How to Make an Aries Man Want You Back After You Hurt Him

How to get an Aries man back after a breakup?

Learn proven strategies to Make an Aries Man Want You Back even if you ended the relationship in the first place.

So you had dated an Aries man for a while then broke up. Later on, you regret it and think you could have worked out your difference, and you want him back. Women who want to get back with Aries men should understand a few things.

First, you must be ready to face a strong personality and a massive ego. Second, you must have patience and be ready for his stubbornness as he always wants things done his way. He will also be sure that it is not his fault and he is on the right side.

Understanding him and getting to know him afresh.

Aries men fall in love quickly and can easily move on after a breakup. Nevertheless, if the breakup was not dramatic or ugly, he can jump back in as fast as he left.

Usually, they are quick at initiating a relationship but maintaining it is another story altogether. More of it will always depend on you than him.

Though he is not the selfish type, he loves himself a lot, and his stubborn nature makes him think he is always right even when he is not. His callous and self-centered attitude can be discouraging and would sometimes leave you reeling.

Just as quick as he is to call off a relationship and move on, he is also the easiest person to get back to. To Aries, love is forever and renewable no matter what happened in the past.

As is the case with all situations that we find ourselves in, you have to consider a few factors before deciding if it is worth taking the next step. It is important to work out the cause of your break up and if the issues can be resolved.

An Aries man is an optimist and unapologetically idealistic when starting a relationship but will show remarkable naivety when it comes to ending or maintaining it.

With that in mind, let us dive into it. We will start with what not to do and then come to the good stuff later.

6 Things Not to Do When You want to Make an Aries Man Want You Back:

  1. Do not whine and blame him. Aries responds to the direct approach best. Do not whine or start a game blame him over what you think may have been his fault. Do not talk about what might have gone wrong. Forget the past and start afresh; give reconciliation a chance. Make sure that it is not a futile effort trying to get your Aries ex back.
  2. Do not beat around the bush and play games. An Aries man will always favor the direct approach. In return, he expects you to be straight with him and tell him things as they are.
  3. Do not tag him on social media; call or text him. This is a complete non-starter. Though it might be tempting, avoid it at all costs. Aries men will avoid a clingy woman at all cost.
  4. Do not try to run into him. This will still paint you as being clingy. Give him space and let him be. The point is to make him miss you. Running into him does not serve that purpose.
  5. Do not ask his friends about him. His friends are just an extension of him. Stay away from him and all the things he associated with most of the time.
  6. Do not try to make him jealous. Aries have massive egos, and so pissing contests will never work for both of you. Doing this will also lead to mistrust, and he will never trust you again.

Now that we have seen what to do let us now focus on what you should do to get your Aries man back.

Here are six strategies to Make an Aries Man Want You Back:

  1. Be firm. Aries man can be cruel during break up but later regret his actions. When trying to reconcile, get to know why he used harsh words but do not take it personally. He may be tough outside, but inside, he is soft. Make him understand that what he did was wrong, and in the future, he should avoid doing it.
  2. Take your time to give him time and space. Aries men do not like being around clingy women, so; take time before you make contact. After your break up, give time to miss you and play hard to get. If he does not respond, do not try to contact him again. Eventually, he will.
  3. Take care of yourself. Do the things that you like to do, go back to your life, and spend time with the people you love. This is also beneficial for you. Get back to normal life before him. This will also help you give him time and avoid being the first to initiate contact.
  4. Get a new look and change your attitude.  Aries man put much emphasis on looks and appearance. Maintain a smart, good look and have a good attitude. From time to time, mention casually how you miss him.
  5. Let him have the last word, or at least let him feel so. Though always a gentleman, the Aries man will always like to be domineering. To satisfy his ego, he always wants to win and be the one to have the last word.
  6. Show strength and happiness. Aries men find a woman who shows strength as sexy. This will remind him of the reason he found you sexy and fell for you. It will ignite his wild passion for you and challenge his ego to go for you. With time, he will make it his business to get you back into his life.


There you go. You now have what it take to re-ignite your relationship and get your Aries man back. Be sure to put the knowledge you got into practice. Wish you the best of luck.

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