How to do a Psychic Reading on Yourself in 5 Steps

Doing a psychic reading on yourself requires a few things you need to have at the back of your mind. First of all, you need to know what item you prefer using for reading.

These items are referred to as d props. Items you can use for the reading ranges from a pendulum to tarot cards, to crystals.

When you know what you want to use for the psychic reading, then it is time you ask yourself a series of questions. Doing a psychic on yourself is very easy. Well as long as you are willing to be true to yourself. It is even easier to do a psychic reading on yourself than it is to read others.

So, the reason for this post is to teach you how to do a psychic reading on yourself step by step. Knowing these steps at the back of your mind makes you a better psychic. Apart from the fact that you would be able to read yourself, but you would find it easier to read others. Without further ado, let us dive into how to do a psychic reading on yourself step by step.  

How to do a Psychic Reading on Yourself Step by Step

1. Center Yourself

On how to do a psychic reading on yourself step by step, firstly, you need to center yourself.

In centering yourself, you would need to clear your mind of other thoughts. In clearing your mind of other thoughts, you would need to focus your mind. There are several ways you can have a focused mind.

Although it is a bit different for different people. What helps me stay focused might be different from what makes you focused.

But generally, what helps people stay focused is by thinking about a particular thing.

Let’s take, for example, to keep focused; you may want to think about what you want to know. After all, there was a reason why you want to do a psychic reading on yourself in the first place.

Thinking about that would not only keep you focused, but it would also motivate you. So, clear your mind of every thought that would obstruct your connection with the other side. Doing psychic reading requires concentration.

The fact that you are doing the psychic reading on yourself makes it even easy.  Had it been you were doing the psychic reading on someone else; it would be harder to help the person stay focused.

But since you are doing it on yourself, you know when you are concentrated and when you are not concentrated.
So, in the case when you are not focused, you can work on yourself and make yourself focused. And the best way to be concentrated is by centering your mind. Center what you are thinking.

2. Ask Your Psychic Self

The next thing you are to do is to ask the psychic you. Because you are doing a psychic reading on yourself does not mean that it would be different.

Treat yourself the same way you would treat a client. There are no unique treatments when it comes to a psychic reading. In the process, ask yourself those questions you ask people.

Since you are doing a psychic reading on yourself, no need for you to ask those first questions anymore.

Questions that you ask to know the subjects you are reading. Since you are reading yourself, nobody knows yourself best than yourself.

So, skip the introductory questions and jump to the real deal.

Ask yourself what you want to get from the psychic reading. If you are using tarot cards, or a crystal ball, or even a pendulum, at this point bring it out and set it on the table.

Then start asking yourself all the right questions would if it were clients in front of you. Doing a psychic reading on yourself should not take you too long.

When you ask yourself the right questions, keep it as simple as possible in the first place. Picture yourself as the visitor coming to see an excellent gifted psychic.

Asking vague questions at first would get an unclear answer. Then as you proceed with the psychic reading, you can get more intense with the questions.

After you are done asking your psychic self those right questions. At this stage, you can proceed with the next step on how to do a psychic reading on yourself step by step.

3. Scan Yourself

The next step is to scan yourself. Scanning yourself is the most challenging part of the whole reading process.

Because if you are not used to doing a psychic reading on yourself, you would doubt the answers you are getting.

So, when you are scanning yourself, be true to yourself. Do not let your thoughts cloud your mind when you are scanning yourself. Scanning yourself is the most crucial part of doing a psychic reading on yourself.

While scanning yourself, when you start getting a vibe of something coming to you, embrace it. If you have to close your eyes to be able to concentrate more, do it. Whatever that would help you to stay more focused, do it.

Being able to get answers to those questions should also help to keep you feeling motivated. With the right motivation, you would be able to keep yourself in the right frame of mind.

When you ask a question, wait for an answer. If you use a tarot card, when you pull out a card, study it carefully.

Do not be in haste to do the reading. When you hurriedly do a psychic reading, you would very likely not run into a lot of roadblocks. In some cases, you would even skip a lot of vital information when you rush a psychic reading.

4. Take it Further

After all, it has been said, and you have been able to get the answers to your question finally, it’s time to take it further.

In taking things further, you would have to redo the whole psychic reading. The idea of doing psychic reading all over again is to be sure of the answers that you go at first.

Repeating the entire psychic reading helps you to ask further questions. You would able be blessed with the opportunity to funny understand what you didn’t get at first.

Don’t worry too much if you did not get anything new the second time. What you should be existed for is the fact that you were able to verify what you got the first time.

So, when you do it the second time, you know without a doubt that the answers you got the first time were accurate. When psychics read themselves, they at times get the answers they want to know. The first time is what they call the confirmation phase.

The second time they redo the psychic reading, that is when they get the real answers they are searching. So, if it is your first time you are doing a psychic reading on yourself, make sure you take it further.

5. Get back to the Centre and tell yourself the story

Lastly, you need to get back to the center. What I mean is that it is time to leave the reading scene.

When you have acquired all the information, you need you do not just abandon everything and go. Doing a psychic reading on yourself doesn’t mean you wouldn’t follow protocols.

So, to get back to the center, start by refreshing your mind. Think about the information you got. If you are satisfied, then thank your better self that is the psychic you for the help.

If you like, you can stay in the scene for as long as you want. You can pounder on the answers you got for as long as you want. The idea is that you should stay in the scene until you are ready to resume your daily activities.

Sometimes, the answers we get after doing a psychic reading might not be what we were expecting to get. I know that feeling and know it can be very disappointing.

In cases when you get daunting information, it is best you stay put. That way, you can process the information better. Jumping straight into the world when you are not ready can be very damaging.

You could even start hating what you use to love and despising everything. Whatever information you got from the psychic reading, tell yourself the story. Explain to yourself the story and why you got that answer.

In conclusion, with these few steps mentioned above, you can do a psychic reading on yourself. The only trick is that you should play by the rules.

The fact that you are doing a psychic reading on yourself does not mean you can do it anyhow. The rules still apply to you.
So, be careful as you proceed with performing a psychic read on yourself. And my hope for you is that you get the answer you so desire.

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