How to Do Psychic Readings Through Touch

One of the best ways to do a psychic reading is through touch. As a psychic, touching an object is more like sensing the energy it possesses. You can put it as knowing where a pot is hot or cold. Not all psychics can do a reading through touch. But being able to do reading through contact is one of the most accurate ways of reading someone.

When a psychic touches a person, he can know anything about anything going on with the person. The person does not even need to alter a word.

Psychics who read people by touching them are all genuine. They are very few psychics who can do a reading by touching.

So, if you find one, best believe him or her. Psychics who can ready by touching things can find lost people and objects. They can even sense health imbalance. Reading a person or an item by mere touching is extraordinary.

In this post, we are going to be talking about everything psychic reading through touch. So, please sit back and relax as we dive into it.

Learn How to Do Psychic Readings Through Touch

Learn How to Do Psychic Readings Through Touch by Ted Andrews

What is Psychometry?

Psychometry may be a word you have never heard of before. But it is a word, and it means something.

Psychometry is the act of reading the energy of an object. Psychometry is a gift, and not everyone can do it. If you can sense the energy of an object by touching it, then you have Psychometry abilities. Psychometry cannot be thought of. If you do not have the gift, there is no way you can learn it.

Psychometry can help a person develop all their intuitive gifts. Because you decide to learn Psychometry, you would discover there is so much to learn.

Through Psychometry, you can learn things like clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

Psychometry teaches you all these things, and in the end, you become a better version of yourself. Psychometry is a beautiful way to learn all that is within you.

After all, it was given to you for a purpose. It is left to you to discover what that purpose is. But first, you need to develop yourself to be able to fulfill your destiny.

Psychometry has helped gifted psychics put their gifts into good use. Psychometry teaches you to use their gifts ethically and responsibly.

Psychometry should not be seen only as a way of learning but also as a way of life. Thanks to Psychometry, many psychic who didn’t know themselves has achieved greatness. If you are new to the world of psychics, gird yourself as we go on a new journey. Psychometry teaches you all you need to know about psychic abilities. It also shows you how to be good at it. But first, let us understand how it works.

How does Psychometry Work?

How Psychometry works is a question that has been asked too many times. Many times this question has been asked but has not been answered right.

The idea of Psychometry is by touching an object and feeling the energy. Have you ever held a hot pot before? Well, we probably all have to experience that burning sensation of a hot pan.

The same way we felt the hotness of the pan without stress is the same way a psychic feels the energy from an object. Just a single touch of an object is enough to reveal all that is to say about the object within a twinkle of an eye. Psychometry works in a way that teaches you how to read energetic imprints. Whatever is done here on earth leaves a mark behind. We leave fingerprints on objects we touch likewise, energetic imprints on objects too.

So, when a psychic holds an object with an energetic imprint on it, he feels it.

So, if you are not the best at picking up aura or vibrations from objects, then Psychometry is for you. Although you do not pick any energy from an object does not mean that you cannot read the energy. The degree of energy in each object is different. It all depends on the amount of imprint on the object. It also depends on the type of energetic imprint on the object.

But when you hold on to an object, you need to be very sensitive. Your mind needs to be single as well to get the full energy emanating from the object.

What are the Signs you have Psychometry Abilities?  

Now, let us talk about the signs that follow someone with Psychometry abilities. Trust me; not everyone is gifted with Psychometry abilities. Not all psychics have Psychometry abilities. Only a few people can harness the Psychometry abilities.

And to be frank with you, it is incredible when you know how to use your Psychometry abilities. Here are some of the signs if you notices could mean you have Psychometry abilities:

  • You cannot buy, and you cannot wear used clothes. Because when you are wearing used clothes, it almost feels as though a ghost is chasing you. You would keep seeing flashes of the previous owner of the cloth.
  • Another sign to keep an eye out is a weird feeling when you are in an antique shop. Usually, being in an antique shop is spooky enough. But when you have Psychometry abilities, it gets even more mysterious. Antique shops hold a lot of old items. And so to say, not all the memories from ancient times are pleasing to see. Some are rather scary than you think. Having all these energies in one place can be daunting. Someone who has Psychometry abilities, especially new breeds, needs orientation.
  • When you feel completely overwhelmed in pawn shops, trust me, it’s a sign. One thing I’ve learned is that a pawn shop has plenty of sad memories. Imagine those tears and heartbreaks running through your head at the same time. When you are talking about a disorienting feeling, there you have one perfect one.
  • When you also feel discomfort in clustered spaces, you probably have Psychometry abilities. In clustered spaces, there are so many energies there. Even someone still new to reading energy by touch can feel it.
  • Feeling like washing your hands after every work is a sign of psychometry abilities.

These are just a few of the signs that you have Psychometry abilities. There are so many ways to know you have Psychometry abilities.

But the few mentioned above are some of the most popular ones that are associated with many people.

How to do Psychometry

Lastly, let us briefly talk about how to do Psychometry. So, if you already know, you have Psychometry abilities.
And you already also know what to expect from Psychometry, then let us proceed. We will be discussing a few steps that would guide you on how to do Psychometry.

But please, you need to ensure that you adhere strictly to the rules for those who are still new to Psychometry.

Psychometry can be very fun if practiced with caution, and at the same time, it can be deadly. Don’t mess with old energy imprint, especially a powerful energy imprint.

So, without further ado, here are some steps to guide you on how to do psychic readings through touch.

Step 1

The first and most crucial step to take is to wash your hands. Don’t confuse this step with being about hygiene. However, it is good to be hygienic.

The essence of this step is to ensure that you wash off the energy from your hands. By doing so, you would be more accurate with your reading, and it would not be guesswork.

Step 2

Next, you may want to rub your palms together. It is, but this time, the energy is fresh. So, what you will do is place your palm on the object you are trying to read. Keep your palms facing down, and you hold the object.

Step 3

Next, focus your mind on the object. Try as much as you can to have a single thought. If you like, you can close your eyes.
To some people immediately, they hold the object; they feel the energy right away. To others, they have to concentrate a bit to get a hook for it.

Step 4

The next step involves you allowing the energy to flow through you. At this point, you would have to let the images flow through your mind. What you see, sense, smell, or even hear is vital.

Step 5

Lastly, you understand the energy you are feeling. Now, this is the hardest part, yet it is simple at the same time. After you have felt the energy from the object, it is left to you to tell the world what you felt. So, you have to try your best to be as precise as you can about this information.

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