How to File a Complaint Against a Lawyer in Florida in 8 Steps

If you ever feel the need to file a complaint against a lawyer, Attorney, a Public representative or a law firm in general in the state of Florida and want to know “How to File a Complaint Against a Lawyer in Florida?”

This article will just answer that… I am to walk you through 8 steps to filing any complaint against any legal firm in Florida.

How to File a Complaint Against a Lawyer in Florida Step by StepFlorida is one of the states with the highest numbers of incompetent or rogue attorneys.

In 2015 alone, the Florida Bar (a disciplinary arm of the Supreme Court) disbarred more than 60 attorneys either temporarily or permanently.

Most of these attorneys had their licenses revoked for financial fraud, failing to carry out their obligations and violating the lawyers’ ethical standards in many other ways.

A bad legal expert can mess your life so bad that you want to sue them and have them jailed. Many people have come to me to seek advice on how to file a complaint against a lawyer in Florida.

I am proud to say that I always advise them accordingly. As a result of my expert guidance, more than 70% of them have been able to have the lawyer who screwed them dealt with according to the law.

Sure, filing a complaint against a lawyer in the Sunshine State can be a very complicated procedure.

One that, if not carried out the right way, could end so badly for the complainant.

However, 90 percent of those who seek my advice end up getting the results they were hoping for.

So, today, I am going to teach you how to file a complaint that will see your lawyer punished for his doings.

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When to File a Complaint against an Attorney

Let us first look at some common case scenarios when it can be necessary to file an attorney complaint before proceeding to how to file a complaint.

So when should you report an attorney to the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program ( an agency that handles client complaints and has the mandate to resolve some problems before a complaint is filed with the Supreme Court)? Is it after having a confrontation with the attorney? Or when you feel he is not working on your case hard enough?

Well, do not hesitate to reach out to the ACAP when:

  • Your attorney will respond to your attempts at contact and return emails as well as telephone calls, despite having taken your money.
  • You learned that a settlement check was sent to your attorney, but he or she failed to inform you about it.
  • Your attorney settles your case without your permission and fails to inform you. This may probably mean he or she has pocketed the defendant’s money at your expense!


How to File a Complaint against a Lawyer in Florida in 7 Steps

  1. Visit the following link to access the Inquiry/Complaint form with five parts(one up to five):
  2. Enter your complainant information in the first part of the form, making sure to provide your name, physical address, phone number, and email address and phone number. Be sure to indicate your reference number in the space provided, if you have already contacted ACAP. Do the same if your complaint entails a matter currently in litigation.
  3. Enter attorney information in the second part, including his or her name, bar number, physical address, phone number, and email address. You may obtain the bar number and contact information of the attorney by going to and searching under “Find a Lawyer”.
  4. Describe your facts or allegations clearly, listing all the details in chronological order, with dates where possible. Please note that failure to support your complaint with facts may result in you being asked to provide the facts.
  5. While your complaint will be considered even without witnesses, it is a good idea to provide witnesses if you have some. It strengthens your case a great deal. You may attach an extra sheet with the name, address as well as a telephone number for each witness, without forgetting to write a brief description of the facts, which that witness would testify about.
  6. You must certify under penalty of perjury that your allegations are true and put your signature in the space provided. Failure to do so will see your complaint rejected. Please note that photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
  7. You may submit the original complaint form to ACAP via U.S Mail. You may use the following postal address: The Florida Bar, Attn.: ACAP 651 East Jefferson Street Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2300.

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ACAP Attorney Complaint Application Form Dos &  Don’ts

To ensure timely processing of your complaint, here are the ACAP Attorney Complaint Application Form Dos & Don’ts:



  • List only one attorney perform. ACAP processes complaint forms only against individual attorneys. They do not process complaints against law firms. You may copy the form to create additional copies if you need to include more than one attorney.
  • Limit your submission to 25 pages or less, including exhibits.
  • Provide your submission one time.



  • Do not staple, index, bind, or tab your documents.
  • Do not submit materials in color.
  •  Do not highlight documents under any circumstances.
  • Do not attach media like photographs, flash drives, CDs, audiotapes, etc.
  • Do not submit original personal documents such as birth certificate, academic certificates, etc.  This is because ACAP destroys all documents after scanning them.
  • Do not submit confidential information under any circumstances.
  • Do not submit duplicates via fax, email, or any other means.


Final Thoughts

It is my hope that this article comprehensively answers the question as to how to file a complaint against a lawyer in Florida. You can follow the steps above to file a complaint against an attorney that you feel is not treating you right as a customer.

Be sure to follow the dos and don’ts above, though, when following the procedure. With nothing more to say, good luck in filing a complaint.

Feel free to write to reach out if you have any question.

I hope the How to File a Complaint Against a Lawyer in Florida step by step has helped or given you some clarification should you ever need to file a complaint.

If you feel that

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