How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities FAST

Have you ever dreamt about something that later on came true? How about an experience when you felt like something was going to happen before it did? Perhaps you’ve never really thought much about it in the past, thinking that it was just a mere coincidence. But the accuracy and frequency of these events have now led you to believe the possibilities of being psychic. 

How To Know If You Have Psychic Abilities

Many people often associate psychics with crystal balls, tarot cards, and gem-studded turbans. But the truth is, most psychic experiences don’t even need such tools for them to occur in our lives. And you don’t need a peculiar sense of fashion to be considered psychic either. 

Believe it or not, all of us are a little psychic, and we each possess our own set of psychic powers. Psychic abilities are extraordinary gifts, but it is not as uncommon as you think they are. And although it may seem scary to you at first, you are not alone in this.

Others would often call it a “gut feeling,” and some may dismiss it as their intuition. But however you call it, there’s no denying that all of us have experienced such unexplainable events at least once in our lives. Think about it, how many times have you “had a hunch” about someone that turned out completely true and accurate? 

It may seem like a joke imagining oneself predicting the future. Right now, you might be thinking that if every one of us had psychic abilities, wouldn’t we all be millionaires by now? Unfortunately, being gifted with psychic abilities does not always mean that it is powerful enough to predict the winning lottery numbers or any other grand predictions, for that matter. 

Simply put, there are a lucky few who were born with already enhanced psychic powers. But for most of us, we would still need to learn how to develop our psychic abilities to reach that level. The question now is, are you able to realize your psychic abilities

Perhaps you’ve only had 1 or 2 significant psychic experiences. But how can you judge whether or not an experience can be considered psychic? Some people may tell you that it’s just a random coincidence, a lucky guess, or even just a figment of your imagination. So how does one recognize a true psychic experience? Read on below to find out.

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Early Signs Of Psychic Abilities

They say that our psychic abilities were at their strongest during our childhood years for some of us. But unlike our five physical senses, we did not have enough opportunities to nurture them. Our parents and teachers might have told us that we imagined things. And because of this, our psychic awareness continued to weaken as the years pass us by. 

However, this is not to say that our psychic abilities have left us forever. It may take some time and effort to reawaken those powers again. But in some cases, your psychic abilities may also resurface themselves in a couple of instances.

Over the years, our psychic powers may have been weakened or dormant. It’s usually because we have unconsciously shut ourselves off from our psychic abilities in the past. But certain triggers may have caused us to become sensitive to our spirituality once again.

So how do you know if your psychic abilities are revealing themselves to you? Below are symptoms of psychic abilities being reawakened once again.

Have you experienced one or more of them recently?

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Feeling Like Something Will Happen Before It Did 

There are a lot of people who don’t believe in fortune-telling. They think that fortune-tellers only tell you whatever you want to hear; there’s hardly anything precise in a psychic reading. 

But have you ever had an experience where you just knew something would happen, even if you don’t have reason or evidence to back yourself up? And the weirder thing is, it happened exactly as you thought it would? I don’t know about you, but that’s not a fortune-cookie level of fortune-telling. That’s your psychic ability giving you a glimpse of the near future. 

Of course, many people can easily call it a lucky guess but not even a lucky guess can get that accurate, no? If you are experiencing these events more frequently, it’s time for you to dig deeper and unlock your psychic abilities. 

Your Dreams Have Significant Messages 

Those who remember their dreams vividly even after waking up are extremely lucky. They say that our dreams contain a load of information about our spiritual selves and our surroundings. In some cases, they may even be a helpful warning or an important message. 

I used to often dream about running in a maze during my years in college. Until today, I still remember the dizzying pathways, the sharp corners, and the towering walls covered in vine. I would wake up out of breath as if I’ve been running just as I was in the maze of my dreams. 

At that time, I was enrolled in a course that I wasn’t passionate about. Attending class and doing homework wasn’t a burden, but I had always felt like I was chasing after something even though I didn’t know what it was. I was just never satisfied with what I had going for me. 

It didn’t take long for me to realize that sticking to that course wouldn’t be a good idea. Pursuing that career path felt like being in a maze with no exits – precisely what I had been experiencing in my dreams. Interestingly, all of my maze dreams ended right after I switched to another course. 

Deceased Loved Ones Visit You In Your Dreams

Our dreams are often riddled with symbols and hidden messages. But sometimes, even our deceased loved ones can make an appearance. While that may sound scary and creepy, there is absolutely nothing to be wary about. Being able to connect with spirits is a valued psychic gift. 

