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Who are Sugar Daddies?
Contrary to popular belief, sugar daddies have been around for ages. In the 1500s and 1600s, men would ideally settle for much younger women because they believed they were more fertile, whereas women loved the financial security and status that came with being with older men. These meant that their children would never lack and they will be part of the influential class.  It is only until recently that the phenomenon became popular thanks to the internet and technological advancement.
If you are tired of being ill-treated and taken for granted by your boyfriend, you should probably consider getting a sugar daddy. Don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry; we got you covered!
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Below are the most 12 Popular Ways of How to Find a Sugar Daddy Who Knows How to Treat a lady:

12 Popular Ways of How to Find a Sugar Daddy Who Knows How to Treat a lady

1.  Know Your “Target” Sugar Daddy

Before getting into a relationship with any sugar daddy, you need first to evaluate your needs. Different sugar daddies look for different things. Some men want to fulfill their sexual fantasies and fetishes, some are looking for companionship, someone to talk to, others are looking for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship while others are looking for trophy girlfriends they can parade around their friends and some are looking for a little bit of everything.
Whatever your needs and expectations, you should get a sugar daddy that can give what you are looking for. Such issues should be made addressed from the beginning of the relationship to prevent any misunderstanding in the future.

2.  Learn to Recognize Them in a Crowd

There are a few traits that can help you spot a sugar daddy in a crowd. His clothes and behavior have a lot to say about his status. A well-tailored suit with a classic cut can help you identify if he is a potential sugar daddy. His knowledge of exotic locations around the world, sophisticated topics like limited editions of wine or whiskey could be some of the ways you could spot him in a busy crowd. The type of car he drives has a lot to say about his personality.
Also, the purpose of why the crowd came together is an essential factor. Rich and established sugar daddies attend a lot of charity events. Most of them are invited to such events so that they could use their connections and influences to make these events a success. So, if you spot him in such circumstances, he probably is a sugar daddy.

3.  Understand the Kind of Woman that They Seek

Just like you, sugar daddies to have their expectations and preferences. It is essential to understand the kind of woman they are looking for so that you know if you can fit in profile or not. If you find out that you are not what he is looking for; it is okay. The worst you can do is force yourself on him. This could make the relationship sour with a lot of frustration defying the real reasons behind having a sugar daddy. To prevent this, be keen while having conversations, be a good listener, and as time goes, you will sense his intentions and expectations.

4.  Impressing Your Potential Sugar Daddy on Your First Date

The first impression is very important. Most sugar daddies are shy and private individuals. They are not as outspoken. Thanks to social media, you can now research your date before meeting him. You will not get all the details, but you will get enough to understand him. What are his likes, what tickles him? What is his favorite city? With this knowledge at hand, you will know how to present yourself, and you will have an idea of what to expect. Be confident and eloquent.
Show him that you apart from being a beauty, you also have brains. Beauty and brains is an irresistible combination. As much as the primary purpose of the relationship is financial support, most successful sugar daddies are more attracted to independent women who have a career, and they are good at it. Let him see this side of you. Talk about your job and long term goals. He will gladly help you achieve your goals and dreams.  Also, bring some fun element in the date, crack jokes, smile and laugh. It is never that serious! A little bit of flirting will also go a long way.

5.  Exercise a lot of patience

Patience is key if you intend to get a sugar daddy. Things may not pick up as fast as you may want them to. He may not be as available and invested in the beginning maybe he needs to take some time before making his decision, or he is probably too busy making more money. It will take more than a single encounter to determine if you can date a person. Just like in regular dating, you need to take your time so that you can find the right sugar daddy for you; someone that will like you just as much as you like them. Patience will create harmony in any relationship; it will also transform your life for the better. Patience also allows you to think strategically and thoroughly evaluate your situation, therefore, improving your decision-making skills.

6.  Apply your detective skills

If your detective skills are not on point, call up your girlfriends. We all have that friend that is good at finding out everything about a person. All you need is the first name, and they are good to go! Find out more about your potential sugar daddy. Check if he has had a sugar baby before you, and if yes, why did the relationship end? How does he handle women? Does he have a criminal record? What are their hobbies? Does he any medical condition you should be aware of? These are just some of the things you need to find out. Based on your needs and experience, you know will know what to look out for. The answers to these questions will help you determine if you are compatible or not. You will also find peace of mind knowing the kind of man you will deal with.
Also, learn to trust your instincts. Instincts are there to protect and keep you safe. If something about your sugar daddy or potential sugar daddy, walk away, don’t force it.

7.  Maintain your beautiful and shaming looks

Looking good is part of the job. Look at it as a requirement for a job application. Sugar daddies have pretty much-fixed expectations when it comes to how you look. Just because you already got him falling for you, it doesn’t mean that you can let go off yourself. Keep fit, smell good, wear that dress that drives him crazy.  If anything, you have even to work harder to look better. The world of sugar dating is quite competitive, and before you know it, someone else could take your place.  Taking care of yourself and keeping fit is also good for your health. It’s a win-win situation.

8.  Get some training

Due to the demand for sugar daddies, there are numerous courses offering instructions on how to treat your sugar daddy. You could look out for such conventions online and register. Most of the training comes at a certain fee, but it will be worth it, especially if you are new in the sugar dating world. It is so much you get to learn. You learn how things work, your role in the relationship, how to create networks, how to present and conduct yourself. Training offers you a guide and directions on what to expect so that you can go in physically and mentally prepared. All these skills will come in handy; look at it as a map with clues to use for treasure hunting.

9.  Set your sights high, but not TOO high

Yes, the sky is the limit. Setting limits Is essential because it shows you know what you want and how you want it. It is also a way of filtering out people that are not good for you or those that are not serious. This will also help the other person move on since they will know from the beginning if they fit into your criteria or not. However, you also need to get real because when your standards are too high, you come out as cold and superficial. In an attempt to filter out, you could also be filtered out; your sugar daddy could get what is offering in a heartbeat and even better without your drama!

10.  Be nice, and show compassionate

When it all said and done, we are all human, and a little extra care will go a long way. We all want to be treated well and feel appreciated. Compassion gives you the ability to understand what someone else is going through and the desire to do something to improve their situation.  As much as a sugar daddy- sugar baby offers more financial support and sexual favors, some TLC after a long day or week will be appreciated!

11. Don’t show desperation

The desperation in dating is such a turn-off. No one wants to be with someone desperate. Although things are always upfront and clear from the beginning. You don’t have to show your potential sugar daddy how desperate you are for his money and attention. A little mystery in a relationship could be the push it needs for things to work out. Always carry yourself with grace and a little bit of pride. The type of healthy ego; one that represents self-confidence, value for self-worth and motivation.
Also, desperation could clog your mind and affect your judgment, thus making you end up with the wrong person or even worse end up with a salt daddy!

12.  Find them on Sugar Daddy Apps and Website

The demand for sugar daddies has led to the eruption of sugar daddy dating apps and websites. Today, it is now easier to get a sugar daddy thanks these apps and websites, most of which are free for sugar babies. The apps give you the platform to meet several potential sugar daddies at the comfort of your room. You don’t have to deal with the hustle of frequenting popular places that sugar daddies frequent. The efficiency that comes with using the apps is perfect for busy people who barely have the time to go out and meet people traditionally. It is also easy to vet people, making it easy to narrow down.

Final Word

Human beings are social creatures; we need one another to thrive. You might have gone through heartaches and frustrations, but that should not stop, you from going out and pursuing your happiness and reaching your goals. Take your chances, go out and meet people and who knows maybe at the end of it all you will find someone willing to fit in your shoe.
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