5 Effective Ways to Make Someone Infatuated With You

How to Make Someone Infatuated With You? Infatuation is defined as an intense, albeit short-lived admiration for someone. When people think of infatuation, they often think of flings or one night stands.

While this might ring true in some cases, love typically begins with infatuation. Once you learn how to make someone infatuated with you, the next step is to maintain that intense passion and get them to fall in love.

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Here are the 5 to Make Someone Infatuated With You:

1. Open your eyes and flirt

Infatuation begins with flirtation and flirtation begins with eye contact. Sometimes people find eye contact difficult, especially when they’re locking eyes with someone they’re attracted to. This is counterproductive, as people will not generally approach someone without some sort of signal. It’s difficult to send signals when you’re avoiding eye contact.

With that said, if you’re trying to capture someone’s attention, start by looking them in the eyes. Let them catch you glancing at them or admiring them from afar.

Hold the gaze for a second or two and then look away. You can repeat this process once or twice, but not more often than that.

You don’t want to come off as creepy — you simply want them to take note of your interest. If you notice them looking back at you, then flash a smile next time. This opens up the door to communication.

A Harvard psychologist, Zick Rubin, conducted studies on love and eye contact. He found that happy couples make eye contact 75 percent of the time during the conversation.

If you want someone to become infatuated and fall in love with you, consider trying to maintain longer eye contact when conversing.

It triggers the release of “feel good” hormones — the same hormones that our bodies release when we fall in love.


2.   Have a conversation.

Once the door is open for communication, wait for the approach. If they don’t approach you, but you still sense an attraction, then you might take it upon yourself to approach them instead. After beginning a casual conversation, listen for clues. Someone who is interested in you will let you in their world. They may even try to impress you. Listen carefully. Is the person discussing what they’re doing with their life or better yet, what they’re doing later? When someone is infatuated, you will know. Pay attention to how to conversation progress and if you’re feeling the chemistry, it might be a good time to mention going out together.


3.   Go for it.

Once you’ve established that there is an infatuation, you want to hold onto it. The important part here is to encourage those same feelings that they had when they first laid eyes on you. You want to give them the same “jolt” of electricity that they felt when they first met your gaze.

Reach for the heart. Make it easy for them to be around you. Be fun and playful but also know when to be serious to show that you can fit into their life. Again, listen when they talk.


4.   Take a breather.

Learning how to make someone infatuated with you is sometimes about the chase. It’s never wise to make your world revolve around them.

People can grow tired of one another very quickly and once you know everything about someone, there’s no air of mystery and no “catch” so your time and presence aren’t as valued as it once was.

When the chase is over, things can become dull rather quickly. Don’t allow your relationship to get to that point. This is the perfect time to start making yourself unavailable.



5.   Do your own thing.

‘Making yourself unavailable” doesn’t mean ignoring all of their phone calls or completely ghosting them. It means to start going out and doing things without them. It shows that you have a life of your own, that you are independent, and that you don’t need someone to validate you. It also shows the person more about who you are as an individual, which can even turn up the infatuation factor a bit.

You’ve probably heard the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” and it’s true. There’s something called the “law of scarcity.” This “law” means that when you don’t have a lot of something, you tend to want it more. That’s exactly what you want to happen to maintain the infatuation and hopefully, lead to full-blown love.



Understanding how to make someone infatuated with you and fall in love consists of opening the door to communication through eye contact, listening, getting into their mind, and the law of scarcity. It’s a process that could take months, but it’s a process where the end result is worth it.

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