Our dreams are a venue for our loved ones to connect with us. Our conscious mind doesn’t get in the way during our sleeping state, so it’s a lot easier for them to contact us. 

Perhaps your loved one is trying to tell you something important? They may even be trying to protect you from unforeseen harm. Whatever the situation is, these dreams are a good indicator of your developing psychic powers. 

My uncle had a dream about my grandmother right before the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. According to my uncle, my grandmother told him not to leave the house the next day. On a regular day, my uncle would usually drive his way to work via the Bay Bridge. But because of his dream, he decided to skip work that day, and as it turns out, my grandmother had saved him. 

Our loved ones in heaven are still connected to us in some ways, even in the afterlife. In their ways, they are always trying to protect you from harm. Developing your psychic powers could allow you to receive their messages clearer and more frequently.

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You See Flashes Of Light 

If you see flashes of light coming from the corner of your eye, it means that there’s a spiritual presence nearby, most likely your angel or your spirit guide. Sometimes, the light won’t always be a flash. Other times, it will come to you twinkling as if it were stars or pixie dust. It’s truly a wonderful gift to behold, to be able to know that there is always someone by your side. 

Likewise, your psychic powers will also be able to sense something dark and evil. This is when your psychic abilities come in handy as they can also save you from possible danger. This may scare off many people, but this power could also be to your advantage if you choose so. 

How To Test Your Psychic Abilities

Are the experiences above relevant to you? Would you like to know just how powerful your psychic powers are? Now that you know you are truly gifted, why not put your abilities to the test and see how you can develop them further in the future? 

There are a couple of simple ways to test your psychic abilities – some of them are even available online. Below are the two most common psychic abilities quizzes available for you to try right away. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s see how strong your psychic abilities are. 

The Color Wheel Test 

The Color Wheel Test is a type of ESP test. It is a simple device that challenges one’s precognition abilities. The rules are fairly simple. A wheel of colors is shown on the screen, and the only thing you have to do is predict which color will appear in the “Correct Color” box. 

Each answer has a corresponding point. If you choose the right color, you are given 4 points. If your choice is one slice of pie away, you then gain 3 points, and so on. After ten guesses, your points are tallied, and from there, you can measure the strength of your precognition abilities. 

You can take this test by clicking on the following link: FREE Online ESP Test.

Zener Cards Test

Similar to the Color Wheel Test, Zener Cards are also commonly used in most ESP Tests. And they also test your precognition abilities. A deck of Zener cards contains only five cards, each having its distinct design or symbol. The computer chooses one card among the 5, and it is your job to guess which one it is. 

If you’re interested in taking the Zener Cards test, you can either download this app on your phone: Download the Zener ESP – Train and Test! You or the app can also play it on your computer on this website: Psychic Science Advanced ESP Test.

How To Develop Psychic Abilities 

How did you fare in the ESP Tests? Maybe you’re disappointed at how the results weren’t as high as you expected. Don’t worry, and just as how we can all sharpen our five physical senses, there are also plenty of ways we can nurture our psychic senses. 

Surprisingly, it isn’t at all difficult to develop one’s psychic skills. Honing one’s psychic abilities doesn’t mean that you should stare down at a spoon until it bends. Here are some suggestions on how to develop your psychic abilities. 

Meditate Regularly 

Spiritual awareness is key to developing your psychic abilities. After all, using your psychic powers entails tapping into the spiritual world. Being mindful and spiritually connected to your surroundings can ease you into wielding your psychic senses. 

Meditating 10-15 minutes a day can also bring you to a more relaxed state, allowing you to raise your energetic vibration to higher levels. As you do meditation into a daily habit, you will find it a lot easier to connect with your Inner Self and the Spiritual Universe. 

Keep A Dream Journal

If you would like to unravel the secrets of your dreams, keeping a journal can help you remember the occurrences in your dreams. You can keep notes of symbols, events, and the possible meanings behind them. Not all of us can remember our dreams after waking. But if you had the chance to keep those images, why not record them in your journal as well? 

Once you are ready to develop these abilities further, talk to a friend about their dreams. What kinds of dreams do they have? Please take note of the significant events, symbols, and possible hidden meanings of their dreams. Take your reading abilities to the next level by deciphering the significance of your friends’ dreams. 

Get To Know Your Spiritual Guides

Build a connection with your spiritual guide during one of your meditation sessions. Ask them to reveal themselves to you and ask for guidance on your spiritual journey. Let them know that you are looking to enhance your psychic abilities, and they might show you how. 

