How Would Sugar Babies Spend the Allowance?

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sugar baby allowance How Would Sugar Babies Spend the Allowance?
–They money I might receive for my allowance would be put towards bills and savings for my daughter to have a better life then I did. I know how hard life can get and I deeply want to be able to provide with ease for my baby, I myself struggled for the past few years to be able to have a good safe place to live and the ability to be happy. as well I would like to have all bills and school paid off.
–The money my sugar daddy/momma would send me would go towards bills and taking care of my daughter, being a yound single mother gets responsibilites first and if any left over would go toward myself via nails,hair, clothes, shoes , i am not much of a materalistic person i will be happy with anything 😊 as long as my daughter is good i will be.
–I always want to study more. I always dream to have my degree in English literature. By now, I’m currently trying to finish my bachelor degree, majoring history in the best university in Indonesia. I wish I have enough to afford my self after I graduate and then go for another study. I want to become a lecturer someday, if ever. So, achieve my magister degree is one of the day to ease my path. But aside from education, I also have this particular interest in fashion. The burlesque Queen, Dita Von Reese has become my fashion icon for quite awhile. I like the way she dress sophisticatedly. Her glamorous style and such a glorious vibes. That makes me crazy about lingerie, stockings and corsets. So yes, that’s also one way to please myself, is to get what you want.
–I would definitely spend my allowance on helping my family out more, i just recently found out about my grandpa having cancer, so i would really like to pay him back with some nice presents for always being there for me. I would also like to treat myself a little bit, because i mean who wouldnt want to? I get too nervous to even spend 20 dollars on a shirt, so taking a full shopping trip is very new to me and kind of exciting.
–The money that I would receive from a sugar daddy would strictly go towards all of my bills. i am a full time college student so i do not have time to work much unfortunately. So, ever cent that I get would go towards my bills such as rent, car, and phone. In addition to, it would go towards paying off my school since I only receive so much money from the government.
–At the minute, any money would be put to my mums. She has many health problems back in England but she is desperate to travel to florida to see what it’s like where I live. I would also put the money into helping my sister get an incredible prosthetic leg. She was hit by a brink driver about 4 years ago at the age of 28 and since then has stopped travel long, meeting new people and she believes no one could ever love her. She is severely depressed. If I could get her a realistic prosthetic leg I think it would improve her mental health dramatically!
–In all honesty, I still have to live with my ex because times are hard. I don’t make a ton of money year around. My job is very seasonal. I am saving to get myself and my 2 kids out of this house and into a safer place. I want to do that much on my own. I would use money from a sugar daddy to help with my competition fees, suits and training. I’m not high maintenance, just in a tough spot.
— b Honestly when my sugar daddy sends me an allowance it all depends on what my bills look like and if I have the money to pay it but majority of the money daddy gives me goes to school I’m a physiology major and school is expensive I don’t have the money to pay for it and daddy understands that so every week he sends me a little something to help me out
–Bills! My kids! Than myself. Than treat me out too! It’s not all free what’s given to you must be given back eventually in one form or another. I have yet to find a real Sugar daddy yet. But patience is a virtue and one will eventually help me out one day . I may not be the prettiest but I’m not the ugliest my inner beauty is better than my outside beauty.
–Basically for my living allowances and personally im a wise spender. If i have enough monetary from my sugar daddy i would buy my own property i would do that to secure my future and have a better life ahead. I will secure better business that comes out on my passion so i can personally manage everything. I would also give financial assistance with my parents.
— I would save it & use it for travel all around the world. I hope I can use the allowance to start my small business & let my dream come true without restricted my time. I love to have my own time to settle down my things and enjoy the days. It will be lovely if I can get my own property at other countries. Use the allowance to start investment. Manage my own money.
–I’m a Taurus, so I can like the finer things in life. Good clothes, good drinks, good music, good food. I have a certain taste that I adhere to and I want to be able to keep feeding that taste. So the money I got from my sugar daddy would be used on simple things. Mostly things I want, like clothes and shoes. Maybe a new bag. I really like fancy lotions too.
