How to Get a Free Psychic Question Answered Immediately

Do You Want to Know How to Get a Free Psychic Question Answered Immediately at no cost, no credit card required? This article has the answer. Read it now.

Do you have an urgent psychic question that has driven you crazy for days and wants it answered immediately at no cost? Are you desperate to get a free psychic question answered quickly? If yes, then you need to consult experts for your psychic explanations.

This article discusses the most accurate psychic platforms that can get your psychic questions answered by qualified professionals and transform your life.

One advantage of these platforms is that they can serve anyone at any location. Even if you spend some cash to obtain the services, you are likely to get the good returns of your money and a lasting solution.

Before you get a free psychic question answered immediately, you need to prepare yourself adequately in the following ways:

  • Come up with questions that you want the psychic to answer. You should avoid yes or no questions because they might limit the information you will get from a psychic.
  • Be specific with your questions. You should avoid ambiguity and ask open-ended questions.
  • Develop a positive mindset during the question and maintain a positive intent.
  • Your questions should take into consideration your specific location or situation.


What are The Most Common Psychic Questions Asked?

  • Questions about love
  • Questions about your health
  • Questions about your job and promotion
  • Questions about your future and life in general.


Example of psychic questions to ask

  • What can you see in my future…?
  • What are the possible scenarios in my job…?
  • What can you tell me about my partner…?
  • How do my social circle and friends look like…?
  • When will my finances improve…?
  • When will I have a kid, a family, a lover, a job…?


Which Platforms Will You Use To Ask Your Psychic Question?

  • Email: You can use your email address to direct your question to the psychics and wait for the response. All you are required to have is a strong internet connection and an internet accessing device.
  • Live Psychic Chat: When you log onto the web pages of the platforms offering psychic readings, you can get live chat mediums where you can air your psychic question and wait for an answer.
  • Phone number: You might get be given the phone number where you can call and ask psychic questions directly from your phone.


Top 5 Best Psychic Websites For Instant Messaging 


1. PSYCHIC SOURCE (Tel: (844)240-2471)

Psychic Source has been in operation since 1999 and has gained quite some good positive reputation.

Even though the company’s database is based in the US, anyone from any location can access the website and get their psychic questions answered immediately.

The site prides itself on being in operation for more than two decades and boats of a large team of authentic experts to answer your psychic questions. On the site’s homepage, you will be welcomed by a slogan that reads: “Life Possibilities Revealed.” Well, that is precisely what you will get from the site. 

Pros of the site

  • The psychic screening process is thorough, and this might scare away jokers.
  • A large pool of certified psychics to answer all your psychic questions.
  • One can ask their psychic questions through video chats, live chats, and phone calls.


How The Site Works

Psychic Source charges a flat rate fee of $1 per minute, and it must be paid upfront. However, the website offers different packages if an individual takes more time. For instance, when one takes 30 minutes, they might pay $27 and get a discount of free first three minutes.


Screening Process for Psychics

Psychic Source is highly overrated because of the rigorous screening given to psychics who wish to be hosted on the site.

The heavy screening involves multiple interviews to taste the psychic abilities of the applicants they are indeed authentic and qualified experts psychics.

On the site’s homepage, it promises users that all their psychic is experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable after rigorous vetting.


What Types of Psychic Services Can You Get From The Site?

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2. CALIFORNIA PSYCHICS (Tel: (866)552-3943)

As the name suggests, California Psychics is a website whose office is based in LA, California but provides psychic readings to everyone across the globe. The types of psychic readings that one can get from the site include; relationship and love psychic readings, finances, career, self-awareness, dream interpretation, and future prediction.

The site has gained a reputation in the last couple of years due to its ability to offer psychic readings mostly through phone and not via online chat or email.


How The Site Works

On the homepage, a new user will be required to select his/her favorite psychic, considering factors such as a psychic’s abilities, the psychic’s ratings, the psychic’s styles, and the psychics are of specialty.

Below the name of each psychic, there are a short description and customer testimonials about their experience with the psychics. Each psychic also has his/her schedule posted below their name.

The website charges $1 per minute for psychic readings. There are also three packages to choose to range from 10, 20 to 30 minutes. In your birthday month, you can receive a 10% discount on the packages.


Why You Should Consider California Psychics



Oranium is popularly known as a website that offers the most legit video psychic reading in the form of webcam or video chat where you can speak directly to your psychic reader.


Screening Process for psychics

On the site’s homepage, it prides itself on more than 3000 psychics.

Logically, we know that the larger the number, the less rigorous scrutiny the psychics are given.

That is the most noticeable con of Oranium because even though psychics undergo testing, it is not as rigorous as other sites offering psychic services.

That means you have to take a personal initiative to scrutinize the psychics yourself before settling on one.


What’s Good About Oranium Website?

  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface which enables you to watch from a psychic without encountering significant challenges.
  • You can view a psychic’s schedule and schedule yourself.
  • Before initiating a video call, you can chat with psychics free of charge.
  • The customer service lacks telephone interaction but one can reach support through the email.

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Kasamba keeps on gaining popularity daily because of the chat-based psychic readings. The site boasts of 100% certified psychics that will professionally handle your psychic reading needs.

One significant advantage of Kasamba is that the platform has multi-lingual psychics who will help you out even if English is not your first language.

This chat-based psychic site also offers phone readings and has a team of famous psychics who can charge a rate as high as $20 per minute.


Screening Process For Psychics

Kasamba doesn’t have a competitive screening process for psychics. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a Psychic by considering their ratings, customer reviews, and the number of years the Psychics have worked at Kasamba.


What’s Unique About Kasamba Website?

  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface makes it efficient to sort Psychics by their skill level.
  • The site saves chat logs for future reference.
  • New customers can get free the first 3 minutes of their reading when they purchase 10-minute session upfront.
  • Highly reliable customer service even though telephone support is absent. You can get help through email support.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the Psychic readings, you can request a refund for your purchase price to a limit of $50.  

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Life Reader site has gained popularity among people due to the best deals for a psychic reading.

Furthermore, the site boasts of hosting qualified psychics from different parts of the world who have been hand-selected based on their skills.

Some of the psychic readings you can get on the website includes Tarot readings, love and relationships psychic readings, astrology readings, and much more. Most psychics give readings by email, phone, or chat.


Screening Process

The screening process isn’t competitive. Psychics are hand-picked from different parts of the world based on their skills and experience.

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Bottom Line

The site offers a thrilling introductory price of $0.19 per minute which is an offer you can let pass. Even though the site lacks telephone support, Psychics can provide readings via chat o email. Moreover, newcomers can be given three first minutes for free after purchasing a reading.



There are tons of websites that can fulfill your psychic reading needs.

All you have to do is choose a site that has a good reputation, enticing introductory offers, and a site that you feel will answer your Free Psychic Question Answered Immediately where No credit card is required.

Above all, be well-prepared with your psychic questions before accessing the sites.

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