How To Shave Everyday Without Irritation

How To Shave Everyday Without Irritation

There are quite a number of men who shave everyday because their facial hairs re-grow at a faster rate or they have no choice due to nature of their work that they have to look clean daily.

It is indeed a toll not only to yourself but to your face as well. Shaving everyday can only mean that facial skin becomes tenderer each day and might lead to irritation thus making it difficult for you to shave.   Fortunately, there are certain remedies that you can do so that you can shave everyday without irritating your face.

Common Tips You Should Not Forget

Indeed, one of the causes of irritation is when you forget some of the basic strategies when it comes to shaving every day. These are:

  • Stop momentarily when you feel that your skin hurts because when you ignore the pain, more problems will definitely ensue.
  • Always use very sharp razor blades, change the blade if it feels and looks dull already. When you force dull blade when shaving, it causes razor burns.
  • Do not rub the irritated area instead, rinse it with cool water.
  • Instead of alcohol based aftershave cologne and other solution, sooth your skin with mild astringent, or aloe vera, or even tea tree oil.

The Right Way To Shave Everyday

Shaving is more than applying lather and dragging sharp razor across your face. You need proper technique to avoid irritating facial skin. The first thing that you should is to wet a towel with hot water and wring it slightly and dab entire area of your face with the wet towel and allow your face to dry naturally to soften facial hairs.

Next step is to apply shaving cream with moisturizer around the bearded zone. Do not apply generous amount of shaving cream into your face as it will clog and dull the razor. The right way to shave is use one hand to smoothen facial surface and the other hand to hold the razor and shave. Finish with rinsing your face with cool water and avoid using aftershave instead use a conditioner.

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