5 Ways to Get Over an Infatuation with a Married Man

How to Get Over an Infatuation with a Married Man? He is incredibly attractive. He’s emotionally intelligent. He’s fun to hang around with. He has the best qualities you would want in a man. Unfortunately, he’s already married. What should you do? Well, if you are in such a situation and wondering how to get over an infatuation with a married man, worry no further. It is always possible to get over such obsessive thoughts.

Infatuation, sometimes known as puppy love or crush, is having too much obsession with someone. According to psychologists, it is always good to get over this feeling, especially if you know you can’t be with the person. Remember, not all infatuations leads to love.

According to psychologists, when you are obsessed with a person, you become blindfolded by the feelings. You only see the positivity of that person. As such, the following ways will help you overcome such feelings.

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1. Remind yourself of his wife

One way of getting over such feelings is to remind yourself of his wife and family as a whole. Get to know that his wife is a person with exact emotions. Therefore if you happen to talk to him, always mention his wife. You can ask him how his wife is doing, even if you haven’t met her. Try to be more respectful and courteous. This way, you will be reminded that this man is engaged.


2. Love yourself

In most cases, we do seek for others love simply because we lack self-confidence. Nevertheless, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Therefore, you should remind yourself of self-worth. Encourage yourself by doing something great. For instance, you can buy yourself one o the most expensive gifts nobody has ever bought you. One thing you shouldn’t forget is that you are a fabulous woman. Having this in mind, you will slowly get over too much obsession to the man.


3. Keep yourself busy

Perhaps you find yourself taking too much time thinking of the man. Someone you won’t get married to any time. Well, its high time you need to refocus your thoughts. Put your energy into something new, for example starting a new hobby. Whenever you begin thinking of the man, always find something to keep you busy. You can turn on the TV and watch your favorite movie. Tentatively, you can play with your pet or go out for a ride. This way, you will train your mind to shun away from such futile obsession.


4. Make new friends

The reality is that the man is already taken. And that’s a fact you can’t change. Why find someone who isn’t married? Or just some friends to hang out with? The energy spent thinking on the married man can be well put into use on another free man, if there be. Take a look around. Who else is available? Perhaps you are already in a relationship. But it doesn’t have to end there! Spice things up. Infatuations are there to bring you an ideal world. Therefore, you need to bring yourself back to reality. Start thinking about how you can make your world and love life more real.


5. Create new distractions

There are several ways in which you can create new distractions that will keep you away from the man. For instance, you can concentrate more on his flaws. When planning to meet him in the future, try to identify some things in him that you dislike. If for example, you love dogs yet he says he hates them, dwell on that. Or, if you find his fingers not attractive, you can use it to bring some distraction. More importantly, monitor his words. If he stresses too much on sex, uses vulgar words or prejudice, it should be a turnoff. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t respect you the way you are.


Final thoughts

Infatuations are simply obsessions that can be very dangerous, especially if not properly managed. If you are thinking about how to get over an infatuation with a married man, always remember it’s only a short term brain chemical reaction that could negatively affect you.

Therefore, try as much as possible to bring yourself to reality, by overcoming such obsession.

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