How to Make a Voodoo Doll to Control Someone – [9 Easy Steps]

How to make a voodoo doll that works?

Do you want to learn how to make a voodoo doll to control someone in 9 easy steps? In this article, I am going to teach a simple, yet powerful voodoo doll love spell to control someone.

This free voodoo doll love spell is beginner friendly. You do not need to be a Sharma to cast this love spell. You do not need to be a psychic to be able to cast this free voodoo doll love spell. You will be able to perform it even if you’ve never cast love spells chants before.

So, before we get into the 9 easy steps on how to make a voodoo doll to control someone, let’s us understand the following questions.


What Does a Voodoo Doll Mean?

A voodoo doll is more like a puppet. A voodoo doll is made in a way that it resembles someone. The mystery behind the voodoo doll is that it can be used to control someone. Funny enough, it’s just a doll you need to control someone

The voodoo doll is what you cast a spell on. Ones a spell is cast on a voodoo doll, it can then be used to either do good or do evil. Ones you can successfully make a voodoo doll, you are more like the driver behind the wheels.

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What is Voodoo Magic?

The voodoo magic is a type of magic that can make someone go all-zombie for you. The voodoo magic is so powerful that it gives you complete control over a person’s will. The voodoo magic does not really require much to work.

Although some people have associated the voodoo magic with black magic. The magic has been significantly misused, as many people use it for their selfish gains. Voodoo magic can be used to do good. It all depends on who’s using the voodoo magic. But one thing is sure, and that is voodoo magic uses a voodoo doll to control people.


What is a Hoodoo Doll?

Unlike the voodoo doll, the hoodoo doll is the doll used for performing the hoodoo magic. The hoodoo magic practice goes back to the times of slavery. The traditional folks were the ones that practiced this hoodoo magic.

Although the term voodoo hoodoo is commonly used, it does not mean that they are connected. In fact, the voodoo and the hoodoo both originated from a different source. The term voodoo hoodoo is used because it sounds catchy. The voodoo doll is also as powerful as the voodoo doll, and it is definitely worth taking a look into.


Is Voodoo is Religion in Haiti?

Yes, voodoo is a religion in Haiti. Vodou which is otherwise spelled as voodoo is the name of the popular known name for a religion practiced in Haiti. In the Vodou religion, they believe in an unknowable and distant supreme creator they call Bondye.

In the Vodou religion in Haiti, they believe that Bondye does not have anything to do with communicating with humans. Therefore when they pray, they direct it towards spirits subservient to the god Bondye, Loa. And they also believe that every single Loa is responsible for a particular area in life.

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Who is the Voodoo god?

When it comes to talks about the voodoo god, the list is quite long. There are so many deities associated with voodoo. But the top 12 deities associated with the voodoo god includes Ayida, Marinette, Kalfu, Zaca, Oco, Legba, Maman Brigitte, Ogun, Agwe, Erzulie, and Damballah.

This list is just to mention a few of the deities associated with the voodoo. And not all the deities associated with the voodoo are good. Some of the deities associated with the voodoo are after human sacrifices. And other deities are less demanding and bring good fortune to its believers.


What does Voodoo do to a Person?

When a voodoo spell is cast on a person, it literally turns the person to a zombie. This means that you would be in complete control of the person’s will. Whatever you do on the doll that is what the person you cast the voodoo spell on would do.

This real voodoo dolls that work can help you capture that person of your dreams in no time. So, whenever you feel you need to control someone for one reason or the other, use real voodoo dolls and thank me later.


Who is Oya in Voodoo?

Oya is a deity associated with voodoo. The Oya is a deity commonly associated with the Yoruba’s. Oya is otherwise known as oia. Funny enough, the deity Oya is known to be a female.

The deity Oya is the orisha of wind, violent storm, thunder, rebirth and death. The deity Oya is similar to the Haitian god known as the Maman Brigette. The deity Oya is also known to be united with the Catholic Saint Brigit.


What is a Veve in Voodoo?

The Veve is a symbol used to represent voodoo in different branches of voodoo especially in the African diaspora. Although Veve is similar to the Patipembas, they are not the same thing and should not be confused with each other. Patipembas is used in Palo

Veve can be used to represent astral forces in Voodoo.  In a voodoo ceremony, when Veve is used to represent astral forces, Loa is obliged to descend to earth. Every Loa has a special Veve used to summon them to earth. Most of the time, Veve is usually drawn on the floor with cornmeal, gunpowder, or red brick powder.

Now that you understand what Voodoo spell is and what it does to the target let’s dive right into the 9 easy steps on how to make a voodoo doll to control someone.


Here’s the real voodoo dolls Spell that Works in 9 Simple steps


Here’s the steps-by-steps process:

What will you need to cast a voodoo spell that works fast?

  1. Two Dolls
  2. Wool
  3. Two Pins
  4. Candles
  5. Personal belongings (hair, underwear, picture, etc.)
  6. Bowl
  7. Water

Time needed: 15 minutes.

It will take you roughly 15 minutes to make a voodoo doll

  1. Get Two Dolls

    If you are searching for voodoo spells that work fast, here is one for you. But first, you would be needing two dolls. You can easily get an already made voodoo dolls for sale, or you make it yourself. The dolls are going to be used to link both spirits together. Ones the spirits are connected, then you can easily control the person. Make sure the voodoo dolls you get have not been used before.

  2. Tear the tip of the head a bit

    After getting the doll, tear the tip of the head a bit. You are just going to tear the tip of the head of one doll. One of the dolls represents you, and the other represents the person you want to control. The doll you tear is for the person you want to control.

  3. Fill the Tore Doll with Underwear, hair, urine, semen

    Next up, you start filling the doll you tore with as many personal belongings of the person you want to control. Underwear, hair, urine, semen, is usually the strongest personal belongings to use. But you can also use pictures in cases where you can’t access other personal belongings.

  4. Use the wool to tie the doll with the doll.

    Now that you have filled the doll with the personal belongings, use as many different personal belongings as you can. Then use the wool to tie the doll with the doll. Make sure the wool ties the doll completely from head to feet. Just like the way an Egyptian mummy is being tied.

  5. Bless the doll

    So, the voodoo doll is ready, but you need to bless the doll first before you can use it. Blessing the doll is more like baptizing it. What you do is you get a bowl, and then fill it with water. You take both dolls, one on one hand, and the other on your second hand. Then you dip both dolls in the water at the same time and pull them out at the same time. You have to make sure the dolls are completely immersed in the water for up to 3 seconds.

  6. Do voodoo on someone with real voodoo dolls that works

    You dolls are now viable. So, you can now proceed with how to do voodoo on someone with real voodoo dolls that works. Hold both dolls and say this spell “I call on the forces of the universe, hear my words, and bind these two souls together.”

  7. Pour some candle wax on the doll

    After the spell, pour some candle wax on the doll. The candle wax would make the effect of the voodoo on the person work faster. The wax is more like a catalyst for the spell.

  8. Bind both dolls together with the pins

    After the use of wax, then you would need to use the pins. You are to bind both dolls together with the pins. You hold both dolls together, and from one side of the doll to the other. Likewise, the other side, use the other pin to hold the dolls.

  9. Store the doll (keep the doll away from direct sunlight)

    Lastly, after all has been said and done, you have to keep the doll away from direct sunlight. Keep the dolls in a cool, dry place.


So, at least by now you know voodoo doll meaning, and voodoo love spells that work fast. In this post, we talked about the voodoo love spells using pictures and other personal belongings. Knowing how to make a real voodoo doll that works is what really matters when trying to control someone with a voodoo doll.

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