— I would use the allowance to make sure I keep my appearance exactly how my daddy wants me to appear. I would also take some of the funds and apply them towards the small amount of bills that I do have. I would love to save some as well to apply towards a college fund for my daughter to use when she graduates from high school in the future. She is my world and deserves the best too!
— I would spend my allowance on bills, and nice things for myself and my home. I would also take some of my allowance and set it aside to start my own business. I am very creative and have a lot of business ideas but just don’t have the start up funds. I like to travel a lot so I would definitely spend my allowance on traveling, exploring new places, and things to do, and amazing dining experiences.
–Well I would use my allowances from my sugar daddies on my daughter. Being a single mom is tough but it’s rewarding being able to provide extra things for her. Second it would go towards my living expenses and bills . Saving to own my car and just live comfortably for a while for me and my daughter. And hopefully have enough to pay to finish school and start a career I always wanted to do.
–I would spend the money on my son and for me to go back to school. I want to become a cosmetologist and hopefully own my own business . I would make a better living for my child and make sure he is set. I would also buy a hhome for me and my son. Haha and I would get a new engine for my car(I love it to much I don’t wanna sell it) so we could get to place to place safely.
–I would use the allowance to go back to school to fullfill my dream. Pay my bills and buy a reliabke vehicle for myself and my three yiungest children. I would help my mother to pay for her cancer treatments as well as her bills and the rest I would put away into a savings account and only use for emergencies. To take vacations with my children!!!!
–The money if I received any would support me my 7 year old daughter my 17 year old daughter and my 26 year old son I would buy a house my allowance would go for a house payment I would pay my car off and maybe get a new one I would put half of my money in the bank in a savings and 20% a trust for my girls so that my girls when they graduate they will be able to have a new car or whatever their heart desires for their graduation and maybe even have money to survive on until they get out in the world and make it for yourselves so yes I would pay my bills I would put a little money back in savings and then I would have a savings trust fund for my two girls.
–The money that i receive from my sugar daddy would go mainly towards my bills, and towards things that my son may need. I would also put money towards being able to go back to school, as well as paying for certain training classes that could help to advance my career that i can not afford at the moment. If it’s not spent on any of those things then it would be saved for rainy days.
–Well, I am very clear that I would spend it in the foreground and above all the most important thing in my studies I am studying the medical career and therefore it is a little expensive to be able to cover all the requirements in the years to come and also in one another thing To make myself sexy for him. I think there are not many things I just want to culminate with my university career
–75% of my money would go to bills and responsibilities. 15% would go in my bank for that inttetest to build itself up. The last 10% would be used for spoiling myself. Vacation time, moving out of this terrible state, shopping, and a much needed new car. But the main thing would be repairing my credit so I can buy a house instead of having to rent one.
–My sugar daddy money goes to my tuition!! I’m a full time 3rd year student at the University of Florida studying Sustainable and Organic Horticulture and Business. I pay for my tuition completely on my own, and plan on eventually acquiring my doctorate. All my sugar daddy money goes to my education and to the rent of my apartment near my university.
–I would use my allowance for mainly school and keeping myself looking pretty. Everyone knows that college is expensive and for someone to help me out would be great. But I also want to keep myself up and looking good for my sugar daddy as a reward for them. Also my allowance would help me with bills too and things that are necessary like food and stuff.
–I would spend the money from my Daddy in moderation. Giving that I would feel like his little charity piece , I would spend on what’s needed and important while saving the rest for future hard times. I would like to show my Daddy that his money he work so hard for is going to a great start of something, like my school tuition or the start up of a future Group Home facility.
–The allowance I get from my SD, I would spend on bills and rent and school and the rest on food. Very hard to afford all these things without an allowance and without a good paying job . So with my allowance I would definitely be able to have a good living and be able to afford things that I need on a regular basis in order to have a happy life.
