How To Use Shaving Soap and Mug

How To Use Shaving Soap and Mug

There are cases where you need to resort to old school methods when it comes to shaving for reasons like there is no electricity to power your high end shaving tools or you just discovered that conventional shaving have similar result with latest techniques. One of these traditional methods is using shaving soap and a mug as part of your shaving process. Here are important details about it.

What Is A Shaving Soap

Basically this a hard soap that is lathered using a shaving brush and the lather is produced is used as shaving cream.   The lather is applied during shaving by brushing it into your face and will protect and lubricate the razor and of course your skin. One of the reasons why some men are still using this method is that shaving soap rehydrates better than modern shaving creams.

What is A Shaving Mug

It is a container where you build the lather. While some purist would prefer any container, using shaving mug is ideal for others because of its heaviness, they are able to control swirling of the brush when creating the lather.

How To Use The Soap and Mug

Pour hot water into the mug and dip the shaving brush for at least thirty seconds. Once done, drain the liquid from the brush by squeezing it; ensure that the brush is neither too wet nor too dry. The former will result into foamy lather and the latter hardly produce the lather that you need.

After getting the desired wetness of your shaving brush, you load the brush into the soap and swirl it to produce the lather. Once you produce enough lather, apply it into your face by brushing the lather around your face and ensure that all parts are covered and then shave.

As final words, you can actually create your own shaving soap and there are lots of recipes that you can find in the internet. With regard to the mug, well it is a matter of personal choice when it comes to color and style

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