How To Shave With A Straight Razor

How To Shave With A Straight Razor

There are several benefits when it comes to straight razor shaving such as better results, cost efficient as you do not have to buy cartridges from time to time, and more environment-friendly. However, you have to do it very carefully in order to avoid injury not only to your face but other body parts as well. The question is do you know how to shave using this shaving tool?

Holding The Razor

Your adventure in this shaving method begins with learning how to handle the razor. Start by resting the three middle fingers at the back of straight razor blade and the thumb at the middle of the blade with the pinkie finger resting at the tang of the blade. Along the way you can find a grip that fits to your liking; indeed it needs practice.

Preparation Stage

Like any other shaving methods, there are preparations involved.

  • Wet a towel with hot water and slightly wring it and cover your face with the wet towel for few minutes to soften facial hair or just proceed immediately with applying shaving cream if you prefer hot showers.
  • Then, rub ample amount of shaving cream to your face and rub it all over in swirling motion and make sure that all hairs were covered with lather of the shaving cream.

The Shaving Process

  • Shave slowly along the direction of beard growth by holding the razor blade at 30 degrees angle. Apply only little pressure when shaving with straight razor.
  • Begin at the right or left side of your face and slowly down to the jaw part and underneath it. Tilt your head and allow one hand to stabilize your head posture. Once you are done with one side, repeat the same process for the other side.
  • When shaving on the upper and lower lip, draw your lips together to tighten the skin so you can shave the hair easily. Use downward motion to cut hair on the upper lip and upward motion to cut hair on the lower lip.
  • When shaving the chin area, pull down the skin to tighten the area for even shaving.

The Final Stage

Wash your face with cool water and splash with after shave after washing. Finish shaving by applying talcum powder into your face.

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