Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven Reviews

There is a rise in the manufacturing of air fryers to curb the high demand from the customers. The majority of consumers are highly investing in these cooking gadgets due to their benefits and convenience in cooking.

First off, an air fryer helps you make the healthiest fried foods. This is because unlike the traditional frying devices, the air fryer eliminates the need to use a lot of oil in frying the food.

It is easy to use the device since it has a modern digital manner, and the cleaning process is easy, considering some are compatible with machine washers.

Are you wondering about the best brand of air fryer to acquire for your home? Well, one of the most recommended brands is the Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven.

What’s Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven?

The Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven is manufactured by Innsky, a leading company in making the kitchen gadgets. This device measures about 14.2 by 11.4 by 14.3 inches, excellent size to fit in all kitchens.

It has an LED digital touchscreen for control purposes and six extra cooking accessories. The Innsky air fryer weighs 23 pounds a reasonable weight for easy carrying around.

The manufacturers sell the air fryer with a warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. You can either return the gadget for replacement or claim back your money.

The body of the air fryer is made of stainless steel material that is resistant to water damage.

So, you can comfortably clean your device with water. The air fryer is recommended for a mid-sized to a large family as it prepares a food serving of around ten people.

Learn how to cook different meals with the gadget by using the provided recipe book.


The features:

  • Stainless steel material: Unlike other air fryers that are made of plastic materials, Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven is made of metal interiors. Therefore, you will not complain about any metal odors emission when preparing your meals. The metal parts are coated with stainless steel products which prevent it from rusting or corrode. Thus you can wipe off with wet clothing in case of a spillage.
  • The wattage: Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven utilizes 1500 watts. Note that although this is high electricity consumption, the device cooks pretty fast as compared to other economical cooking devices. So, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills going too high.
  • Certification: Before the cooking devices are introduced in the market, they have to be certified first. The product certification protocol mandatory is essential to ensure the devices are safe for human use. Well, Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven is accredited by the FDA certification. Therefore, it is a safe convection oven to prepare your meal with.
  • Large cooking capacity: This is a great air fryer for people who need a large cooking oven for the family, or if you are prone to getting a lot of guests. With a frying capacity of 10.6 qt, you can comfortably prepare a meal serving for around ten people. It also comes with additional cooking accessories; thus, you can make different meals with different cooking methods.
  • LED digital touch screen: Controlling this device is super easy for all since even a kid can do so. It has a sizeable LED screen with different buttons for efficient control. All you require to do is press the button, and you will be good to go. Note the screen as a total of 11 preset buttons, with each marked with the cooking method option for natural selection.
  • Hot air cooking method: This device utilizes the new technology of cooking using hot air to eliminate the need for using cooking oil. It cooks at 360-degree hot air circulation to give excellent and crunchy finish on the cooked food. You can prepare various foods such as chicken, fries, and even pizza using the inbuilt oven.
  • Nonstick cooking racks: The air fryer comes with a mesh basket and a rotisserie basket coated with a nonstick substance to ensure the food cooks evenly without getting stuck on the racks.
  • Warranty: To guarantee the customers’ quality and reliability of this cooking gear, it comes with a 24-month warranty against the manufacturers’ defects. This gives the customers the chance to return the device for replacement or even claim back the money, although such cases are rare. Visit their website to learn more about the warranty terms and conditions.
  • Cookbook: If you have never used an air fryer before, then a cookbook will get you started. The Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven is sold with a cookbook that consists of 32 different recipes to try out.
  • Fast cooking time: With the hot air circulation of 360 degrees and high power usage, this device prepares food faster as opposed to other cooking devices at home.
  • Expandable cooking option: The air fryer comes with expandable cooking options. The cooking options are; roasting, grilling, baking, preheating, and many others. The device has six accessories, which are; 2 mesh racks, six skewers, 1, rotisserie basket, 1 dip tray, 1 removable tool, and 1 rotisserie basket. All these cooking accessories are made of stainless steel material for easy cleaning, especially after preparing juicy delicacies.
  • Less to no oil requirement: A healthy meal is determined by how you prepare it. So, adopt a healthy living by acquiring this cooking device. It uses less or no oil in cooking different kinds of meals. The nonstick mechanism on the cooking baskets ensures the food cook evenly and does not stick on the sides.
  • Large clear screen: Monitor how your cookies are baking, or your chicken roasting through the transparent screen on the device. You can see when the food needs a turn or to be removed without opening the fryer’s door.



 The Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven does not have a microwave, and you cannot use the microwave plate to warm your food in it. Also, the lowest heat you can turn it to is around 90 degrees. When you turn the device off, the fan does not turn off immediately as it runs for more than 30 seconds. Bonus. The Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven is packed with a recipe book consisting of 32 different recipes and methods to prepare them with the fryer. So, you can learn your cooking with this device. 


Who is Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven suitable for?

This air fryer is ideal for large families since it has a large interior for preparing large meal quantities. It is also suitable for people who are prone to receiving guests since you can make a variety of foods at the same time.

The Innsky air fryer is the perfect multipurpose kitchen device to buy since you can prepare your meals in different methods from roasting, grilling, and even baking.

I would recommend the fryer for those who want a device to prepare healthy meals. This is because you don’t need oil when preparing food for your favorite crunchy foods.



Do you want a device that guarantees value for your money? Well, Innsky 10.6QT 1500W Air Fryer Oven is the right cooking device to buy.

It is a multipurpose device that you can use to cook different meals. It is easy to operate with the equipped digital LED screen for easy control. The air fryer is available in various outlets at affordable rates.

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