–Money was always an issue for my family growing up, I went through a phase where I didn’t appreciate the opportunities I was presented with and took them for granted. I blew through money like it was nothing because I’d never had it before. I know better now. My first goal with my sugar baby $ is to get out of credit card debt. I’m an emotional shopper, I’ve been working on that. Then, when I’m debt free, I plan to return to school and use this money to keep me in as little debt as possible. I’m not naive. I know I’ll have SOME debt, I just want to make the amour as small as possible.
–The money I receive from my sugar daddy more than half I would save and the other I would use it for things I need or if i wanna buy something. But if my sugar daddy just wants to spoil me I would buy clothes, get my hair done , my nails done, buy jewelry, etc…………… I would wanna look good for him 😘 I need to look goooood for my sugar daddy.
–The allowance I get from my sugar daddy should go into my savings account. I know that sounds boring but it’s to save for the future. I want to be able to buy a nice house and a better car. Plus I want to start a nonprofit to help the homeless get back on their feet and find decent places to live and jobs to support them. And of course finally take a vacation.
–I would get my hair and nails done, buy a new phone, join a gym, pay some bills then buy a nice little gift for my sexy daddy sense he was so generous to me. It’s always good to show your appreciation for anyone who’s been kind to you. If my daddy spoils me I’ll spoil him. It’s as simple as that. Love the way you want to be loved.
–Most would pay for my university education. Once I feel on top of that, I would consider the following purchases: Horse riding classes Save for a deposit for a house Lingerie French lessons A hot stone massage A trip to Hossegor to see if I can still surf All the books in my Amazon basket XL double pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns A fluffy white robe A decent coffee machine that doesn’t piss me off before my day has even begun
I would spend it on bills and my children I would take my kids somewhere special they haven’t been able to do anything fun in awhile the money would also help with my two oldest kids school clothes well my youngest needs clothes to so most of it would go on them and bills but I would spend some on myself to its been awhile since I’ve had anything new.
–I would spend it to book a flight and process my visa to Dubai to find a job and to work for my siblings and specially for my parents. I will make sure to save money for my future needs and to help my siblings finish their studies. I would be very grateful if someone could help me and I will make sure to pay back those who will help me achieve my goals.
–I’m a single mother of 2 babies. I spoil them and I need to be spoiled too! I make sure my bills are paid. I’m not lazy. I work hard for mine. I never get a break or a chance to be cared for. It would be nice to have someone send an allowance so I could pamper myself every once in a while or do something extra for my kids. I’m not an extravagant woman. I’m very down to earth. I’d love to have extra money to save for my kids for their future. Many uses!
–I would save it for a rainy day.. Money is nice but I know how to budget. I’m not afraid to work to support myself. But it is a great security blanket you never know the circumstances that you may be in one day.. if I were to have per say a lot of money at my disposal I would invest in a business or real estate. I can never see myself not working. I would feel worthless!!!
–Allowance, for me, was always spent on little things like smokes, going out with friends, shopping lots of yummy sushi, curry, cured meats and cheese :p. If I needed a little more for saaay electronics or school books daddy would send a little extra. When daddy saw something he thought I’d like he’d send it to me which made everyday feel like Christmas.
–The money my sugar daddy gives me would be used to help further my education, to pay for my bills and past student loans. I would also like to be able to have my own place again, whether that is his money or money I make from a job doesn’t matter to me. I think that if my bills are paid and I’m able to, I would save it for a later bill or buy something that I’ve been waiting to afford.
–The money I get from my dad would be use for mostly luxury items including make up and close and eventually saving up for my dream home and dream car which is a Mercedes-Benz and I’m very excited to start this out this is my first time using the app and it’s so exciting and I’m so happy that I get this opportunity thank you so much and have a wonderful day.