This practice may be a bit difficult, especially for beginners. The good news is that there are plenty of ways on how to communicate with your spiritual guide. Just give it some time, and your spirit guides will respond to you. 

So why not give it a shot? We all need a helping hand, and having a trusted spiritual guide could help make the journey a little less rocky. 

Send Messages Via Telepathy 

Sending telepathic messages is a fun and exciting psychic experiment, especially when you involve someone you love. To do this exercise, you would first need to focus your thoughts on the message you would like to send. 

Next, picture the person you want to in your mind and speak to them mentally as if they were sitting right across you. And that’s it! Now all you have to do is wait for a sign that will let you know they’ve received your mental note. Perhaps they would reply through a call or text?

The best thing about this exercise is that it can be done at any time and any place. So go ahead, why don’t you try sending your loved one a telepathic message right now? As you strengthen your psychic abilities, sending telepathic messages would prove to be a lot easier, faster, and more convenient than an email or text message

Keep A Psychic Diet 

Yes, you’ve read that right: there is such a thing as a psychic diet. Most people often forget that one’s health and nutrition can directly affect one’s psychic abilities. Even though our psychic skills would mostly involve the mind and the spirit, keeping optimal physical health is the base requirement in developing one’s psychic abilities

A psychic diet would usually include food options that have high-energy vibration. In general, foods that cleanse and nourish the body are considered to be high-vibration foods. Foods such as organic fruits and veg, ancient grains, and herbal teas are good examples of high-vibration food options. 

In contrast, foods that harm the body are low vibrational foods. Junk food, processed meats, and alcohol are the top contenders of foods not included in a psychic diet.

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Practice Psychic Readings Often 

Whether you like to use a deck of tarot cards or tea leaves, it is important to keep practicing with your tools of choice. Do a reading every day to help heighten your intuitive skills. You might be able to recognize certain symbols and hidden messages that weren’t there before. 

If you’re in for a bit of a challenge, try doing a reading for your friend. Often, it is a lot easier for us to read our fortunes simply because we know ourselves better than we know others. Give your friend some insight as you unearth their spiritual secrets – that should give you ample practice in honing your divination skills as well. 

Practice Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to identify the energy of a specific physical object, and it is a handy tool in developing one’s psychic powers. A person who has a keen sense of psychic touch can intuitively feel the energy of an object. They can associate names, events, and even memories just by touching them. 

To practice psychometry in your daily life, try visiting a place that has tons of history. You may want to visit an old antique shop. Touch pieces of furniture and see how much psychic information you can gather. You can also start by using old family photos of your ancestors to connect with them. 

This practice works best for people who have are sensitive to the energy of their surroundings. If you’re the type of person who feels uncomfortable in a cluttered environment, this practice may resonate well with you. A cluttered space isn’t just unpleasant to look at, but it also gives off a heavy feeling due to the conflicting energies of each item. 

Use Zener Cards 

As mentioned earlier, Zener cards are a popular device in testing one’s precognitive abilities. The rules of the test are straightforward, and you don’t need much to start practicing. You can download the app and hone your psychic skills even while commuting. 

Of course, using other kinds of ESP tests like the Color Wheel Test is also recommended. Whichever test you choose, the main point is to keep practice a part of your daily schedule. We all know that a lack of practice can cause our psychic abilities to become weak, and so it’s essential to put some effort into honing these abilities daily. 

Study and Join a Psychic Community 

Learning more about your psychic abilities should be one of the first things you need to do to develop your psychic powers. Gaining information could help you better understand just what you are capable of. After all, it isn’t easy to use your powers when you don’t even know what it is all about. You may want to start with books and online resources as part of your study. 

But one of the better ways to gain more information is to join a psychic community. By joining a like-minded community, you have a huge bank of knowledge through the experiences of others. You can also communicate your concerns with community members, and you can easily receive responses to your questions compared to simply reading a book. 


Acceptance of one’s psychic powers can be a struggle, especially for those who have yet to discover their psychic abilities. Because of the mysterious nature of the psychic world, some people aren’t sure about how to react to their experiences. However, once you are exposed to the spiritual world, it’s almost impossible to retreat. 

Know that you aren’t alone in your spiritual journey. All of us are psychics in one way or another, and we are all trying to figure out the mysteries of the spiritual world. The best thing to do is embrace your gifts and find out how you can use them to your advantage. Sooner or later, you will realize just how beautiful and powerful your psychic abilities are.

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