How to do a Cold Psychic Readings in Step-by-Step

Cold psychic reading is a technique used by psychics to read an individual. Few psychics can do a cold reading. Cold reading is not as hard as it might seem at first. There are steps that if you follow, you would be a master in cold reading in no time

In this post, we will be discussing these steps in detail. If you are an ordinary psychic, and you do not know how to cold read, then this post is for you.

You do not need to perform any sacrifice or do any black magic to be able to cold-read. The biggest thing you would need to cold read is the right mindset. 

If you are modest, it would be a plus for you too. To be accurate while cold reading, there are a few things you would need to know about the person you are reading. 

And you would also need to set the right mood to be accurate all the time. So, let us jump right into the details of how to do a cold psychic reading step-by-step.

How to do a Cold Psychic Reading in Step-by-Step:

1. Props to Set the Right Mood 

To start cold psychic reading, you may want to pick a prop. You don’t need to choose an accessory everyone is using. Pick a prop that best works for you.

 Choose a prop that you can best handle. Some of the most popular props that psychics use are the crystal ball or a tarot card. You can indulge in any of them, or you can pick something that is rather not that common. 

Some people use parrots, while others use a bowl of water. The idea of the props is to set the right mood. People tend to feel as though the accessories are a medium port that connects you to the other side. So it would do you a lot of good if you can tap into this mentality as you are cold reading.

2. Pick out a subject if you are performing on Stage

Another thing you need to know about cold reading because you need to pick out your Subject yourself. Because when you pick out a subject yourself, it would be easier for you to read. There are different people with different belief systems. 

To achieve success as you cold read, your Subject must believe you can do it. If your Subject has a lot of doubt in your ability as a genuine psychic, then you would run into a lot of roadblocks.

 So, when you pick a subject, pick someone willing to be cold-read. Someone who is very emotional would be perfect for it.

3. Be Modest about Your Abilities 

Apart from setting the right moods and also picking out the best subject to be cold-read. There is something else you need to know as a psychic who wants to cold-read. 

And that is the fact that you need to be modest about your abilities. If you are not modest about your skills, people would feel you are a scam. And ones people begin to feel as though you are a scam, they believe less in your abilities. 

Nothing kills a rising psychic more than when people believe less in their skills. So be modest about your abilities. 

Be humble, talk to people as though you are an ordinary person. When you are humble, that is when people would respect you more. After all, respect is earned, not demanded.

4. Tell your Subjects that the Success of the Reading Depends on them 

On starting to reassure your Subject that the success of the cold reading depends on them. By encouraging them, it is a way of making them feel confident in you. 

After all, they are the one who wants to connect to the spirit world. 

To be sincere with you, the success of the reading depends on the subjects. Because if they are not willing to be read, there is no way you would be able to read them. 

So, as a psychic, it is your responsibility to make them open up. Teach your Subject to be free. Trust me, it would not be easy, but you would have to try your best to make them open up.

5. Be Confident as you Read 

So, as the reading being, you have to be confident as you read. That way, even if the Subject has any doubt in your abilities, it would be eliminated. 

Most people that are cold readers always doubt that you would be able to do it. So, have it at the back of your mind that they suspect you. Your aim should be to kill every single trait of doubt in your Subject’s brain. 

Cold reading can be quite tricky, which means that there is every tendency that you would make errors. 

In cases where you make an error, you would have to say something to regain the trust of your Subject. 

You can say something like, “are you sure it does not mean anything to you.” 

You can also say something like, “perhaps it has not been revealed to you.” 

Saying things that would make your Subject feel reassured you’re a genuine psychic. 

6. Disguise Questions as Statement 

While cold reading, you should try as much as you can to avoid asking questions. To your Subject, it would seem as though you are giving them answers based on the questions you are asking.

 So, what you want to do when you want to ask a question is to disguise it as a statement. When you conceal your questions like statements, your Subject would answer you unknowingly.

And when you begin to cold read them with accuracy, they would be filled with amazement. 

You can conceal your questions like this, “I can see a vision a necklace, I wonder why?” Questions like these trigger a response from your Subject. 

You can further ask questions like, “I can see a hazy picture of a white horse, and does it mean anything to you?” Asking questions like these would hit a soft spot in your Subject. Eventually, your Subject would break down in emotions.

7. Let your Subject do most of the talking 

When you are cold reading, there would be lots of emotions flying everywhere. So, when your Subject wants to talk about a particular event, do not interrupt them. 

The more your subject talks, the easier it would be for you to read them. The truth is that to be very accurate at cold reading; a stranger is very hard. Had it been someone you know, like a sibling or a relative, it would be more comfortable. 

To be accurate as you read a stranger, you would need to ask a lot of questions. And like we said earlier, asking questions is a no-no for cold reading

Let your Subject do most of the talking. As they talk, they would reveal all that you need to know about them unknowingly.

8. Pay Attention to the Subject’s Manners 

Another helpful suggestion is paying attention to your Subject’s mannerisms. But as you deduce things about your Subject, do not go for the obvious stuff. Do not go for stuff that you know your Subject would easily pick out. 

Things like their T-shirt, don’t deduce things from it. Perhaps on their T-shirt is a picture of the band “Metallica.” Then you deduce that the Subject loves the band “Metallica.”

Those things are too obvious, so don’t predict things from it. Instead, you can infer things from your Subject is fidgeting and wears a love necklace. 

You can say something like, “you are anxious, but you feel more relaxed when you are with your true love.”

9. Speak in General Statement 

Another thing you should note as you are cold reading is to speak using general statements. Do not be too specific as in calling dates and names. 

When you talk with general statements, you are limiting your chances of making errors. To be specific about anything, as you are cold reading, a stranger is quite tricky. 

So, use general statements. Well, the only exceptions are the information you gathered from your subjects earlier. 

For instance, you could say, “when you were still a child, you were often misunderstood.” Everyone was misunderstood at one point or the other during their childhood. 

10. Let your Subject Guide the Discussion 

In conclusion, as you are cold reading your Subject, let your subject guild the discussion. Most people who desire to be cold read come because they feel a burden in their hearts. 

What they want is to get that weight lifted off their shoulders. They want to feel free again; that is why they want to communicate with the other world. 

So, let them guide the discussion. That way, you would not end up talking about something different from what they want to discuss. 

Take, for instance, if your Subject keeps talking about their ex. You can say something like, “You are having problems moving on from your recent heartbreak. Your past relationship is weighing your down.” 

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