How to Keep a Sugar Daddy [6 Advise for Sugar Babies]

There are many sugar babies that spend so much time getting a new sugar daddy. Change is good or even having many sugar daddies is fine, but it is always important to keep a good relationship with one sugar daddy. So, How to Keep a Sugar Daddy?
When you find a sugar daddy that is everything you desire and much more, you need to make sure you keep a sugar daddy happy and satisfied.
It is also much easier to ask for an emergency need from a sugar daddy you have a long-standing relationship with, than a new one. Opposed to what most sugar babies think, a new sugar daddy can’t buy you a house or car after knowing you for barely a month. You need to spend quality time with your sugar daddy to get him to provide for you.
Though keeping a good relationship with a sugar daddy may take time, but the saying that good things come to those who wait still holds true. Like any business venture, it is much easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new customer.
A satisfied customer will be more willing to patronize you again than a new client.
If you want to know how to keep a sugar daddy, you have come to the right place.
In this article, I have written six surefire tips on how you keep a sugar daddy.
If you play your cards right with these tips and apply it to your sugar daddy relationship, you’ll definitely be keeping him for a long time.

Here are 6 tips for sugar babies on How to Keep a Sugar Daddy:

  • Ensure you Give Your Sugar Daddy Quality Attention

A surefire way to keep your sugar daddy is to make yourself available anytime he wants you. As a sugar baby, you ought to spend quality time with your sugar daddy. If you want to know how to keep your sugar daddy, then this isn’t the time to play hard to get. Limit excuses like you’re busy or you’re not around; else your sugar daddy will find another sugar baby to spend time with.
Sugar daddies can be very calculating. They don’t just part with their hard-earned money unless they feel they are getting something of value from you. And value here isn’t just about sex alone. This is a grave mistake many sugar babies make. Sex is cheap. Sugar daddies can easily pay for sex in a motel but that’s not what they want with you. Sex won’t help you keep your sugar daddy around.
So, to keep your sugar daddy, you need to give him attention. Be his friend and connect with him on an emotional level. Be there for him when he needs you and you will see him spoil you like the queen that you are. It may not be easy to pull off but nothing comes easy. To be a successful sugar baby you have to put in the work and show your worth in such a manner that your sugar daddy won’t help but notice.

  • Be Your Sugar Daddy’s Place of Refuge

There is no worse turn off for a sugar daddy than a sugar baby that always stresses him out. Don’t dump every of your life’s drama on your sugar daddy. As a sugar baby, your arms should be a place of refuge to your sugar daddy rather than a source of constant stress. Most sugar daddies don’t like drama from their sugar babies. Most times they’ve spent all day seeing to other people’s needs.
When your sugar daddy is with you, he desires peace of mind and wants to relieve himself of stress. Imagine your time together as a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary away from his stressful life. Be his refuge, a relief, and a very welcome distraction. When he finds peace in your arms, he’d see you as a valuable gift he can’t get somewhere else. This is a guaranteed way to keep your sugar daddy happy for a long time.
So you shouldn’t always burden your sugar daddy with all your life’s problems. Let him also share some of his burden with you and support him with kind words. Be cheerful around him. Your job is to make your sugar daddy happy. Making sure he is happy guarantees that he’d do likewise for you, by providing you with money and gifts.

  • Buy Gifts for your Sugar Daddy

Hold up, gifts? What for? Shouldn’t he be the one to buy gifts for you?
Of course, he ought to buy you gifts. However, giving him gifts as well shows that you care and that you appreciate his efforts. Do you know what is even super cool about it? It is one of the most effective ways to get even more regular, numerous and awesome gifts from your sugar daddy. Besides, the kind of gifts you decide to buy doesn’t have to be fancy or cost you an arm or a leg. In fact, most sugar daddies do expect to receive gifts from their sugar babies at all. All you need to do is get your sugar daddy small, thoughtful gifts that would achieve 3 objectives:

  • Shows you care about him and you pay attention to the things he likes. Your sugar daddy will be thrilled to get a thoughtful gift from you. Even more so if such gift is beneficial to him in some way. This will show that you’ve been paying attention to him and that you care enough to get something he needs, despite the fact that you didn’t have to. It would also seem to him like you’re adding value to his life and you’re not a liability.
  • Puts the thoughts of you in his mind often. The best gifts you can get for your sugar daddy are the ones he will make use of every day – or maybe even a number of times per day. Get him a thoughtful gift that he will like and/or that is useful to him in away. If you do this, he won’t help but feel thankful and glad to have you as his sugar baby. Every time he uses or comes across the gift, thoughts of you will infiltrate his mind.
  • Show that he is special to you. Buy your sugar daddy gifts that show he is special to you. The kind of gift that depicts you both share a special bond together. Since men naturally tend to take care of what belongs to them, these kinds of gifts will make your sugar daddy go above and beyond to provide for you.

Regardless of what the gift is, the gesture of getting a gift for your sugar daddy will make him see you as a generous person. It will also show that you care for him as a person, not his money. That alone will you’re your sugar daddy believe you are not a gold digger. He will deem it “safe” to shower you with gifts as well and he will do it often and very generously.

  • Hold your Sugar Daddy’s Interest

He is your man; you need to hold his interest. Your looks and beauty is not everything. Yes, these are good attributes but they can only get you so far. Asides good looks what other things can you bring to the table? Most sugar daddies are very intelligent and wealthy men that enjoy the company of beautiful women. They also love to hang out with intelligent ladies. As a sugar baby, being articulate is very essential. You should also be well versed in various subjects. When you are able to hold intelligent conversations about subjects that your sugar daddy is interested in or hot topics in the news, then he is going to have a deep interest in you. Even more, he would be willing to take you with him for important events, like dinners, galas, fundraisers, etc. possibly this could be an avenue to ask him for more money to look the part for the events. You should, however, note that the conversation shouldn’t be one-way. It should be a mutual conversation. Listen to him talk and give corresponding comments. You should also make your comments and responses short and on point.

  • Respect his Privacy

As a sugar baby, you need to respect your sugar daddy’s privacy. No sugar daddy likes a sugar baby that snoops around his mobile phone or house. You should put it in mind that your sugar daddy may be in a relationship or may even be married. It is none of your business. Don’t ask him questions like are you special in his life or what do you mean to him. As long as he is doing right by you and giving you all you want, then there is no problem. Respect your sugar daddy’s privacy and he will respect yours as well. You don’t need to know who your sugar daddy his calling, who he has been with or if he has another sugar baby. When you find out something private about him that he didn’t share with you just ignore. If your sugar daddy also asks you questions you are unwilling to answer, decline respectfully and bring up another topic you’d like to discuss.

  • Find Your Sugar Daddy’s Soft Spot

Everyone has a soft spot and your sugar daddy does too. Find the soft spot of your sugar daddy use it to make him want you all the time. First, for you to successfully do that, you need to understand your sugar daddy’s psychology. Every relationship is uniquely different. Even if you’ve had a sugar daddy before, this current one will have differing traits from the previous ones. Study your sugar daddy’s mood. Know what makes him tick. Know what to do that makes him happy. Know how to make him happy. If you can master this, then congratulations, you’ve made yourself priceless to your sugar daddy. He will do anything to keep you happy.
Put in the work to keep your sugar daddy happy and satisfied and you will reap the rewards in multiple folds.

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