9 SECRETS on How To Make An Aries Man Chase You Again

Getting an Aries man to chase you can be one of the most exciting events in your life. However, the million-dollar question is how to get the attention of this ram.

Picture these three scenarios:

  • An Aries man has caught your attention, and you want to get to know him more.
  • You’ve been dating an Aries man, but you want to take things to a higher level.
  • You want to light up your romantic relationship.

Do any of these situations describe your predicament? is your answer yes? Read this article to the tail end –you’ll learn how to make an Aries man chase you again.

Do you have an idea of what Aries want?

Making an Aries man get obsessed with you not only requires tact but resilience and dedication.

Most relationships have a great starting, but with time, the fire slows down and eventually fades off. This isn’t a pleasant experience, especially for the party that is still in love.

Aries men match perfectly with innovative partners. Innovativeness captures their attention. You need to be ahead of an Aries man to keep him close.
It might not be easy to outline what interests an Aries man. However, having a rough idea is lifesaving.

Look for salient features that make an Aries man fascinated with you. After identification, perfect on them, each time put in a twist of suspense.

What attracts an Aries man in a woman?

Aries men prefer long-term relationships. Once you catch their attention, they stay by your side forever. Being boring, moody, conditional, and self-centered are things you must not consider.

Put his well-being first.

Aries is fast-paced, innovative, and likes to lead. What he needs is a woman who can match up to this. Astrologers explain that if you want to know the best match for a sign, look at the precisely opposite sign.

For instance, Libra stands out as the opposite of Aries. Libra is made up of individuals who like a partnership, i.e., they have excellent social skills, unlike Aries, who can survive independently. Aries finds the communicative abilities of Libra helpful for his lifestyle. Women who fit the profile of Libra are impressive to Aries man.

Aries is attracted to beautiful women – both mentally and physically. A person who lives an abundant life enchants him.
As per the zodiac signs, Leo is full of the sexiest women. Thus a woman having a flawless body stands out in a crowd. This impressive look is what Aries man needs.

How does an Aries man show love?

The most obvious way to know that an Aries man is in love is when he continuously chases you. Do not give in easily.

Make the chase harder. Do not give him the impression that you are easily accessible – such a loose character is a turn-off.

The best way to make an Aries man chase you again is by being exciting but unpredictable.

Show him that you are unique – someone worth looking forward to.

That said, let’s focus on tips to keep this coveted ram closer.

The 9 Secrets on How to Make an Aries Man Chase You Again Even If You Dumped Him:

Aries is the god of war. He is a fighter. He looks for the most beautiful lady to fight for – a queen or at least a princess. Use the tips below to win him over.

1. Challenge him

Aries likes chasing. When the battle is tougher, he knows the reward is more significant.

Be hard to conquer; however, much you are interested in him.

If you give in easily to his demands, he gets bored very quickly, and he will try to find someone who challenges him.

Expose him to the challenging task of catching up with your style.

Try to give him hints in a barely noticeable way.

Don’t force him; neither should you be obvious. Wait for him to make his moves. Be patient. If he is into you, he’ll chase you harder.

2. Be unavailable

How much attention can you give your Aries man after you are in his arm? Do you throw yourself at him or try to lift the level of your game? I’d ou suggest you should be unavailable. This is what excites him most.

This applies to phone calls and text messages too. While answering calls or replying to messages instantly is a way of showing concern, Arians do not find this an appreciable trait.  It depicts you as easy to get a person. A wise piece of advice is; take a little longer to show your availability. This keeps him thinking and chasing.

Cardinal rule: do not chase him; however, much you have a crush on him. He is the soldier; you are the queen; let him chase.

3. Are you good at kissing? Give a kiss that he won’t forget

By the time you are kissing your Aries man, it implies he has won your heart. Your initial stages of dating are over.

Your kisses must be passionate and intense. Show him that he deserves you, and his chase was worth it.

However, do not expose your reserved part. Hide it to ensure he still chases you even after the kiss. Note that an Aries man won’t hesitate to take you in bed if he loves you. This should not be in your initial dates of dating.

Relationships have stages, and to ensure that he chases you again, give him intense care and love in stages. At each stage, unleash something unique.
Please do not give him the chance to move so quickly. Guard your ground. Keep him wondering.

4. Always wear your best

If you want an Aries man to be on your heels, look smart. A pretty look captures his attention.
Owing to his nature, he does not have time to look for you in masses. He wants what shines among his peers. He wants a Venus that shines upon Mars.
Your appearance makes you stand out in the crowd. Invest in your grooming. Get the best grooming at a beauty parlor or have friends help you look elegant.

5. Confidence pays

Confidence is a sign of being in charge. Another way to make an Aries man chase you again is by being in charge of yourself.
Present yourself with confidence; give an appearance that you believe in yourself. Having a strong mind attracts him more to you.

Always significant on your strong points. At no point should you dwell on your weak point? While humbling yourself might normal, this tactic does not work with an Aries man.

Be full of self-affirmations, fun, and at least do a little boasting. Be fun to be around a person.

Confidence leads to competence.  Showcase your skills and talents. Invite him to your workplace, and let him see your work.

6. Let him be the one to rescue

Any problem that requires a direct solution is what Arians solve. If you are in a mess, he will come to save you in an instant. Allow him to do it because this is what assures him that you are his.

He is your knight. Let him take care of you. However, take caution not to look utterly helpless before him.

7. Demonstrate that you understand him

Aries man not perfect. He has numerous faults, thanks to the high levels of energy and impulsiveness.

Set your rules of engagement but do not try to change him or nag him in any way.  He doesn’t appreciate such behavior.

His faults are not deliberate but are a result of his virtues. As a warrior, he pushes hard to ensure that he wins.

During such a process, mistakes occur. Understand his behavior and work towards accommodating him. Such a feature boosts his confidence.

Besides, he shows admiration for his achievement, talents, and capabilities. Like his partner, he expects approvals from you.
Be full of praise and advice; this makes him glow with passion from inside.

8. Soften his rough nature, especially in the public

Naturally, Aries man is rude. He is a bully both in public and private; because he wants to out-compete his fellow men.

If you want to know how to make an Aries man chase you again, apologize on his behalf when he roughs up or offends someone.

Utter words that dissolve his rudeness. Without a doubt, he appreciates and respects you if you are there for him.

Know that an Aries man does not have social graces. You have to look after him. This will make him want you in his life.

9. Stand up for yourself

At times Aries man can take you for granted. If he crosses the boundaries, stand up to him. Tell him to stop. Asserting your position will make him value you. Arians have not patience with any weakness. Bes strong. According to psychology, asserting your position without blaming others, i.e., using “I” statements, is the best way to tackle problems. However, Arians are more stubborn. It would be best if you had the extra zeal to handle them.

Directly point out where the problem is. Tell him what he is doing wrong. While doing so, have a brave face. No tears.


Knowing how to make an Aries man chase you again is the start of an enjoyable relationship. However, while dealing with him, do not approach him from an emotional point. He doesn’t understand him. Similarly, using ultimatums will make him feel coerced. Use wisdom to make him yours. Being hard to get, understanding, and competent makes you a coveted person. When he is yours, develop a strong relationship by following the above tips.
Caution: Aries man has the eye of spotting fake women. During the chase game, do not show such a weak side.

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