–A mix of bills and spoiling myself is how I wouldn’t probably spend my money. Hopefully I would travel slight too! I would spoil my kitten and buy loads of new shoes and clothes. I would get a collection of books, take pole dancing passes. I would also love to spoil my friends too Get a Polaroid camera and a nice laptop with a good camera which would help.
–Honestly i usually spend it on rent and bills and make up and nails and hair as well as heels i ahve a bad heels addiction 😂😂 i love yrying nee food but only like to in good company so probably my treat for us one of those times after i ecieve allowance. I also like buying my daddys thank u gifts here and there to show his affection and attention hasnt gone unapreciated. I ahve a son so of course he never goes without without even having to say that lol.
–If I were to receive an allowence, I would spend it on my monthly living expenses, then take myself shopping for a couple small fine things and even buy something for my sugar daddy, then save the rest for college and starting my own business. Which I hope my daddy will share some helpful information with me and giude me in the right direction to acheive my goals!
— The allowance the I receive from my SD will be used for a numerous amount of things. Such as getting my own place, going shopping, keeping my self up which may include; nails, hair, & pedicures. Also paying bills & sending money to my little brother in Arkansas & my mother. Paying off my student loans but mostly just taking care of everything I need to do in my life.
–The allowance I receive from my SD I’d use to pay on my student loans. Honestly, I wouldn’t use ALL of it on my student loans…I’d treat myself a little bit too. I like to look and smell good so maybe a Spa Day or something like that. After having my SD get to know me and understand where I am in life, Im even open for my SD giving me advice on how/where I should spend my allowance.
–Honestly go towards getting myself a car, so I can go back to work and also would help pay bills and to buy things that’s needed for my children! My kids always come first so anything I can get for them for school helps tremendously. But right now I need a car to get back and forth to work and everything, bc I recently totalled my Jeep from hitting a deer.
–The majority of the allowance would go towards my schooling because that’s a priority for me. The remainder would go to necessities such as food and hygiene products and if needed clothes and shoes. My top priority would be finishing my education both undergraduate and graduate studies. Since being in school, it has not been easy trying to find a scholarships and grants to fund my education.
–I would use my allowance to pay for school tuition, build my savings, and buy necessities. I work full time so pretty much all of my money goes to bills… I am very spoiled and “being an adult” is breaking my pampered habits along with my heart! Investing in my future is a MUST. As long as Daddy looks out for me, this Little will always be proper.
Well this is a tricky question, now that all depends on if my bills are paid or not. I value my job so much and being a healthcare assistant is hard, I work 12 hour shifts on not a very good wage and very little time to myself, but I wouldn’t change my job for the world, because knowing hag I have changed someone’s life just by caring and healing is the truest gift. With this being said once my bills are paid I don’t have any money to spare on treating myself, so the allowance daddy.
–The money I would receive from a sugar daddy, I would use it to open a business of fashion clothes and shoes. I will use it to take care of my siblings who are all looking up to me for stability.Am very humble and from a kind back ground so when the money increase I will help children’s home and those in needs because I I also grew up in a children’s home so I know how it feels to help others. Thanks..
–The money I receive from my sugar daddy would be used mainly for living expenses and to better myself. I’m interested in taking some college classes to better educate myself. I’m very interested in video game design. Just want to live a happy, productive life. Oh yeah, also… No lies, I’m honest to a fault. I would probably spend some on doing things that I enjoy. Such as going out to the club and getting my drink on or just going to enjoy a movie..
–Anything I receive would go towards paying my bills and taking care of my children first, then taking care of my pets. If I have anything left after knowing my babies and my animals are all taken care of, then I’ll use that to spoil myself with a manicure or a shopping spree of some sort, although there’s a really good chance that it would go towards adopting more animals!
–With the money I would get, I would put most of it in a bank account. The rest of it is used to either buy books or food, just the necessities. I wouldn’t want to spend the money on somethings I could live without. I would only want to spend it on something worth my while. I would save it for my future, whatever that may be. I wouldn’t want to waste it away.
