18 Sure Ways to Know If a Cancerian Man Likes You

Are you eyeing a Cancer man? Does it give you ripples when you think of your relationship with him? Cancer men make the best heads of the family. Thus, you cannot afford to lose your new-found love. A cancer man has the best personality. His characters make him a suitable spouse.

One of the secrets to a man’s heart is by understanding his personality. Learning about his character gives you an upper hand in a relationship. A cancer man is passionate. He has an obsession with achieving his goals. You are lucky if all he wants is to settle with you. He will whole-heartedly work for your relationship.

A cancer man also portrays other characters like charming, caring, secretive, and artistic. He always makes his stand on matters to do with the family. On the other hand, he is also indecisive. His decisions come with a lot of second thoughts.

You may even think he is not into you because he leaves you to make final calls by yourself. If you are not patient enough, you may not enjoy the fruits of your blossoming relationship.

A cancer man is moody and insecure. Thus, it can be confusing for you at first. Dealing with an unhappy partner is not easy. Learning his characters gives you a better chance to win his heart.

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Here are 8 Clear Signs that will help you know if a Cancerian likes you.

1. Habitual changes

A cancer man will go out of his way to please you. Does he always visit you in new clothes, hairstyle or even scent? You should not miss these signs. He is trying to impress you and steal your attention. Do not develop cold feet at his gestures. Make a point of commenting on it and encourage him. You can easily win your man by championing his looks.

2. He Shares secrets

A cancer man has a secretive personality; thus, he unlikely to share secrets unless he is into you. If your man creates time to share juicy details, you should count yourself lucky. He trusts you and sees you as his partner. Give him a listening year and avoid controversial comments on the same. Let him express himself freely without judgment.

3. Flirting

Cancer men will often flirt their way into a woman’s heart. However, if they flirt around with many women, you can get the wrong signals. The only way to know if a Cancer man is serious is when he asks for devotion. Singling you out and asking for commitment shows his real intentions. Do not turn him down if you are planning for a future together.

A cancer man is likely to flirt with you when feeling shy to express his feelings. Therefore, when he sends you a suggestive picture, you should flow with the mood. Respond with energy, and he will turn into a charmer. Do not feel shy when he sends you flirty messages. It could be the start of your intimacy.

4. Long phone calls

It is unquestionable when a Cancer man likes you. He creates time to engage you in phone calls. He will ask you about your day at work. He will also initiate intimate conversations over the phone. He will ask you out to spend time with you. Do not turn him away or ignore his calls.

5. Invites you to dates

A cancer man in love will try and create time with you. He will suggest weekend getaways, vacations of coffee dates. He will try to connect with you. Dates are a sign that he values you and wants to have you in his life. Therefore, do not let such chances slip away. Go to dates with him and create memorable moments.

6. Being close to you and correcting your mistakes

If a cancer man always chooses to stay by your side, he likes you. He wants to build a bond with you. He will try to make you comfortable by getting helping you fix a wardrobe malfunction. He wants you to avoid embarrassment by all means. So the next time he points out a stray eyelash, do not frown at him. Cancer men have a caring personality.

A cancer man will also try to win you by ensuring. You spend time together. He will suggest fancy picnics, and coffee dates all in a bid to spend time with you. If he keeps on knocking for dates, it’s a sure sign he is smitten. He finds you irresistible and cannot have another person beside him. Do not turn his invitations down; let him spend his free time with you.


7. Goes beyond the touch barrier

If a cancer man likes you, he will reach out his arms to touch you. He will probably say hello after tapping your shoulder. Do not feel shy about it. You should embrace him instead and break the touch barrier. He will feel comfortable sharing greetings the next time he spots you.

A cancer man shows that he cares by breaking the touch barrier. He will give you long hugs and hold your hands when in picnics. You cannot afford to miss these signs as he is pulling you close to his heart.

