How to Fire Personal Injury Lawyer in 4 Simple Steps

There are a lot of reasons why a client will want to fire his or her personal injury lawyer no just because the client is unhappy with the injury lawyer but at the same time, your happiness with the lawyer and the case is also paramount.

If you feel that your personal injury lawyer is not living up to your expectations or is not acting in your best interest, you have the right to fire him or her.

A personal injury lawyer can be fired for any reason, it all depends on the client in question. If you are currently occupied with a personal injury case and the thoughts of firing your current lawyer and hiring another one come to your mind, there are a lot of things you need to consider.

You need to ask yourself why you are considering changing lawyers at this point. Many problems can occur between lawyer and client which will bring about such thought in a client’s head.

Some of these problems arise from the following situations;

  • the client and lawyer have a poor relationship
  • the lawyer does not communicate with the client
  • the client questions the lawyer’s competence
  • the client no longer trust the lawyer


The Client and Lawyer Have a Poor Relationship

This is not important but a lot of clients think it is and make it a priority, this is a mistake. A client and a personal injury lawyer don’t need to have a very close relationship or be friends with each other, recall that this is not the main purpose of a personal injury lawyer.

Some lawyers may be very good but are not friendly at all, it is just the nature of the job.  If you find yourself in a situation whereby you do not like your lawyer but trust him or her in a way and you are confident that the person can do a good job and help you to win the case, you should consider keeping such lawyer.


The Lawyer Does Not Communicate with the Client

One of the main causes of disputes and complaint from clients is the issue of lawyers not returning clients phone calls. This can be very disturbing to a client especially when he or she wants to extract or even pass information to the lawyer about the case at hand.

Your first evidence that there might be a problem should be when you can’t reach your lawyer by any means possible.

If you develop this type of issue with your lawyer, I strongly suggest that you fire him or her and look out for another one cause you might be disappointed with the result of the case if he or she continues.


The Client Questions the Lawyer’s Competence

This is the biggest problem that makes a client fire a personal injury lawyer. As we already know, you hired that lawyer to assist you in getting compensation form an injury inflicted on you by another party.

You should fire your current lawyer and hire a new one if you find out that he or she is not competent enough to get you your desired result from the case.

I will also advise you not to be in a hurry to judge any lawyer you come in contact with, you must take your time and access every detail necessary.

Since the law is not your field of study, how can you determine if a lawyer is competent or not?

A lawyer that always makes out time to see you is competent. A competent lawyer has nothing to hide and will give you your file whenever you demand it.

A personal injury lawyer should not be struggling to answer your questions if he or she does then something is wrong somewhere. You have to consider all these things before going ahead to fire your injury lawyer.


The Client No Longer Trusts the Lawyer

This type of relationship (attorney-client) is based on trust. Try as much as possible to find a lawyer you can trust and rely on. If you do not trust your lawyer with your case, I strongly suggest you fire him or her and find another one


4 Steps to Firing Your Personal Injury Attorney:

After considering all and you have finally decided to fire your personal injury lawyer, you are obliged to follow the steps below to avoid conflicts and misunderstanding. They are as follows;

  1. The first thing to do is to get your contract for legal services. Check the contract to see if there is a part of it that discussed procedures on how to terminate the relationship between you and your lawyer. If you find any there, I strongly suggest you follow it


  1. Second step- The next thing you need to do is to hire a new personal injury attorney. This should only be done when you are certain that you are going to fire your previous lawyer to avoid any clash in the process. As you go ahead to fire your current lawyer and hire a new one, handling legal issues on your own would not be forced on you as to attain to get a new lawyer.


  1. The third step- you need to go formal. Write a formal letter to your current personal injury lawyer. This letter should contain information and details where you will be explaining to your attorney that you wish to terminate your relationship stating reasons why you have made this decision. This letter should be very brief and should only contain information about you terminating the contract between you and your lawyer, you should also request that he hands over all your case files to your new attorney if you already have one. You should attach the contact information of your new lawyer to it.


  1. The fourth step- If you have a pending case in court and you wish to fire your attorney, it is best you call the attention of the court and let them know that you will be switching lawyers for this case. This step should be the next thing on your mind once you have notified your current lawyer that you will be firing him or her through the letter you sent.

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