything is possible in their minds. And it’s true! Everyone is free to dream! And as we said before, daydreaming is the strong suit of a clairvoyant. 

Perhaps you’ve stopped dreaming about the future because you’ve begun to believe that they aren’t possible. Unleash yourself from such thinking and start dreaming again. Never mind about how your world is today – they do not apply to your dreams. 

4. Practice Psychometry

Practicing psychometry is extremely fun. Clairvoyants get to practice their psychic sight and learn the history of an object all at the same time. All you have to do is to pick up an object and see if you can gather some spiritual information from them. You may not always receive a clear vision but feeling some form of energy is a good start. 

To practice psychometry, you might want to visit an antique shop or a historical landmark. See if you can pick up a few things by simply touching various objects around you. However, the practice doesn’t merely end with simply touching objects.

The real challenge in practicing psychometry isn’t with collecting information. Clairvoyants can naturally pick up bits and pieces of information. The more important task in practicing psychometry is learning how to make sense of the collected data. 

Although clairvoyants can see their visions vividly, it does not always mean that they are complete. It is the responsibility of the clairvoyant to connect the dots, uncover hidden messages, and make an insightful reading of their visions. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are new to clairvoyance, it might be hard to trust and accept the things we see but do not fully understand. And that is normal. We were all taught to believe in the logical things that have proof of existence in this world. But as they say, to see is to believe. Just because others do not see the same things you do doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. 


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