How To Lift An Elderly Person Off The Floor?

When an older person falls, it can be pretty shocking. The senior citizens need extra care as they tend to be feeble and weak.   Elderly persons cannot get off the ground on their own; they need help. Knowing how to lift an elderly person off the floor is crucial, and this guide will equip you with the proper knowledge.

There is a lot of information on the internet on lifting the elderly from the floor after a fall. What is critical is to ensure that you take precautions because one may have been subjected to injuries. Before lifting the person from the floor, check to see whether any damages might have occurred.

What Do You Do When an Elderly Person Falls Down?

A fall is not to be taken lightly when it comes to the elderly. This is more evident in a senior person who has an underlying medical condition that can trigger a fall.  If your loved person of old age falls, here are some things you can do;


Check for Injuries:

This should be the first step, checking for injuries. Start by calming your loved ones and assuring them that everything is going to be alright. Allow them to take deep breaths.

If you realize that they are in a state of shock, work with them in taking deep breaths.  Look out for any swelling or skin discolouration. Serious injuries should be visible, not unless they give you an indication that they are injured internally.

Offer Assistance:

An elderly person cannot get off the ground independently after a fall. You need to offer the required help. Give support by gently lifting your loved person off the floor. If they end up crying in pain, don’t move them. They may be injured more than you may have estimated.

Call for Help:

911 would come in handy in situations like this. When such people fall, they may sustain injuries that require urgent medical attention from experts.  With that, the proper procedure will be carried out when lifting the individual from the fall. That prevents further injuries and minimizes pain.

How to Lift an Elderly Person Off the Floor?  (Step by Step Guide)

Word of caution: never lift an elderly person off the floor if you cannot handle the situation. Remember, it is better to let the person remain on the floor for a while than cause more pain. Can anyone know how to lift an elderly person off the floor? Yes, there it is, and it is what we are going to discuss to ensure that you are well equipped with the correct information.How-to-Lift-an-Elderly-Person-Off-the-Floor-(Step-by-Step-Guide)

Step 1: Calm Down

It may be quite shocking to see an elderly person fall. That is not the time to panic and get freaked out. You will scare the person on the floor. Compose yourself fast. That way, you will handle the situation with ease.

Step 2: Calm the Elderly Person

Yes, they may be in pain, but it would not do them any good if they are in panic mode. Guide them into taking slow deep breaths. Do this moderately until you notice some improvement. They should be feeling better once they are done taking calming breaths.

Step 3: Injuries

This step is quite critical. Check thoroughly to see if you will notice any injuries. They may have suffered cuts, bruises, and even fractures. You may ask them if they feel pain; if yes, assess the pain level. Any area that they complain of intense pain avoids it. If you are trying to move them and suffer unbearable pain, contact an ambulance or emergency team.

Step 4: Ensure the Surrounding Area Is Safe

During the fall, water may have been spilled, or glasses have broken. Clean the area to allow for a clean space to handle your loved one on the floor. Without doing that, you may end up getting hurt in the process without your knowledge.

Step 5: Pieces of Furniture

If an elderly person has fallen in an area with chairs or any other kind of furniture, it can be a bit advantageous. How? The pieces of furniture can come in quite handy in the process of getting your loved one off the floor.

Now that you are confident that no serious injury has been sustained help your loved one. A chair, sofa, or table can be used to give support, helping you get the older adult from the floor without significant challenges.

Step 6: Kneeling Position

Start by letting your elderly person roll on their side. Now position them gently from the head to bring them into a kneeling position. Check out for knee pain because that may cause a lot of discomforts. Note that the floor should not be too hard. If the area is without a carpet, have a folded towel placed under their knees.Kneeling position

Kneel and allow the elderly person to place an arm around your neck as you wrap your hard around their hip area. Lift them gently as they push themselves up (if they can). If you have a table nearby or a seat, they can place one of their hands on it, which can be quite helpful in the process. This process should be done steadily because an elderly person can often end up experiencing bouts of dizziness.

Step 7: Getting Up

From the kneeling position, let your elderly lift the leg, which is stronger such that it is flat on the ground. In this position, it becomes easier for them to get up. They need to gather all their strength to get them off their ground with your support, of course.

Don’t leave their side until they are on their feet once again. Get a comfortable seat to allow them to rest for a while. That will take off the shock as the body becomes peaceful once more.

Final Thoughts

We have shared some valuable information on how to lift an elderly person off the floor. With the right skills and knowledge, your loved one will be off the floor within no time. Take extra care when handling the elderly as they can get hurt easily. Remember that their life depends on you because if you happen to make a wrong move, the effects can be devastating.

Provide comfort during the process of lifting an elderly person from the ground. However, what is essential is to ensure that the house is safe to prevent anything that can cause an elderly person to fall. Prevention is always better than cure.

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