How To Trim A Mustache

How To Trim A Mustache

A mustache can make or break your face; poorly groomed one can make you look awful and if properly tended can enhanced other face features that you have. If you want to wear a mustache, then you should be prepared to properly maintain it before it creates havoc unto your face. Yes, there are different ways to style a mustache, but the way to trim it has not change extremely over the years. It can be tricky though if you do not know how to do it on your own when you cannot have it done by professionals.

The Supplies That You Need

Trimming a mustache does not only require patience and constant practice but you also need to have right tools to do it successfully. Here are the standard supplies that you should own.

 The Basic Steps

Whether it is for hygiene purposes or for appearance sake, the basic steps on trimming a mustache are rather simple.

  • Sit in front of a large mirror so that you can see every angle of your hands and face very clearly.
  • Wet your mustache slightly with warm or normal water and then using a fine tooth comb, brush the mustache downwards. Take out pair of fine scissors, and snip the outer edges of the mustache.
  • Trim the body of the mustache by combing it upwards and trim it according to your desired consistency and bushiness using the scissors.
  • Finish the trimming by touching up the mustache using the razor until you achieve the desire line for your mustache.

After Trimming

Once you are satisfied with the way your mustache looks after trimming it, you need to shower in order to eliminate the fair scattered not only around your face but in other parts of the body as well.

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