–I would spend the money that my sugar daddy gives me any way I please, whatever my heart desires at the time. There may be times where I don’t spend it at all, just save it. It just depends on what kind of man I’m dealing with and if I see this as long term or just temporary. It really depends on what he wants and how much allowance that I am receiving. The more, the merrier.
If my sugar daddy was nice enough to give me anything I would use it wisely. Bills. Towards living a safe healthy lifestyle. Every day needs and personal items that would make the day easier to be able to enjoy life a little more. And maybe once in a while treat myself to a Mani pedi. Because working 6days a week, this sugarbaby needs a little TLC here and there!
–I am currently in college so the money I receive from my sugar daddy would be towards bills and maybe a little shopping! I would definitely spend it on something reasonable and responsible, the money would be either saved in my account or if would be used to benefit me while I’m in school. It would definitely help me out and make college a bit less stressful.
–Well honestly I would use the money on things that are important but also have enough to spend on me and the kids….Going to start school and between the school and taking the kids to school all of my money goes in gas or bills and I’m left with nothing to pamper myself like buy clothes or shoes. Because I think I deserve to think about myself too .
— I would definitely spend it on my kids first. I’d buy them the things I normally couldn’t. I would spend some on myself. I hardly ever do that I feel guilty spending money on myself when I have kids. Though I know your supposed to take care of yourself first and foremost. My job as a mother is to make sure my kids have everything they need. Me and my kids are currently looking for a place of our own. So I’d use some of it to help us get a nice place to call home. Last but not least I’d save some to put away and keep it for a rainy day. I don’t have that luxury right now. And that’s something I’d love to have.
–What I would use my allowance on is pampering myself, usuing the money so that I look soft and polished for my sugar daddy ! I wanna make him proud , and I wanna let him know that his money is going towards something he would enjoy ❤️ I also would take care of any expenses , let it be phone bills or rent. I do appreciate all the help he would give me ❤️
–With the allowance that my sugar daddy gives me I will try my best to use it towards my school career and to pay off my debts first. I would love to pay for my school so I can learn how to invest in making my own money one day. I would look at it as a loan but would appreciate it and one day give back the same to him. Other than that I believe luxuries are great to have also and that would be second to use the allowance.
–I would usually spend the money on bills because that’s really why I wanted s sugar daddy in the first place, but if my bills were payed, I would put it in the bank until something came up that I wanted or needded. And of course thank daddy 😝 Because without him I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills or save that money to use on whatever I wanted at the moment.
–At the moment school. I’ve been holding back because of financial needs but I’m going back it’s going to be tough doing it alone and paying my bills. It I’m determine and with the extra help the money would be use for school and textbooks. It would also be used to pay a couple of the bills I’m behind on. The rest wild Go into a savings for future needs.
–The money I receive as a sugar baby will be going towards my business. After all I’ve never done anything like this before and I wouldn’t have joined to make money and splurge it on materialistic things. I am starting a career in the beauty industry and the things I want to get certified in cost so much it’ll take me a year just to save up for 1 class. I am hoping to meet my ideal sugar daddy who can help me financially, with advice and support. I am ready to start my business this winter and look forward to being a role model to many women in the beauty industry.
–I think initially it would have to go to these procedures that I want. It’s only to enhance my small flaws for him. I want to be THAT person for him and afterwards it would be towards whatever I wanted. Most of it to look good for him. So when he touches my skin it’s softer. When he kisses my lips it’s softer. When he wraps his arms around me he feels all the right things. Just to make him happy and do more for me.
–The money I receive from my Sugar Daddy would, for the majority, be used toward bills and living expenses for myself. Such as, rent, groceries, gas, car payment, etc. And the remaining I would use for my self. Stuff such as hair, nails, toes, shoes, clothes, makeup, and many other things along those lines that most girls want/ need to make themselves look and feel their best.