8. Use music to communicate his feelings

If your man always insists on creating a playlist for you, he wants to put a message across. Sometimes a cancer man will use music to communicate his emotions. He will compile his favorite songs to ensure you get the best feeling.

Do not put him to shame by openly criticizing his playlist. Take time to listen as it helps you know him better. He could be shy and cannot publicly comment on his feelings. He can always use other avenues like music or poems when describing his intentions.

9. He pens heartfelt poems or letters

A cancer man does not like being away from a partner he likes. Therefore, he will make all efforts to create moments when on a long-distance relationship. He will make calls or even write letters. If he sends you a message expressing his emotions, you have a place in his heart. Do not ruin it by ignoring to respond. A cancer man is nurturing and loves a partner who appreciates.

10. Cares for you

A cancer man likes to nurture his partner. If he is parenting you, it’s a sign he loves you. Just like a mother or a father, he will express his concerns about you. He will try to correct you when wrong. He does not hide his feelings when happy or sad. He is genuine in his interests and tries to shape you to fit in his life.

11. Buys you gifts

A cancer man who likes you will try and impress you with tips. If he does not declare his love for you but brings you fancy rewards, it is a sign that he loves you. He offers you gifts to earn your loyalty and keep you away from other men. He might surprise you ate work with a bouquet and a card to show how much he adores you. You can also appreciate him by organizing surprises on his special days. It helps in growing a deep bond.

12. Invites you to his place and cooks for you

If a cancer man is in love, he does all sorts of things to win your heart. If he invites you to his house, it might not be for a one-night stand. He might surprise you with dinner. He will take time and prepare the meal for you. You should use this opportunity to complement his cutlery skills. Make sure you use the dinner setting to bond with your man.

13. Mentions family to you

Cancer men are notorious for one night stands. They are confusing to many women for this intention. However, you can tell if he is serious when he mentions his plans to start a family with you. Do not throw cold water on such utterances, as they portray his love for you. Whether a cancer man mentions about family in the early or later stages in a relationship, he is serious about it. He wants to build a life around you and make a family.

14. Presents you to his family

If a cancer man goes to the extent of introducing you to his family, it’s a clear sign he likes you. A cancer man will interact with many women, but none will reach his family level. Therefore, he is honoring you and showing his stand on building a future with him. He is comfortable enough to show his parents that he has a partner. He is showing character and comes out as a responsible man.

15. He wants to be close with you

If a cancer man likes you, he will try and initiate intimacy with you. By being intimate shows that you are arousing and his preference too. He finds you physical features attractive and willing to grow in a relationship with you. If he asks for kisses, he is into you.

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16. He introduces you to friends

If a cancer man is comfortable to introduce you to his friends, you are special to his heart. It shows that he finds you attractive and is willing to show you off. Thus, when he calls you to share a platform with his friends, make sure you look pretty.

17. Initiates conversations during the day

If a cancer man likes you, he will try and find out about your day. You are likely to see texts or calls from him all day. Do not take it as a desperate move since your man is trying to reach out. You should heartily reply to those conversations. Remember that communication is significant in nurturing a relationship at all levels.

18. Treasures you exceptional days

A cancer man will probably stick to his artistic skills when he is not in love. However, if he still remembers days like your birthday or any special occasion; it shows he loves you. Many men will not remember a thing if they do not have an interest in you. If he has your special days in his fingers tips, you are close to getting your man.

A cancer man will also try to impress you on specific days. He might pull a surprise by offering you a gift. He is likely to allude to a past event when choosing your prize. He would love to create a memorable day for you.


A cancer man is one of best marriage partner. He is open, passionate about life, and cares for his family. In a bid to realize the full potential with your man, you should also show support for his weaknesses. In a case where he cannot make a decision fast enough, you can help him. If he appears moody, you can brighten up his day by leaving a touching message. It takes two to tangle. Therefore, you should always reciprocate his love. You should show him unwavering support and earn his trust.

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