How to Get a Certificate in Paralegal Studies (Is it Worthy)

Advantages of Getting a Paralegal Certificate.

Among the options available for you to get that legal education, one for consideration is a certificate. Most often, it will be called a paralegal certificate or a certificate in paralegal studies. It is a quick and effective option to get a legal, educational background that will qualify you to work as a legal assistant or paralegal. The question many have is “How to Get a Certificate in Paralegal Studies, Is it Worthy of the effort?



Paralegals are an essential part of any law firm. They help lawyers with research, interview clients, prepare for trials, hearing and closings.


Certificate program

There are many community colleges and four-year universities that offer either a certificate program or a degree program. The American Bar Association has approved over 200 programs. The use of one of the approved programs is not required but may increase the chance of gaining employment.

Law offices are not the only place employment is available, although they are the largest employer of paralegals. There are corporations, real estate firms, and federal or state government offices.

In these offices, there are many different areas of law to specialize in. There is criminal law, immigration law, family law, corporate law, estate planning, and intellectual property law, to name a few.


Should you get a certificate or go for a degree instead?

It depends on a few different factors. One is your prior educational background; another is the time you are willing to devote. Also worth noting is whether you have found a program to provide you with proper training to learn the necessary skills. And what about the cost?

If you already have a college degree, a certificate is probably the right choice for you. A paralegal certificate course on top of an existing degree looks excellent to potential employers. Upon completion, you will have a well-rounded education that shows you have diverse knowledge.


Degrees with an emphasis in paralegal studies.

If you do not already have an associate or a bachelors degree, you might want to consider earning one of those degrees with an emphasis in paralegal studies. Although it is certainly possible to obtain employment without a college degree and just having a paralegal certificate.

Earning a certificate is the fastest way to become qualified to become a legal assistant or paralegal. Whereas a degree can take anywhere from two to four years to complete, a certificate can take as little as just 12 weeks.


Paralegal certificate programs

Most paralegal certificate programs will take less than one year to complete. You will notice many courses are available in three, six, and nine-month increments. You will not necessarily learn a whole lot more in nine months than you will in six, but you are certainly limited in what you can learn in three months.

Be sure and carefully research a school or organization before you sign up to take a paralegal course with them. You need a program that offers a wide range of courses that will teach you about all aspects of being a legal assistant.

Classes that provide legal knowledge are essential. Criminal, civil and family law are three main categories of the law. There are many subsets within these main topics, such as torts, bankruptcy, criminal prosecution, criminal defense, wills and estates, and elder care law, to name a few.

You will also want classes that teach you how to perform the duties that legal assistants work on daily. Some tasks are fulfilling discovery requests, writing correspondence, and dealing with clients. Other essential responsibilities include: learning how to do legal research, analyze cases, and monitor court deadlines.


Paralegal certificate programs can vary in cost.

Check with the particular school to find out how much they charge. While most degree programs qualify for federal financial assistance and grants, in many cases a certificate program does not. Some organizations offer to finance, so be sure to contact them directly to find out what programs are available to you.


Tips on Paralegal Certificate Programs.

What are the advantages of pursuing any of the paralegal certificate programs?

Usually, those who have essential degrees or associate degrees immaterial of the field of major, opt for pursuing a paralegal certificate program rather than an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree program. The duration of a typical paralegal certificate program could vary from a matter of four months to two years. The length of the course is dependent on various factors.

Due to such flexibility, a paralegal can work in many types of public and private sectors. It is common to find paralegals in corporate legal departments, private law firms, professional trade associations, and large banks. In the case of the public sector, it is possible to find paralegal jobs in offices of city attorneys and community legal service programs.

About this, the entry requirements of a paralegal student vary as well. They are based mainly on factors such as educational backgrounds and work experiences.


What are the benefits of working as a paralegal?

So, you have the option of pursuing such a course online or offline. A person who already has a primary degree or associate degree, irrespective of the field of major, can choose to pursue a paralegal certificate program. The length of such a course could be from 4 months to 2 years, depending on certain factors.


Paralegal to work in various public and private sectors.

Therefore, a paralegal can work in various public and private sectors. Apart from private law firms, paralegals can also work in other private organizations like insurance companies, banks and health care organizations. For the public sector, there are job opportunities in community legal service programs, offices of public defenders, and so forth.

Typically, colleges offer legal specialty training programs, which are short. To put it briefly, paralegal certificate programs offer another job opportunity for graduates with specialization in other fields, which are unrelated to law.

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