–If i were to receive an allowance from a sugar daddy, it would first and foremost go towards saving and pursuing my goals! i currently live with my parents and i would love to be able to move out and get started with my life. i want to take writing/art classes, possibly go to film school, maybe become a youtuber/model/actor/makeup artist… i have lots of dreams! also, i would love to have the money to buy gifts for my family and friends (and of course, my sugar daddy). i love finding things that i know the people i love would love! and lastly, being treated with new makeup, skin care products, lingerie; things to help me feel beautiful and happy would be so lovely.
–I have never had a sugar daddy but the money I would receive from my sugar daddy would for the majority, be used toward bills and living expenses for myself and my son. I would save some it for a nice little getaway. I would take care of my son first make sure he has everything that he needs specially now that school is starting again and and of course buy myself something nice as well .
–I would use my allowance to get back on my feet. I have hit a rough patch in my life, and I’ve also got a teenage daughter that is a senior this year. So basically getting us back together and providing for my baby girl’s Senior Year… Hopefully by the end of the school year or atleast before she graduates, we will a lot better than we started.
–It will actually go mostly on my college expenses and save it for the business ive been dying to open ever since but also use it to make myself beautiful for my daddy biy sone lingerie and makeups just so he loves me everytime he sees me also buy him some gifts just to spoil my sugar from time to time doesnt mean that because he gives money them m not allowed to spend it on him too.
–I’d save the majority of it towards fixing my car and use a little here and there for things I need like groceries and new (much needed) clothes. Hopefully the arrangement would last long enough to be able to actually spoil myself with spa days and more luxurious things, but that takes time to build, which is understandable. It all depends on the sugar daddy.
–The allowance I receive from my Sugar Daddy for pay my bills and my study needs and living expenses for myself. I have little bussiness so The rest I will save to my bank account. Because frequently i need to buy a ticket for flight to my sugar daddy country within a certain time. Every cent money i received is for make my shop bigger and make me become independent woman beside my sugar daddy.
–I’m just trying to make it through college and if I can meet someone along the way that helps me and I help them in a respect we both agree on, then I would gladly accept any and all help they are able to give me. I’m afraid for my future if I can’t properly live up to or fulfill the needs of college, future bills, insurance and any future necessities.
–I would use the money to catch up on bills and pay for my books as i am attending college…i would also get the necessities that my kids need, i recently got divorced and i have to start from scratch, i really need the help so this way i can provide for my boys to have a better life once i graduate. Although i know money isnt everything i know i could use the help 😊
–I would spend money foremost on living expenses. I have children who always need things. My children are always put before me. I would also spend any allowance buying sexy things for him to enjoy seeing me in. Nice lingerie or anything he wants. I would like to be able to spend money buying him nice things also. I want to keep him happy and willing to do whatever that takes.
–My allowance always goes to my bills first; Rent, and car payment. Anything left over i will use to go on spontaneous road trips. Like Reno, Old Sacramento. I love the beach so Monterey, San Francisco, San Diego, and Santa Cruz❤❤ My nails and hair always have to be done. I love shopping online and going to the mall. If he enjoys role play i might have to go shopping at VS, or Pinkys😉
–I go to school full time so it would help to put it towards my tuition and books. And then what I have left over I would use to buy things that would make daddy happy. Like makeup and sexy outfits so that I can show off for him. And what ever else he deems fit for me to spend the money he sends me. I work as well so it’s not like I’m struggling but it would be nice to have some extra.
— First thing is first ☝ goals. I would love gifts that would benefit me as well and satisfy me. I would love to open up a salon/barber shop so that would be one . school and saplies would be another . and things on the side to please my daddy would be goals to . I wanna be able to look the way my dady wants me to look 😏 keep me happy and I’ll keep you happy baby 😗 .
–I’m a student. Any money I obtain will go straight to school and living expenses. I’m not one to blow away money, I’d rather invest it in a greater future. I live the life I have now to make sure I can live the life I need later. If I were to be spoiled, I would rather it be by someone else’s hand than my own. The money that is given to me, I would only spend wisely.

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